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NYCM training: week 7

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Hi, happy Labor day! I hope everyone is having a wonderful long weekend – and no one is working!

I cannot believe I’m almost halfway done with training for NYCM. I definitely feel like I’m in marathon training mode now. I get nervous before long runs, say I’m “only” running 5 miles on easy days, and my legs feel the tolls of training whenever I walk down stairs. I’m loving it, though!


Smiling after a long run. Who am I?

Here’s how this week was supposed to look:

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
5mi easy +

3mi stroller

Spin 6mi tempo w/ 4mi at 7:55 Spin + 3mi stroller OFF 16mi Spin


And what really happened:

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
5mi at 8:30 +

3mi double stroller at 9:40

45 min Spin 7mi with 5 tempo at 7:32 45min TRX 16mi at 9:12 pace OFF 3mi at 8:55 + swim


I once again switched up my workouts like crazy. I’m just not good at sticking with a training plan! Well, I guess I keep up training but I tweak the prescribed workouts every single week. It’s just hard to predict how you’ll feel and where you’ll be – we visited my inlaws this weekend – so far in advance. Here’s some notes from the week:

  • After being in NJ for 3 weeks and not running many hills, my double stroller run kicked my butt. I lost track of how many times I walked. I’m including weekly stroller runs from here on out because they’re such a good workout.
  • I added wrong on my tempo run when I was going out so I ended up extending it by an extra mile. My pace was much faster than where I intended it to be, but when I originally planned for these target paces, I was just coming back from pregnancy. The 7:30ish ballpark feels like where I should be doing my tempo runs – the pace was challenging but not too hard.
  • The TRX class made me feel like the most out of shape person ever. My abs are still sore, and I can’t roll over in the middle of the night without cringing. What an amazing workout!
  • My long run was fastish finish. I ran the first few miles extra slow -- 10+ minute/miles – and ran the last 6 miles at 8:30- 8:45 pace. I was surprised by how good this felt! I’m also nervous. I haven’t had a bad long run this round of training yet, so I’m due!
  • I swam for the first time since I was pregnant with Hadley. It was so hard but so relaxing at the same time. You can’t beat swimming in the lake!


There was also plenty of this type of training happening this weekend.

Can you guys do me a favor and share your favorite long run fuel choices? I’ve been doing Gu (+ Gatorade) and I’ve been dreading opening up the Gu every time. The 16-miler was the first time I’ve needed 2 Gus in training and I couldn’t imagine taking another 1, 2, or 3 during the marathon. I think I need to experiment with other fuel options. Thanks so much!

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NYCM training: week 6

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I only have 10 weeks until NYCM. That seems so close and so far away at the same time. I’m feeling nervous, but strong. In fact, what I’m most anxious about right now is the pumping scenario before the start and not the actual race. However, a lot can happen in 10 more weeks!

I stayed in NJ for a week longer than originally planned so my workouts were all messed up. Anyway, here’s how they were supposed to look:

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
4mi easy + lifting; 3mi stroller Spin 7x 800m at 7:30 pace Spin; 3mi stroller OFF 15mi Spin


And what really happened:

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
5mi at 8:32 8x 800m at 6:52 pace (7.5mi) OFF 4.25mi at 8:34 15mi at 9:09 OFF 60min spin


My runs in NJ went really well. And while I’m happy to be home, I’m going to miss running in cooler weather and in beautiful parks so, so much.

photo 1 (47)

Some notes from the week:

  • I skipped my tempo run last week in favor of 800m repeats instead, so I was 1 week ahead in the 800m workouts – hence the extra repeat. Oddly enough, my pace was the exact same as last week when I did 7x 800m. Crazy!
  • I’ve been thinking ahead past NYCM to the runDisney Dopey Challenge in January – 5k on Thursday, 10k on Friday, 1/2 marathon Saturday, and full on Sunday. I think it’s smart to start getting used to running easy the day before my long runs. I’m not sure if I’ll do this every week but it’s been working out well the past couple of weeks.
  • We arrived home after a long (long, long) car ride on Saturday and I was so happy to return to my spin studio, Pushpointe, on Sunday. But, man, am I out of spin shape. I’m eager to have my booty kicked the next couple weeks as I get back into it!

Oh – I totally forgot to mention the Rock & Read 5k giveaway winner! The winner is Kelly. Congrats Kelly! Email me (runnerstrials at gmail) and we’ll get you signed up for the race!

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NYCM training: week 5

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I had another great week of training for NYCM. No doubt because I’m still in NJ and have been running some beautiful (and flat! routes.

photo 2 (42)

I felt so much stronger this week than last week. Hadley isn’t past her 4 month sleep regression, but is only getting up 1-2 times per night so I feel much more rested. Plus, the weather has been amazing. It was 55 degrees the morning of my long run! It felt heavenly.

Here’s how this week’s workouts were supposed to look:

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
5mi easy OFF 5mi tempo w/3 at 7:55 OFF 14mi OFF spin

And what really went down:

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
5mi at 8:45 7x 800m at 6:52 pace (7mi total) OFF 4mi at 8:43 pace 14mi at 9:07 pace OFF 45min spin class + lifting

Mileage: 30 miles <--- first time cracking 30 since December 2012!

Some notes:

  • I messed up when I made my training plan and only included 3 days of running instead of 4 this week – oops! That was a total accident.
  • I am loving 800m repeats. Seriously loving them. So, I decided to do them again this week instead of a tempo run while I still have access to a track.
  • I’m proud of my easy run pace. I’m still allowing myself to negative split these runs but I’m also challenging myself to never drop below an 8:30 pace. So far, so good!
  • My long run went so, so well. I tried a new route and felt strong the entire way. This is honestly the first run over a half marathon where I finished feeling like I could run a few more miles. I’m taking that as a good sign!

photo 1 (42)

Fingers crossed I have a repeat performance on my 15-miler (!) this week.

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