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Friday ramblings

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Well, well, well – March really did go out like a lamb in the Carolinas. We’ve had a handful of nice days the past month or so, but it would always get cold again. Thankfully, it’s been in the 80’s all week and I think our days of sub-freezing temps are behind us.

photo (13)

But this pretty weather is making me want to run so badly! I feel like everyone is out there running but me. I want to run fast and sweat. Related: it’s the weirdest feeling chasing my son around in 84 degree temps for over an hour and not sweating at all – yay, water retention. I debated a run/walk yesterday but figured, at 38(!) weeks, my pelvis would probably snap in half after 0.10mi or something if I tried to run again. So, I shall wait.

It’s also iced coffee weather, though! I caved and tried Dunkin’s new cookie dough flavored coffee yesterday and meh. I was completely underwhelmed. I always get suckered in to trying all of their new flavors, but nothing will ever beat good old French vanilla or pumpkin.

photo (12)

I’ve been eating out more than I care to admit lately. Chipotle on Wednesday, the Dunkin run yesterday, Starbucks earlier in the week – and we’ll likely go out to dinner on Saturday as long as I’m still pregnant. I just have this ridiculous feeling like I’m never, ever going to be able to leave the house again soon so I may as well indulge now. Mind you, 2 of the 3 places I went to this week have drive thrus so this is completely absurd.

My doctor thinks that I’m going to go into labor in the next week. As of Wednesday, I was 3cm dilated, 70% effaced, and 0 station. I really didn’t want to get checked until 39w this time, but with my history of going early, having a fast labor, and being group B strep positive this time (major boo), my doctor insisted on checking me. She said I may make it to my next appointment on Monday, probably won’t make it to 39w, and definitely won’t make my due date. I was upset for awhile, but then I remembered that this Dr. said Wyatt would be a Christmas baby a week before I had him… on Thanksgiving eve.

So, it’s my goal to prove her wrong. My BFF, mom, and dad are all coming next weekend and I’ll be 39+2 then, so that’d be the ideal time for baby girl to make her appearance. Plus, I selfishly want a few more days of just snuggling this little guy.


Have a great weekend, friends!


Running odds and ends

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First thing’s first: I’m 37w1d pregnant today… making this the most pregnant I’ve ever been! I’d shout from the rooftops and jump for joy if I had the energy.

photo (11)

1. I miss running… in theory. The truth is, I am wiped. I do not know what’s wrong with me. Ok, I guess I could blame pregnancy and insomnia, but still. I remember feeling exhausted the couple of weeks before I had Wyatt but it wasn’t this bad. I have zero motivation to work out, and I keep telling myself it’s because I’m not running. If I still was running, I’d have no problem finding the energy to do a few 3- and 4-milers per week because I love running so much. Right? Right. Or maybe my energy is totally sapped because I’m not running – I’m a big believer in the whole you need to exert energy to get energy theory. Whatever it is, I’m glad to not be running right now but I also miss it, if that makes any sense at all.

36 week walk

Not a run.

2. SELF magazine is terrible. I’m sure a lot of you have already seen this story (<--- not a link to SELF, just the news story). Basically, SELF emailed Monika Allen, a runner, to ask if they could use a photo of her racing in a tutu in an upcoming issue. She said yes, but didn’t realize they’d use the photo to mock her for running in a tutu! On top of that, Monika was running the race with brain cancer (!) and she actually makes and sells her own tutus and donates proceeds to charities like Girls on the Run (check out Monika’s blog here).

This story made me so mad – even apart from the fact that Monika is a cancer survivor. Why on earth is SELF, a magazine that is supposed to encourage women to have active lifestyles, mocking runners for their apparel choices? I’m not a fan of running in tutus or skirts – I ran in one for Princess for fun! – but if you are, more power to you! I’ve had friends tell me they don’t work out because they’re embarrassed by their jiggly thighs or how red their face gets, and I always tell them that no one is watching them because each person is only concerned with his or her own workout. Well, I lied. Apparently, popular women’s magazines are watching and judging you and making you feel even more self-conscious. Bravo, SELF.

photo-5_thumb (1)

I ran in a tutu and a tiara – that’s probably way worse!

3. I got some cute Oiselle clothes for my birthday. I love them. They’re so pretty and bright, and will surely make me run faster. However, I hope they fit better in a few more months than they currently do.

