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From head to toe: my favorite running apparel

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I’ve been a runner for 12 years now – more than 1/3 of my life. Crazy! Over that time, I’ve tried a lot of different clothes, from what was on sale to what’s trendy. I try not to buy much – I’d rather spend my money on race entry fees! But when I do purchase something, I tend to go for higher quality since most apparel lasts so long.

Here are my running favorite from head to toe:

photo (174)

Headband: Sparkly Soul

I always wear a headband when I run, and since trying Sparkly Soul a few years ago, I haven’t looked back. I’ve just ordered more colors! These are the only headbands that won’t slip off my head. And they’re cute to boot!

Sports bra: nursing – Motherhood Maternity sports clip down nursing bra / regular – Brooks women’s infiniti bra

The nursing bra and Brooks infiniti bra are really similar. Both have lined, molded cups for increased modesty and adjustable straps – which are the two biggest things I look for in a sports bra. Note that I don’t have much in the boob area and I don’t need much support, so the nursing bra isn’t a good recommendation for most breastfeeding runners.

Tank top: Under Armour women’s US victory tank

I’ve worn this tank for years and have it in several colors. I like running in tight clothes, so I love that it’s fitted but doesn’t ride up when I run. It’s also long enough to cover my long torso. And, in my opinion, Under Armour has the best moisture-wicking material so it’s my go-to for long runs.

Long sleeve: Oiselle flyte long sleeve

Last year when I was pregnant, I polled twitter to see what was the best running long sleeve top for women with long torsos. I wanted something that I could wear as long into my pregnancy as possible. Everyone said the Oiselle flyte long sleeve top – and with that, my obsession with Oiselle began. I love the material, the fit, and the fact that the fabric stretched out to cover my bump until the end but returned to it’s regular size so I can still wear it now. It gets bonus points for thumb holes. I ordered it in another color, and splurged on the tank version, too.

photo (173)


Shorts: Oiselle roga short

I used to only run in spandex shorts in the summer because I’m a heavy sweater, and every single pair of looser running shorts would stick to my inner thighs and bunch up. Then my friend told me about the roga short and I am hooked. They stay in place (with Body Glide) and are way more flattering than spandex.

Socks: Asics intensity low cut

These are the only running socks I wear. I love that they’re not too thin or too thick – they’re just right. They offer extra padding at the heel and back of the ankle to prevent blisters. Plus they’re moisture-wicking.

Shoes: Brooks Adrenalines Ravennas

Oh man, after 10 years of running in Adrenalines, it was painful to write Ravennas! Actually, the shoes are quite similar. The wider toebox has been the only difference I’ve noticed. They still feel like I’m running on pillows -- I’m definitely in love. It will probably be another decade before I change shoes again.

What’s your favorite running apparel?

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NYCM training: week 1

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One week of marathon training down, 15 to go!

I like counting down to a marathon way more than counting down until the end of pregnancy because the end date is set in stone. If this was a week 25 pregnancy update, I’d have anywhere from 12- 17 weeks left if I carried to term. So marathon training for the planning win!

Here’s how week 1 was supposed to look:

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
4mi easy + lifting; 2mi stroller Spin 5mi tempo w/ 3 at 8:05 Spin 9mi 3mi stroller + spin OFF

And here’s how it really went down:

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
4.25mi at 8:36 pace; 2.25mi w/Hadley at 9:16 pace 45min spin 5mi tempo w/ 3 at 8:03 pace + lifting 45min spin 9mi at 9:09 pace 3.25mi at 8:27 pace + spin OFF

I felt great this week! And, umm, I should – it was only the first week of training! I feel really motivated by my workouts and haven’t dreaded any yet. I was pleasantly surprised by my tempo pace, too. It was definitely tough, but manageable. Now let’s hope I can keep saying that for 15 more weeks…


Some notes from week 1:

I moved my Monday lifting session to Wednesday because I was still sore from my strength workout on Saturday. I’ll likely do the same this week. Charlotte and Fort Mill friends – the Saturday morning class I’ve been taking at Pushpointe at 10am is killer. This past week was my last week taking it for awhile because I have plans/ will be traveling the next few weeks, and then long runs move to Saturday. I’ll be back after marathon training, though. I cannot recommend this class enough!

My tempo run was on the treadmill, and I’ll likely do the next few 800m repeat runs and tempo workouts there, too. I like doing this in the beginning of training so my legs “learn” a pace. Besides, it’s ridiculously humid out and I don’t want to get discouraged from not hitting target paces so early on in training.

Wyatt didn’t join me on the planned Saturday stroller run because it was raining, so it turned into an “easy” run.

Bring on week 2!


Toddlers are the best

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You know that saying “you have a child forever, but a baby for only one year”? It’s intended to make moms all teary-eyed and elicit baby fever. Well, it doesn’t work on me. When I hear that saying all I think is thank God.

photo 5 (4)

No offense Hadley.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate each age and stage, and the last thing I want to do is wish away my daughter’s infancy. The baby year just isn’t my favorite. I thought it was because Wyatt was so difficult, but now I have an easy baby, and I’m still not a huge fan of this time.

It’s because I have another age to compare it to: toddlerhood. And even though the highs are high, and the lows are (so, so) low, toddlerhood is the best because…

That tiny person can now communicate with you. In the most honest, innocent, sweet, and heartfelt way. Even if you’re having the worst day ever a simple “I love you much, mommy” can turn it all around.

photo 3 (16)

Toddlers hug back hard. They don’t just flop their head on your chest. Rather they wrap their arms tightly around your neck and squeeze you with all of their might.

They’re predictable (for the most part). Even if he skips his nap, I know there will be some amount of downtime between 1- 3 p.m., and the same goes for bedtime.

You can bribe them. Oh man, I'm not too proud of this, but bribery has become the norm since Wyatt hit 2.5. But if an m&m or an episode of Little Einsteins will give me 20 minutes to work in peace, I’m all for it.

photo 4 (9)

Hippobus and the Beetlebugs bought me tons of “free” time this week.

And distract them. I used to dread bringing my son to my doctor appointments, and we’d rarely attempt long car rides. Now? I don’t think twice because of the best invention ever – the Ipad. Related: what are the best apps for 2.5 year olds? We have a long car ride to NJ coming up!

They’re eager to help. Sure, toddlers rarely listen but something magical happens when you give them a “job”-- they feel important. Wyatt loves it when I ask him to watch Hadley when I run to the other room. He talks to her like I do. So cute.

They’re literal. My mom said “it’s raining cats and dogs” the other day and my poor son ran to the window looking outside and saying “meow, where are you?”

photo 2 (34)

I asked him to play with the blocks and watch baby sister – he literally did both at the same time!

They find joy in every little thing. Toddlers are probably the only people who enjoy life to its fullest.

photo (172)

An empty playground made his day.

Related: Can you tell which kid behaved better for me this week? Haha. I’ve started putting him to bed earlier, and he’s been sleeping and napping better and acting so much happier. Imagine that!