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Month 5 postpartum

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Umm, didn’t I just write one of these? How is this sweet girl already 5 months old? Seriously, how?!

photo 4


This has been the best month so far! We’re finally getting into a routine and the whole household is much happier – and more well rested. This past month I started putting Hadley to bed before Wyatt (he hangs out with Sofia, Jake, or Mickey while I give her a bath and nurse her). Then I give him a bath and do his bedtime routine. I cannot tell you what a difference this has made. Having this one-on-one time with each child every night and not having to rush through someone’s bath because the other is crying has made things so much easier. Wyatt goes to bed happy and stays in bed all night (!), and Hadley is always passed out by 6:45 p.m. She still wakes up overnight to eat sometimes, but she nurses quickly and goes right back to sleep, so I don’t mind. Her naps are starting to get longer, too. She’ll usually take one solid 1+ hour nap a day now, in addition to shorter ones.

But the real reason this month has been so wonderful is because Hadley has finally discovered her brother. She is obsessed with him. She constantly tries to get his attention and will always flash him a smile and giggle if he even looks in her direction. And it makes him super happy when she laughs. I love it so much.

Breastfeeding is still going well, though she won’t take a bottle. We started solids right at 5 months per the doctor’s recommendations and so far, so good. She’s quite the little chunk and can already sit up really well. But she hasn’t rolled over in either direction since she was 2 weeks old. I have a feeling I have a while before she’s mobile!

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Postpartum weight loss

I mentioned last month that I thought I was back at my starting weight, and I am. I weighed 137 lbs. at my first prenatal doctor appointment, and 135-138 is my “happy weight”. I’ve been in that range consistently for the past month now.

photo 1(1)

My tummy is still flabby and my hips are still wider than normal, but I’ve reached the point where I do not care at all. My clothes fit well enough and I work out really hard, so I’m just proud of my body. No one cares that my stomach isn’t flat, so why should I? And, yes, it’s not at all ironic that this body love came at the end of swimsuit season!

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Return to running

Since I share every single workout, you guys already know running is going well. I’m not as fast as I was after having Wyatt, but that’s only because my goals and training are different, not because I’m not “back” from pregnancy.

Month 5 running stats:

  • Longest run: 18 miles
  • Fastest run: 5k race in 21:35
  • Fastest mile: 6:33 during that 5k race
  • Fastest stroller run: ummm… none happened this month. Ooops! Lots of stroller walks though.

photo 1

Why did I bother spending a small fortune on the Duallie?

I’m really happy with how everything is going at 5 months in – which is a complete 180 from how I felt after having Wyatt. Things are a million times easier when you have an easy going baby vs. one who is more difficult.

photo 2(1)

I feel incredibly fortunate to have had my kids in the order that I did (HUGE hugs to moms who have high-need babies as they’re second or third or fourth!), and I feel like the luckiest mom alive to have two healthy, happy kiddos. They are my world.

photo 2


NYCM training: week 9

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Happy Monday all! I’m just under 50 days away from NYCM and I’m freaking OUT. More so about logistics before and after the race than the actual race itself. For instance:

  • I booked my flight and the first flight out the day before the race lands 4 hours before the expo (and packet pick-up) closes. Watch my plane be delayed and I miss packet pick-up and the race. In a perfect world, I’d fly up on Friday night but that’s Halloween. And trick-or-treating with my kids > making sure I make the expo in time. (If I miss the race due to flight issues, my back up plan is to run Thunder Road two weeks later. But I really hope that doesn’t happen for a million reasons.)
  • I’m nervous about pumping before and after the race. But I have great news for any other breastfeeding moms running NYCM! Check out this email the NYRR Medical Team sent my friend Denae:

There will be a section in the Main Medical Start Tent where you will be able to pump. You can then drop off your pump at that same medical tent to be transported to the P5 medical tent at the finish which is located at 74th Street inside Central Park along the West Drive. Just for your information, you will have to dump the milk as we do not transport any refrigerated items.

A HUGE thanks to Denae for bringing up the issue to NYRR and staying on them!

  • I’m also scared my daughter will starve in the 48 hours that I’m away from her. She still won’t take a bottle, and the sippy cup hasn’t been successful so far either. I know she won’t really starve, and her pediatrician has given me the green light to go (he said she can survive on applesauce for a few days), but mommy guilt is powerful.

photo (10)

Thanks for letting me think out loud. It’s so ironic that something that’s fun can cause so much stress!

