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Month 3 postpartum

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Hadley is 3 months old!

photo 1 (31)

I’m shocked too, baby girl.


I’m going to combine our updates from here on out. There’s not much I have to add to what’s been happening with her:

photo 2 (31)

  • Sleep: She’s still sleeping very well overnight. She goes down around 8 p.m., wakes up around 5:00 a.m. to nurse (or I wake her up before I work out because she won’t take a bottle anymore), falls back to sleep and wakes up for the day between 7:30- 8 a.m. Naps are a different story, but 3 months means we’re halfway to being able to sleep train -- yay!
  • Breastfeeding: My boob injury healed at 7 weeks, and within the past few weeks, Hadley has started nursing off the injured side as much as the uninjured side. I no longer have to hold her like a football which is great because she’s almost 15 lbs. I’m happy breastfeeding is going well, but I’m really frustrated that she won’t take a bottle.
  • Mom of two: No new updates here. I wish I could say things get easier every day, but that would be a lie. There are always new – and old – challenges. Wyatt has warmed up to her and constantly wants to play with her, which is tricky because he’s a rowdy 2.5 year old. Bath time is still my least favorite time of day – Hadley just screams in her swing, and Wyatt cries in the tub because she’s screaming.


This is the best shot we got of the three of us. Of course she’s staring at my boob.

Postpartum weight loss:

I lost 5 lbs. this month and am 4 lbs. away from my pre-pregnancy weight. Breastfeeding hunger has definitely attacked this month, so I’m not sure how in the world I’m still losing weight, but I’ll take it.

3mos post hadley

I still don’t feel too great about my body. Which is ridiculous because I’ve shed 32 lbs. But I’m just being honest. I feel lighter running which is great, but I’m very aware of my larger-than-normal belly when I’m bending down playing with Wyatt. Also, I’m no where near fitting into any of my clothes yet, which is frustrating but also what I expected. I know that my hips, thighs, booty, and belly will shrink in time, so I’m trying to be patient and cut myself some slack. Nine months on, nine months off, right?

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Return to running:

Running is not going as well as it did after Wyatt because I was much faster then. Sigh. But I’ve been doing more cross-training this time around so maybe I’m in better shape? Let’s go with that.

Here are my stats from month 3:

  • Longest run – 8.25 miles
  • Fastest run – 4mi race in 30:30 (7:33 pace)
  • Fastest mile – 7:20 (during the race)
  • Fastest stroller run – 3.1 miles at 8:28 pace (with Wyatt)

photo (2)

I’m trying to be OK with being a little slower this time around. My goal is to get to the start line of NYCM uninjured, and in order to do that I need to focus on endurance over speed. I’ll attack the half marathon again sometime next year, and get my speed back then… hopefully.

Overall, things are going well and I’m happy. I can’t wait to see what month four with my sweet girl brings!



runDisney Princess half marathon weekend’s Frozen twist

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I’ve had a star on my calendar marking today for months! Why? Because registration for runDisney’s Princess Half Marathon weekend opens up! At noon Eastern, registration for the Princess Half Marathon, Enchanted 10k, Glass Slipper Challenge, Princess 5k, kids’ races, and other Princess weekend activities opens. Also returning in 2015  is the special, pink coast-to-coast medal for those who run both Princess and Tink. princess_1 There's a chilly twist being added to this year's events. The two popular family-focused races during Princess weekend -- the 5k and kids' races -- will have a Frozen theme, complete with medals depicting a Frozen motif! Smart move, runDisney. I'm pretty sure everyone is even more excited about Princess weekend now! frozen That’s not all – according to, Disney’s Castaway Cay Challenge is being added to Princess weekend. If you’re running a 5k or longer during Princess weekend and sail on the 4-night Bahamian cruise on the Dream on February 23, 2015, you can sign up for the Castaway Cay Challenge. You’ll run the 5k on beautiful Castaway Cay, and add that race’s medal plus the challenge medal to your Princess weekend loot. runDisney is directing participants to book their cruise through first – use promotional code RUN -- and then register for the Castaway Cay Challenge on (have your cruise reservation number handy). cc5k_12.13

Castaway Cay 5k during our December 2013 cruise on the Dream.

