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Pregnancy update: week 38

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Whoa. I never, ever expected to be writing a week 38 update! But here I am, still pregnant at 38 weeks + 4 days – and thrilled about it!


38 weeks now vs. me with week old Wyatt! Crazy to think I had an 11-day old at this point last time.

Weight gain: up 35 pounds exactly. This is a sad milestone because now I weigh the same as Jeff. I’d like to stay pregnant another week and don’t want to pass him, so I told him that he needs to overindulge this week so he gains weight, too. (I’m totally kidding – I really don’t care if I pass him!)


I thought I was in labor a week ago. I was having contractions for hours. They were more painful than Braxton Hicks and only a few minutes apart. I was even timing them for awhile. But then they disappeared – phew! At my 37-week checkup, I was 3cm dilated, 70% effaced, and 0 station. I have my 38-week checkup today and I am really hoping for zero progress.

Because I am sick! I thought it was just allergies, but I took a turn for the worse this weekend. I even went to urgent care and I have a sinus and ear infection. I feel awful. It’s my goal to get 100% better by the time I go into labor. I could not imagine giving birth while sick. Not to mention, I don’t want to transfer any of my germs to my newborn!

So, I’m really hoping I stay pregnant for another week. Pregnancy-wise, I feel pretty good and am enjoying this stage of pregnancy. We’re as prepped for her arrival as we can be, I’m at peace with not working out, and I’m just cherishing my alone time with Wyatt. The calm before the storm if you will. The end of pregnancy is also nice because nothing freaks me out. Contractions? Extra pressure? Punches on my cervix? Yup, all totally fine and not at all scary at this point in the game.


Looking really rough, yikes! I was out of bed maybe 2 hours yesterday.


I went from being angry and depressed about not running to accepting and being OK with it this past weekend (yeah, stages of grief over not running – #runnerproblems). I’ve really been enjoying the walks through my neighborhood – our gorgeous spring weather this week has certainly helped!

  • M: 30min elliptical
  • Tu: 3mi walk
  • W: OFF
  • Th: 30min elliptical
  • F: 2.25mi walk
  • S: 3.25mi walk
  • S: sick

Once I get better, I’m going to keep walking on nice days and hitting the elliptical on yucky days. I’m pretty sure my days in the pool are over. Swimming just involves way too much work for me now – getting into a swim suit, finding my goggles and swim cap, waiting for a lane, getting out of my swim suit, showering. I’m so lazy.

I’ve had a few people ask me if I’m trying to “walk” the baby out. And, no, I’m not! I’m just trying to stay active like I have been all pregnancy. I do not really believe that walking – or any exercise for that matter – induces labor. Actually, I only think that two of the old wives’ tales for labor induction hold some merit – acupuncture and sex for prostaglandins to thin the cervix – but that’s not something I’m going to worry about until 40 weeks.


Look how lopsided my belly is! She scrunches her butt up on the right side every night.

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Friday ramblings

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Well, well, well – March really did go out like a lamb in the Carolinas. We’ve had a handful of nice days the past month or so, but it would always get cold again. Thankfully, it’s been in the 80’s all week and I think our days of sub-freezing temps are behind us.

photo (13)

But this pretty weather is making me want to run so badly! I feel like everyone is out there running but me. I want to run fast and sweat. Related: it’s the weirdest feeling chasing my son around in 84 degree temps for over an hour and not sweating at all – yay, water retention. I debated a run/walk yesterday but figured, at 38(!) weeks, my pelvis would probably snap in half after 0.10mi or something if I tried to run again. So, I shall wait.

It’s also iced coffee weather, though! I caved and tried Dunkin’s new cookie dough flavored coffee yesterday and meh. I was completely underwhelmed. I always get suckered in to trying all of their new flavors, but nothing will ever beat good old French vanilla or pumpkin.

photo (12)

I’ve been eating out more than I care to admit lately. Chipotle on Wednesday, the Dunkin run yesterday, Starbucks earlier in the week – and we’ll likely go out to dinner on Saturday as long as I’m still pregnant. I just have this ridiculous feeling like I’m never, ever going to be able to leave the house again soon so I may as well indulge now. Mind you, 2 of the 3 places I went to this week have drive thrus so this is completely absurd.