Anyway, here’s my training for the week. I’ve reworked my training plan quite a bit so I won’t be comparing what the plan called for vs. what I did anymore. Instead, I’ll just write a post at the end of training recapping all of my workouts in training plan chart form.

Here’s how week 9 went down:

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
6mi at 8:49 pace 9x 800m at 6:53 pace (8mi total) Spin + TRX 4.25mi at 8:55 OFF 18mi at 9:12 OFF

Monday’s and Tuesday’s runs were on the treadmill. Monday because it was raining, and Tuesday because I don’t have a local track to do speedwork on. The tracks at the local high schools don’t allow community members to use them during the school year. Boo.

photo 1 (53)

Saturday’s long run was supposed to happen on Friday, but I woke up at it was drizzling, 74 degrees, and 100% humidity. So, I postponed it to Saturday and guess what? It was the same conditions on Saturday, just a few degrees warmer. The run was actually pretty good until mile 16, then I just needed it to end badly. Fall, where are you?

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Rock ‘n’ Read 5k race recap 2014

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This past Saturday I ran the Rock ‘n’ Read 5k to benefit the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library.

I raced the Labor Day Funk Run 5k five days earlier and didn’t have the best experience. My only goal was to run this race smarter than I ran on Monday. Meaning no positive splitting.

Things were a little hectic before the start. My husband and kids came with me, and it took a lot longer than anticipated to pick up our bibs (my son did the kids’ dash), feed my daughter, and find a real bathroom for my newly potty-trained son (I don’t think he’s quite ready for porta potties yet – gag).

photo 1 (50)

I only had time for a mile warm-up when I was planning two miles. But I think this ended up being a blessing in disguise because I didn’t get too hot and sweaty before the race. It was 75 degrees and 98% humidity by 7:30 a.m.

photo 4 (22)

Mile 1: The first mile was mostly downhill. A few of my friends ran this race in 2012 and 2013 and they warned me it was incredibly hilly. I assumed the course must have changed because there were no uphills in sight. I felt strong, I thought a PR was inevitable, and I hoped I could place overall (it was a very small race). I thought there was one woman in front of me, but I honestly wasn't paying too much attention at the start so I wasn't sure. 6:33 pace.

Mile 2: As soon as we passed the first mile marker, I saw the first hill. A long, gradual hill – my favorite kind. I’ll take long, slow climbs over steep rolling hills any day of the week. The hill seemed to go on forever. Then we made a turn and I thought we’d finally get relief, but nope! The hill continued. My friends were right -- this course was not easy at all.

I needed to distract myself so I started counting how many guys I passed. This sounds awful, but I absolutely love chicking guys during races. I got mocked by guys fairly often in high school and college for having "thunder thighs", and I think I have some leftover anger. So, I get a kick out of using my thighs to pass men. I get zero satisfaction if I pass a woman, but if it’s a dude, I feel like superwoman. #girlpower 7:18 pace.

Mile 3: Seeing that 7:18 pace flash on my Garmin made me want to cry. I was blowing up just like I did on Monday. But despite the constant uphill and slowing pace, I felt fairly strong. I was beyond sick of the hill and prayed for flat road, but I didn’t feel like I was doing that badly. At 2.5 miles exactly we made a turn and the hill ended. I was elated, but when I tried to speed up my legs were tired. I just pushed as hard as I could to the finish line. 7:09 pace.

photo 3 (32)

Finish time: 21:35 – first female overall -- 14 guys passed.

I didn’t look at my watch at all during the third mile, and I’m still kicking myself for it now. My PR s 21:33 and had I known I was so close, I definitely would have pushed harder towards the end. Oh well! I have mixed feelings on the race. On one hand, I feel like I should have held back in the first mile and ran smarter. But on the other hand, I'm not sure it would have mattered given the course profile. Negative splitting doesn’t make sense on every course.

I was really shocked to come in first. Yay for small races! I thought there was another female in front of me the whole time, but I was wrong. As as the first overall female, I won $150! I donated the money back to the library, though, since I was given free entry to the race.

Then the real fun began! It was time for Wyatt’s race! The poor guy had been up since 6:00 a.m. asking when he was going to get to race, and he had to wait until 9:00 a.m.

photo 1 (51)

He did great! I love how much he loves running! He was a little distracted by the Chick-fil-a cow during the race, though – he ran over to the cow halfway through his run and asked the cow to pick him up. Thankfully, he regrouped and finished strong.

photo 3 (33)

My poor little guy started crying afterwards saying he didn’t want his race to be over. I know how you feel, bud. Mommy prefers longer distances, too!

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