Entry fees for Princess weekend events are as follows: Disney Princess Half Marathon  -- $170 by September 1, 2014* Disney Enchanted 10K -- $105 by September 1, 2014 Glass Slipper Challenge -- $295 by September 1, 2014 Disney Princess 5K (Frozen theme) -- $60 per participant by November 25, 2014 runDisneyKids Races – Dashes (Frozen theme) -- $15 per participant by November 25, 2014 runDisneyKids Races – 1 Mile (Frozen theme) -- $30 per participant by November 25, 2014 *Registration fees increase after these dates, but it doesn’t matter because there won’t be any spots left. princess_3 I’m signing up for the Glass Slipper Challenge – which is the Enchanted 10k plus the Princess half. I ran the Princess half in 2013 and had an absolute blast. I didn’t set any speed records, but it was without a doubt one of the best race experiences of my life. There’s something so special about these women’s focused races, especially runDisney ones. I’m giddy with excitement just thinking about the races next February! I’m also signing Wyatt up for the kids’ dash. He had a ball at the kids’ races during Wine and Dine weekend last year, and still talks about it and wears his medal around. He will freak out when he sees that the event is Frozen-themed! Olaf better be there. wyatt kids race

For those interested in participating in Princess weekend 2015, I cannot stress enough that you need to sign up early. Meaning be at your keyboard with your credit card by 12:00 sharp. runDisney races keep selling out at record speeds, and Princess weekend will be no exception. Don't "Let it Go"– I promise Princess will be an experience of a lifetime. princess_2 Who’s joining me at this beautiful start line next year? Fingers crossed we all get in!


NYCM pre-training: Week 4 – am I ready to train for a marathon?

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When I registered for NYCM back in March, I was super pregnant – and super desperate to run hard again. The last time I ran all out was a turkey trot in November 2012. After that, it was time to take it easy to focus on my fertility again – and my eventual pregnancy with Hadley.

By the time I had my daughter, it had been nearly 1.5 years since I ran my heart out. That’s a really, really long time for a runner. So, I didn’t really think twice before registering for NYCM.


But the more I thought about it, the more I thought I was crazy for trying to do a marathon – a distance I have never run well – only 6.5 months after having a baby. Would I really be ready to train when she was only 3 months old? Would I be able to devote time for so much exercise with two kids? Would I want to?

Well, here I am. NYCM marathon training starts today, and the race is 16 weeks away. I can confidently say that I’ve never been more motivated to train hard for a marathon. It has been a long time since I had a training plan running my life, and I’ve honestly missed it. I can’t wait for that omg-that-felt-amazing feeling I’ll get after my speed workouts. I can’t wait to experience the doubt before long runs, the pain during them, and the on-top-of-the-world feeling afterwards. I can’t wait to analyze my training and set a goal for the race. I’m so excited for all of it.

I’m mentally ready, and I’m getting there physically, too. I think the few months postpartum are the ideal time (for me) to train for a marathon. I love being able to push myself hard again – getting faster every day is a huge motivator – plus it’s nice to have a goal. Believe me, it is not easy getting my booty out of bed at 5:00 a.m. six mornings per week to work out. But it’s only for 16 more weeks. I want to run a marathon well so badly, so this seems like such a small sacrifice right now. Bring it on, NYCM.

Here’s this past week’s workouts:

  • M: 5mi at 9:06 pace
  • Tu: 45 min spin class + 2.25mi at 9:08 pace with Wyatt in the stroller
  • W: 4mi treadmill intervals at 8:12 pace + 20 minutes lifting
  • Th: 45 min spin class
  • F: 8.25mi at 9:15 pace
  • S: 3.1mi at 8:28 pace with Wyatt in the stroller + 30 min spinning/ 30 minute lifting combo class
  • S: OFF


Thanks so much for all of your feedback on my training plan. I really appreciate it! I have a feeling I’ll sit out some of those spinning classes as training progresses, but I think it’s a good guideline for now. I’ll share weekly training updates and my thoughts on the plan as I get further into it. Knowing me, I’ll probably tweak it 100 more times!

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