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Friday ramblings

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Well, well, well – March really did go out like a lamb in the Carolinas. We’ve had a handful of nice days the past month or so, but it would always get cold again. Thankfully, it’s been in the 80’s all week and I think our days of sub-freezing temps are behind us.

photo (13)

But this pretty weather is making me want to run so badly! I feel like everyone is out there running but me. I want to run fast and sweat. Related: it’s the weirdest feeling chasing my son around in 84 degree temps for over an hour and not sweating at all – yay, water retention. I debated a run/walk yesterday but figured, at 38(!) weeks, my pelvis would probably snap in half after 0.10mi or something if I tried to run again. So, I shall wait.

It’s also iced coffee weather, though! I caved and tried Dunkin’s new cookie dough flavored coffee yesterday and meh. I was completely underwhelmed. I always get suckered in to trying all of their new flavors, but nothing will ever beat good old French vanilla or pumpkin.

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I’ve been eating out more than I care to admit lately. Chipotle on Wednesday, the Dunkin run yesterday, Starbucks earlier in the week – and we’ll likely go out to dinner on Saturday as long as I’m still pregnant. I just have this ridiculous feeling like I’m never, ever going to be able to leave the house again soon so I may as well indulge now. Mind you, 2 of the 3 places I went to this week have drive thrus so this is completely absurd.

My doctor thinks that I’m going to go into labor in the next week. As of Wednesday, I was 3cm dilated, 70% effaced, and 0 station. I really didn’t want to get checked until 39w this time, but with my history of going early, having a fast labor, and being group B strep positive this time (major boo), my doctor insisted on checking me. She said I may make it to my next appointment on Monday, probably won’t make it to 39w, and definitely won’t make my due date. I was upset for awhile, but then I remembered that this Dr. said Wyatt would be a Christmas baby a week before I had him… on Thanksgiving eve.

So, it’s my goal to prove her wrong. My BFF, mom, and dad are all coming next weekend and I’ll be 39+2 then, so that’d be the ideal time for baby girl to make her appearance. Plus, I selfishly want a few more days of just snuggling this little guy.


Have a great weekend, friends!


The past four birthdays

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I spent the birthdays of my early 20’s like most people in the early 20’s do – I drank with my friends and had a good time.

In my mid- to late twenties, my birthday celebrations were more subdued – dinner with a group of friends – but the celebrations usually ended with the same outcome as those early 20’s birthdays.

On my 29th birthday, I ran 5 miles and I had dinner with friends -- where I attempted to drink my sorrows away. Because earlier that day, my reproductive endocrinologist told me I ovulated an immature egg, that he didn’t know what was wrong with my body, and that I needed to go on birth control pills for awhile to calm my ovaries down.

Later that night, my husband gave me a card. In it, he promised me that I’d have the family I always wanted one day soon – that he’d make sure of it. I tried really hard to trust and believe him. I carried that card around with me for months and re-read it whenever doubts crept into my head.

You know the rest of the story. My doctor was wrong.

On my 30th birthday, I ran an awesome 7-miler. Then I went to lunch with my husband and that immature egg who was now a cranky 4 month old. I didn’t get to eat any of my meal because my son had a meltdown – my husband asked for our food boxed up to-go while I nursed my baby in the car.

30th bday

On my 31st birthday, I ran 4 miles then didn’t do much of anything. I found out I had mastitis for the first time and spent most of the day on the couch. Luckily, that cranky baby had turned into a sweet toddler who happily nursed extra and cuddled his sick mama all day.

31st bday

On my 32nd birthday – this past Monday – I ran 0 miles and said “no climbing” and “no running away from mommy” 100x. While that toddler is definitely still sweet, he is quite the handful especially since I’m super pregnant. I forgot it was my birthday most of the day because we didn’t do anything out of the ordinary. After I put my son to bed, I re-read the card my husband gave me three years earlier and realized he was right. I’m weeks (days?) away from having the family I’ve always dreamed about – the family who, just three years ago, I never, ever thought I’d have.

Those early 20’s birthdays were definitely fun, even if I can’t remember many specifics. And even though I’m supposed to feel old and dread birthdays nowadays, I wouldn’t trade 32 for 22 any day of the week. Life is definitely crazy in a whole new way now, but I no longer need birthdays to feel special. I get to feel that way every single day of the week.

32nd bday

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Five facts for Friday

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1. I’m glad so many of you are into couponing. I learned a lot from your comments and emails, so thank you so much for sharing. I’m eager to get better at it, so please continue to send any time saving tips or your favorite websites or stores my way. As I find what I think are good baby or running-related deals, I’ll be sure to pass them along to you all.

2. Ear infections suck. Wyatt got his first ear infection – and first dose of antibiotics, boo – this week and OMG. I’ve always heard other moms complaining about ear infections but I thought it couldn’t be any worse than the constant puking from norovirus, the super high fever woes of roseola, or the scary wheezing that comes with croup. I was wrong. Ear infections are horrible because not only does your poor child not feel well, but he’s in pain. “Ouch, mommy. It hurts, mommy. Help mommy!” completely breaks my heart. Thankfully, he’s better now.

wyatt ear infection

3. I’m done running. Time to confess: my secret “A” goal all pregnancy was to run until my birthday, which is March 24. Only for the extremely ridiculous reason that I’ve run on my birthday for the past 10 years and didn’t want to break the streak. I was this close to making it, but Thursday was my last official pregnant run. The last 4 runs have been uncomfortable and I’m pretty sure baby girl dropped, so I’ve called it quits. Still, I’m really proud of myself – and pretty shocked – for running until 36 weeks.


4. But I cannot wait to run fast again. Ok, I can wait. I’m looking forward to the running break. I took 7 weeks off between the end of pregnancy and postpartum with Wyatt and swear the hiatus helped me recover and come back better. So, I’ve already proclaimed this period of rest as “pre-pre marathon training” for NYCM. But I’ll admit, hearing about everyone getting into MCM this week or entering the lottery for Chicago has given me the racing bug and I want to start training now.

Since I’m nuts, I’ve already started looking at training plans. I recently researched polarized training for an assignment, and I’m intrigued. It sounds like it really works, but I don’t know if I can trust the plan – I mean 75% of runs are “easy”! Has anyone ever tried polarized training?

5. It’s my birthday Monday and I can’t have chocolate. This happens a lot of years because I have a track record of giving up chocolate for Lent. I’m not a “omg it’s birthday, celebrate me all day” person, but it’s important to me that I commemorate my own birth each year by eating cake – good cake. I usually bake or buy vanilla cupcakes, but I made vanilla cupcakes last week and am totally over them.

cupcakes 3.14

So does anyone have any non-vanilla and non-chocolate cake or cupcake recipes they love? I’m leaning towards lemon cake, but welcome suggestions!

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