My doctor thinks that I’m going to go into labor in the next week. As of Wednesday, I was 3cm dilated, 70% effaced, and 0 station. I really didn’t want to get checked until 39w this time, but with my history of going early, having a fast labor, and being group B strep positive this time (major boo), my doctor insisted on checking me. She said I may make it to my next appointment on Monday, probably won’t make it to 39w, and definitely won’t make my due date. I was upset for awhile, but then I remembered that this Dr. said Wyatt would be a Christmas baby a week before I had him… on Thanksgiving eve.

So, it’s my goal to prove her wrong. My BFF, mom, and dad are all coming next weekend and I’ll be 39+2 then, so that’d be the ideal time for baby girl to make her appearance. Plus, I selfishly want a few more days of just snuggling this little guy.


Have a great weekend, friends!


Final thoughts in the final days of my final pregnancy

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It wasn’t that bad. I was so sick in the beginning and it wasn’t easy taking care of my toddler when I was getting sick several times a day… but that’s all a blur now. In reality, that terrible sickness only lasted 6-7 weeks. Just a blip in the grand scheme of things.

I wish I could always remember what it’s like to feel the baby move. It’s one of the few parts of pregnancy I enjoy.

I’ll never get used to my body looking like this. I still catch my reflection in the mirror and think “whoa”.

37w5d pregnancy 2_1

I am not ready to be done. So many people keep asking me if I’m “done”. And, no, I’m not. I have zero desire to give birth early, and I don’t feel like a ticking time bomb. Most days, I’m relatively comfortable so this baby can take her sweet time.

I’ve spent most of this pregnancy worrying about Wyatt. Just like I did my first pregnancy! From not playing with him enough in the beginning because I was sick, to not picking him up and carrying him enough since the preterm labor scare. But most of all, I’m worried about how he’ll fair when she’s actually here.

I’m scared. So scared of the chaos that’s coming. I feel like it took forever to get to this point in motherhood where everything is relatively predictable and manageable. I’ve got a decent grip on this work-life balance thing, and I know throwing another tiny human into the mix is going to cause it to become unbalanced again. I just hope it’s temporary.

I’ve had a hard time bonding with the baby. And it’s not because I’m afraid of how her arrival will change our lives. It’s because I cannot forget how this pregnancy started. My hcg levels didn’t double, my progesterone was off the charts in the low direction, I bled so heavily, and my doctor tried to send me to the hospital for a D&C. I’ve also been exposed to a couple of viruses that can cause miscarriages and stillbirths so my doctor kept a closer eye on me. Then there was the positive ffn test. So, yeah I’ve been guarded. I guess it’s not that surprising.

pregnancy 4

What my tests looked like this time until 5 weeks. Believe it or not, they’re all positives.

The uncertainty that comes with pregnancy is the hardest part. Not just because I dealt with all of those reasons I just listed – the uncertainty when I was pregnant with Wyatt was awful, too. I know this doesn’t really change once they’re out. It’s never easy not knowing if something is wrong with your child – or watching your child go through horrible medical tests, or ride in an ambulance, or suffer from being so sick. But it’s different when they’re here because you know they’re real.

I don’t like being pregnant. I hate admitting this. For so long, pregnancy was this magical, mysterious thing that I couldn’t achieve. Something I’d give anything for. But the trying to get pregnant and being pregnant experience is not my favorite. However, my love of breastfeeding definitely makes up for my apathetic attitude towards pregnancy. That’s when I become really impressed with what my body can do.

Still, I don’t take pregnancy for granted one bit. I’m so grateful that I’ve been lucky enough to experience two (!) full-term pregnancies. I wouldn’t trade any of it – the good or the bad.


This picture is a lie – I leaned forward a bit to see my toes!

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