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Toddlers are the best

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You know that saying “you have a child forever, but a baby for only one year”? It’s intended to make moms all teary-eyed and elicit baby fever. Well, it doesn’t work on me. When I hear that saying all I think is thank God.

photo 5 (4)

No offense Hadley.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate each age and stage, and the last thing I want to do is wish away my daughter’s infancy. The baby year just isn’t my favorite. I thought it was because Wyatt was so difficult, but now I have an easy baby, and I’m still not a huge fan of this time.

It’s because I have another age to compare it to: toddlerhood. And even though the highs are high, and the lows are (so, so) low, toddlerhood is the best because…

That tiny person can now communicate with you. In the most honest, innocent, sweet, and heartfelt way. Even if you’re having the worst day ever a simple “I love you much, mommy” can turn it all around.

photo 3 (16)

Toddlers hug back hard. They don’t just flop their head on your chest. Rather they wrap their arms tightly around your neck and squeeze you with all of their might.

They’re predictable (for the most part). Even if he skips his nap, I know there will be some amount of downtime between 1- 3 p.m., and the same goes for bedtime.

You can bribe them. Oh man, I'm not too proud of this, but bribery has become the norm since Wyatt hit 2.5. But if an m&m or an episode of Little Einsteins will give me 20 minutes to work in peace, I’m all for it.

photo 4 (9)

Hippobus and the Beetlebugs bought me tons of “free” time this week.

And distract them. I used to dread bringing my son to my doctor appointments, and we’d rarely attempt long car rides. Now? I don’t think twice because of the best invention ever – the Ipad. Related: what are the best apps for 2.5 year olds? We have a long car ride to NJ coming up!

They’re eager to help. Sure, toddlers rarely listen but something magical happens when you give them a “job”-- they feel important. Wyatt loves it when I ask him to watch Hadley when I run to the other room. He talks to her like I do. So cute.

They’re literal. My mom said “it’s raining cats and dogs” the other day and my poor son ran to the window looking outside and saying “meow, where are you?”

photo 2 (34)

I asked him to play with the blocks and watch baby sister – he literally did both at the same time!

They find joy in every little thing. Toddlers are probably the only people who enjoy life to its fullest.

photo (172)

An empty playground made his day.

Related: Can you tell which kid behaved better for me this week? Haha. I’ve started putting him to bed earlier, and he’s been sleeping and napping better and acting so much happier. Imagine that!


Month 3 postpartum

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Hadley is 3 months old!

photo 1 (31)

I’m shocked too, baby girl.


I’m going to combine our updates from here on out. There’s not much I have to add to what’s been happening with her:

photo 2 (31)

  • Sleep: She’s still sleeping very well overnight. She goes down around 8 p.m., wakes up around 5:00 a.m. to nurse (or I wake her up before I work out because she won’t take a bottle anymore), falls back to sleep and wakes up for the day between 7:30- 8 a.m. Naps are a different story, but 3 months means we’re halfway to being able to sleep train -- yay!
  • Breastfeeding: My boob injury healed at 7 weeks, and within the past few weeks, Hadley has started nursing off the injured side as much as the uninjured side. I no longer have to hold her like a football which is great because she’s almost 15 lbs. I’m happy breastfeeding is going well, but I’m really frustrated that she won’t take a bottle.
  • Mom of two: No new updates here. I wish I could say things get easier every day, but that would be a lie. There are always new – and old – challenges. Wyatt has warmed up to her and constantly wants to play with her, which is tricky because he’s a rowdy 2.5 year old. Bath time is still my least favorite time of day – Hadley just screams in her swing, and Wyatt cries in the tub because she’s screaming.


This is the best shot we got of the three of us. Of course she’s staring at my boob.

Postpartum weight loss:

I lost 5 lbs. this month and am 4 lbs. away from my pre-pregnancy weight. Breastfeeding hunger has definitely attacked this month, so I’m not sure how in the world I’m still losing weight, but I’ll take it.

3mos post hadley

I still don’t feel too great about my body. Which is ridiculous because I’ve shed 32 lbs. But I’m just being honest. I feel lighter running which is great, but I’m very aware of my larger-than-normal belly when I’m bending down playing with Wyatt. Also, I’m no where near fitting into any of my clothes yet, which is frustrating but also what I expected. I know that my hips, thighs, booty, and belly will shrink in time, so I’m trying to be patient and cut myself some slack. Nine months on, nine months off, right?

photo 2 (30)

Return to running:

Running is not going as well as it did after Wyatt because I was much faster then. Sigh. But I’ve been doing more cross-training this time around so maybe I’m in better shape? Let’s go with that.

Here are my stats from month 3:

  • Longest run – 8.25 miles
  • Fastest run – 4mi race in 30:30 (7:33 pace)
  • Fastest mile – 7:20 (during the race)
  • Fastest stroller run – 3.1 miles at 8:28 pace (with Wyatt)

photo (2)

I’m trying to be OK with being a little slower this time around. My goal is to get to the start line of NYCM uninjured, and in order to do that I need to focus on endurance over speed. I’ll attack the half marathon again sometime next year, and get my speed back then… hopefully.

Overall, things are going well and I’m happy. I can’t wait to see what month four with my sweet girl brings!



Mommy fail

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When it comes to motherhood, mistakes comes with the territory. I mess up several times a day. Sometimes I learn from my errors, but most of the time I don’t.

Let’s take this week, for instance. My parents – who had been visiting – left and Wyatt was a wreck. I did not adequately prepare him for their departure, nor did I have enough distractions. The next day, his BFF/ our neighbor left to move across the country. Once again, my poor toddler was a mess. Actually he still is. I really should have prepared him better.

photo (169)


Luckily, the biggest mistake I’ve made with my daughter recently only hurts me – not her. But it’s a big one and I have no idea how to fix it: Hadley will not take a bottle.

We introduced a bottle at 2 weeks, and she had no issues. Because of my boob injury, she’d take several bottles each day. But as my boob healed, we gave her fewer and fewer bottles. We tried to give her a bottle a couple of weeks ago – at 10 weeks – and she would not take it. It had been a full 2 weeks since her last bottle, so she literally forgot how to do it.

I hate myself for not sticking with it. Wyatt never had any issues taking a bottle, and he didn’t get one every day, so I wasn’t even thinking that we had to be consistent. But lesson learned.

We’ve tried to give her a bottle every day for the past 2.5 weeks, sometimes several times each day. We’ve tried different nipples, different bottles, freshly pumped milk, milk heated a little warmer than usual, milk a little cooler, and defrosted milk. Jeff has tried, my mom has tried, I’ve tried. I’ve stopped her mid-nursing session and tried to give her the bottle, I’ve held her the same way I nurse her, we’ve held her completely different ways. We’ve tried dream feeding her, feeding her half asleep, feeding her swaddled, feeding her in different rooms, feeding her in front of the TV. Nothing has worked.

photo (170)

So adorable. So stubborn.

It’s almost like she forgot how to suck. She just chews on the nipple, spits it out, or purses her lips tightly together. She doesn’t take a pacifier either. I’ve been trying again with the paci because maybe if she gets the sucking of one down, she’ll get the other? I’m also going to try giving her a bottle of formula, in hopes that the new taste will make her eat.

Does anyone have any advice? Is all hope lost because she’s so “old”? She’ll be 3 months this weekend. I’m willing to try anything! I need her to take a bottle because I’m leaving her overnight for a bridal shower in September, NYCM in November, and DOPEY in January. Plus, I’d like to have the option to be away from her for more than 3 hours at a time, and Jeff wants the chance to feed her, too. Thank you so much for your help!