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My path to pregnancy wasn't a direct one. After 19 months, one surgery for endometriosis, five rounds of fertility treatments, thousands of dollars, and countless tears, I finally got pregnant with my son. Then, in between my babies, I experienced two early pregnancy losses. I was even told I miscarried my daughter, but she hung on! My children are proof that miracles happen. My infertility journey may be over, but it's something I will never forget.

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  1. You are such an inspiration to me!! I have never had normal periods and am underweight (5’5, 110 lbs). I was not a runner but a gymnast and even thought i don’t work out anymore i’m still very active and cant gain weight. I tried 3 rounds of clomid with only one sucessful ovualation. I am now going to REACH in Charlotte and just found out i have PCOS and thin linning. I just finished a round of cronine to start my period and am waiting to start my first round of anastrozole just like you did!! I am hoping that i will have the same happy ending as you!!! Thank you for your blog :)

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