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Week 39 update – she’s here!

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Our baby girl made her swift appearance first thing on Sunday morning!


Say hi to Hadley! We love her so much.


Hadley Virginia

born 4/13/14 at 12:21 a.m.

7lbs 4oz, 19.5 inches


I’ll share more soon!


I’m going to miss today

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Today my son’s school was closed for a snow day. Mind you, a single flurry didn’t fall until 4:30 pm and his preschool is only open until 1:00 pm. Luckily, they made the call to close last night so I was able to plan ahead and work for a couple hours this morning before he woke up.


The big snow storm at 7:30 am.

Today we braved the gym childcare. Wyatt still doesn’t like it, but he’s two years old now and understands so much. I told him he could bring whatever stuffed animal he wanted and that I’d come pick him up after he played with toys and friends for a while. The whole car ride there he kept saying “Wy and giraffe play at gym, mommy come pick Wy up.” He didn’t shed a tear at drop-off and no one came to get me mid-run.

Today I ran an easy 4 miles on the treadmill. I didn’t have my workout dictated by a training plan or any paces I had to hit, and I didn’t feel pressured to sprint and meet a certain mileage before the childcare workers came to get me. I just ran at a comfortable pace, enjoyed myself, and finished when I was ready.


An average run for me and baby – a PR in gym childcare for Wyatt.

Today we were stuck inside the majority of the day because of the “storm”. This used to be something I’d dread – I like having something to do out of the house every day. But it doesn’t intimidate me anymore. Coloring, puzzles, hide and seek, Mickey, neighbors who want to play, and being chased by mommy are entertainment enough nowadays.

w and m_1.28.14

We ventured outside for 5 minutes – long enough for a helping of snow.

Today I let Wyatt splash in the bath as long as he wanted, I read him an extra book, and I rocked him for a few extra minutes before putting him in his crib. He was in a good mood and napped so why not? Today he is my only child so there’s no need to rush his bedtime routine – it’s something we both enjoy so much.

Today I was able to “cook” dinner (ok, throw it in the crockpot), do chores around the house, run, and finish two freelance assignments (and write this blog post!) despite not having childcare. It doesn’t seem like much but today is a day that I thought would never come. Two years ago I was writing posts like this and this, and struggling to handle my life. While I’ll never have it all together or be able to cross out every item on my “to do” list, I am so grateful for where we are today.

The big snow storm at 5:30 pm – immeasurable accumulations.

I’ve spent so much of my life looking ahead to the next big thing – thinking that something coming up in the future will make my life better than it is at the current moment. But being a mom has completely changed that. I’ve finally realized that an ordinary Tuesday like today is actually pretty extraordinary. And while I’m so excited to add a new member to our family soon, I’m also pretty terrified. But I know things will eventually get easier and we’ll get to a good place again.

wyatt mommy_1.28.14

Still, a part of me will always miss today.

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My daughter won’t be a princess

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As soon as we found out that we were expecting a girl, we were greeted with a bunch of expected remarks.

“How wonderful to have one of each!”

“You have a mini-Jeff and now you’ll get a mini-Jen!” (This statement creeps me out. I prefer my kids to be their own people and not mini-versions of us, thanks.)

and finally…

“Yay, your own little princess!”

Oh but, dear daughter, I have some news for you. While I truly believe you can become anything you want to be, you will never be a princess.


I encourage you to run Princess, though!

I want you to know that you don’t need to don yourself in fancy dresses, make-up, and hairspray to look beautiful. You won’t ever need a man to rescue you – you’ll be able to take care of yourself. Things will never be given to you, and no one (besides me) will ever wait on you.

But, let’s face it, mommy loves Disney and before I know it, I’m sure you’ll be begging for princess costumes, wands, and tiaras. While I won’t buy these things for you before you ask, I know I’ll give in once you truly want them. And I’ll be OK with it. Because even fairytale princesses have admirable qualities.

disney princesses

Do me a favor? See the princesses for more than their impeccable, unrealistic features and their glittery ensembles.

When you look at Belle, see the woman who can get lost in a good book. The girl who puts her family first, who knows she’s too good for cocky men, and who sees other people’s hearts and not just their physical features.

When you look at Pocahontas, see the woman who doesn’t settle for something that others think she should. Take the time to look around and appreciate the great outdoors, and always be kind to others -- especially if they’re new in town.

When you look at Ariel, see the woman who ask questions and wants to explore the world. And don’t overlook her resourcefulness – a fork as a hairbrush? Pure genius.

When you look at Cinderella, see a woman who’s not afraid to ask for help. In real life, Fairy Godmothers won’t send you to a ball, but people will be eager and willing to help you in every stage through life – all you have to do is ask.

When you look at Jasmine, see the woman who wants to take action when she’s unhappy. You only get one life, so never settle for being anything less than happy. But please don’t run away from home!

When you look at Snow White… meh, don’t look at Snow White. Living with seven men just won’t end well.


Sorry Snow – but it’s true.

And please forgive Daddy and I for never calling you “princess”. I hope one day you will understand.

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