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Today my husband and I celebrate five years of wedded bliss.



I love looking through our wedding pictures each anniversary. This is the first year, though, that I thought we looked so young in them!



Yikes. Obviously aging beats the alternative!



I couldn’t imagine going through this madness with anyone else by my side. Happy anniversary to my more patient, understanding, and kinder half!



I can’t wait to see what the next five years bring!




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Four years ago today was the middle day of three of the most fun days of my life. It was the day of our rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.


We got married in Disney World, FL. We got a ton of slack for over a year for having a "Mickey Mouse" wedding, a "weird" wedding, a wedding so far away, etc.

The truth is, wedding planning was a miserable experience for me. I didn't care about the event; I just wanted to be married.

We originally booked a venue near my hometown in NJ, but it was ridiculously expensive and I would have a huge wedding if we had it there. We lived in Atlanta at the time, my family was in NJ, Jeff's family and our college friends were all spread out. Picking a location was the most daunting task. We finally decided on a destination wedding. We wanted somewhere that people could make into a vacation, and didn't need a passport to get to. Disney was the best option in our minds.

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And we loved it! Instead of just one day with our closest friends and family, we got three full days. I completely plan on re-doing my wedding weekend for a 10 year vow renewal. Though that may just be because I really want another wedding cake…

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I thought I'd regret a lot of things by having a wedding that wasn't typical. But 4 years later, the only thing I look back on in disgust is my posture.

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Happy anniversary to the most loving, patient, and understanding man in the world!

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Now, four years after our wedding weekend, we're en route to Maine for my cousin's wedding. He and his bride-to-be are also getting married on 6/25. So, clearly they'll live happily ever after, too ;)

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