37 weeks oiselle

4. NYCM lottery entrants were notified this week. Congrats to those who got in! I already knew I was in, but I was still excited to receive the official email. Who’s running it with me? And who already has their training plan? I’m still leaning towards a lower-mileage, polarized training approach but I’m not going to commit to anything until baby arrives.

nycm acceptance

5. Boston is in a few weeks. I can’t believe it’s been a year since Boston. You all know it’s a huge, (very) long-term goal of mine to someday run Boston. Something cool – next Friday, April 4 at 12pm EST, Wizeo and Boston Marathon race director, Dave McGillivray, are partnering to host an interactive, live video chat on running to raise money for the Martin W. Richard Charitable Foundation – which contributes to education, athletics, and community in Martin’s honor. Martin was a 7-year old boy who sadly lost his life in the bombings last year.

Dave McGillivray

Video chat participants will have the opportunity to ask Mr. McGillivray questions about running, training, and marathon logistics. Click here to learn more and participate in the chat. Wizeo has very kindly offered each of you guys the opportunity to access the chat for FREE! Just enter the code: BOSTONRT

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Pregnancy update: week 36

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I’ve hit the 36-week mark! I’m a mere 3 days away from the old definition of “full-term” (and when Wyatt was born). Even though I really (really, really) don’t want another early baby, it is reassuring to know that she could be born soon and likely be perfectly fine.

36w_baby 2week 36 wyatt

The belly was definitely bigger with Wyatt at week 36!

Weight gain: I put on another pound this week, bringing the total to 33lbs. I had someone ask me why I gain “a lot” of weight when pregnant when I work out so much, and my honest answer is I don’t know! It’s just what my body needs to do. Both pregnancies, I went through a few weeks’ time when it bothered me – maybe 25-30 weeks? But as my belly gets bigger, I embrace it. My doctor called my weight gain “phenomenal” last week, so I’m not worried if I go over.

And honestly, the only person’s weight I care about right is my baby’s! I have an ultrasound tomorrow and can’t wait to hear the guesstimate of how big she is. I know it may not be accurate, but I had an ultrasound the day before I had Wyatt and it was only 1 oz. off. I’m hoping she’s an 8-pounder so I can use the Ergo + infant insert right away. Hey, that’s a priority when you have two kiddos!


Oh man, every day is different! Last Wednesday night, I had a lot of cramping and pressure and felt totally defeated. I may have cried to Jeff when he got home and said there’s no way I’ll make it to April, or next week, or tomorrow. Then I woke up on Thursday morning and felt completely fine. I went through some similar symptoms Saturday night, but now I’m thinking it’s all just because she’s dropped. Regardless, I still feel a lot better at this point than I did with Wyatt, so I’m cautiously optimistic that she’ll stay put (well, that’s how I feel today – tomorrow may be a different story). But this still doesn’t stop me from googling “how to stay pregnant” or “how to postpone labor” every night.

34-weeks_baby-2_thumb36w_baby 2

She’s dropped, right? Week 34 vs. 36.

Other than that, I’m waking up nauseated every morning and need to eat breakfast right away. Oh and I feel huge because I am. It’s getting harder to chase Wyatt around (and I really mean chase – my son constantly runs away from me), bend over, or stand up for long periods of time. All par for the course at this stage.



I mentioned on Friday that I’m done running. My last few runs were pretty miserable due to pressure, foot pain, and needing to change my gait because I’m so big. So, I’m only swimming and walking from here on out, which I’m cool with.

Honestly though, I’m losing motivation to stay active which is not like me at all. I skipped my swim the other day because I didn’t want to wash my hair afterwards – who does that? I’m just going with it though. As long as I‘m doing something most days of the week, I’ll be happy.

This week’s workouts:

  • M: OFF, sick Wyatt
  • Tu: OFF, sick Wyatt
  • W: 3mi treadmill at 10:43 pace
  • Th: 2.5mi walk/run at 13:02 pace
  • F: 1000m swim
  • S: 3mi walk
  • S: 2mi walk

Prepping for baby

The hospital bag is packed, and I don’t feel like we have many big things left to do! The swing, bouncy seat, and other newborn crap necessities are still up in our attic, but we’re probably not going to bring them down until she arrives because I don’t trust a certain 2 year old to leave them alone.