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NYCM training: week 11

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Eleven weeks down, five to go!

photo 1 (5)

I can’t believe NYCM is just a little over a month away, but at the same time I feel like I’ve been marathon training forever. I feel like my legs are always tired and a little bit sore, but my runs are still going pretty well. I’m hoping that’s a sign of good training, but it’s likely just good luck. Regardless, I’m happy with the way things are going and hope I can hang on for another five weeks.

Here’s how this week went:

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
6.25mi at 8:39 pace 10x 800m at 6:56 pace – 9mi total 30min spin + 30min TRX OFF 8.75mi at 8:45 pace 16mi at 8:50 pace 1 hour spin

Mileage: 40mi

  • I thought I was doing Yasso 800s on Tuesday. Yasso 800s are 10x 800m at a consistent, “fast” pace. My Yasso pace varied from 6:48-7:00 with an average of 6:56. So, the average length of time for each repeat was 3:28. According to Yasso 800 theory, that time should equal your marathon finish time. More conservative estimates say that Yasso 800 time + 5 minutes is more accurate. So, this would mean I can run a 3:28- 3:33 marathon. HAHAHA. I know this is way too fast for me – and my goal stands at sub- 4:00. Also, I didn’t learn until afterwards that I was doing my Yasso 800s wrong. I thought it was 800m speed, 400m easy run to recover, repeat, but it’s actually 800m speed, 800m jog to recover – oops! So, my run should have been 2.5 miles longer which may have slowed my 800m repeat pace.
  • I didn’t mean to run the day before my long run, but my legs were dead on Thursday so Thursday’s run got moved to Friday. I thought this would mean disaster for my 16 mile progression run but…
  • My 16-miler went great! I kept the first 10 “easy” and ran the last 6 at a comfortably faster pace. Each mile was between 8:15- 8:34. It felt so nice to “just” run 16 miles this week. My goodness, I never thought I’d say that!

I have a half marathon this weekend – my first one since having Hadley. To say I’m nervous would be a huge understatement!

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Get great skin: My experience with Rodan + Fields skin care

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I’ve mentioned before that I have problems with my skin. I grew up on the beach and have spent the last 15 years exercising outdoors several times per week – talk about sun damage! I have sun spots, new freckles, and pigment problems. I’ve also battled acne for the past two decades. I’ve tried tons of over-the-counter products, prescription medications, and even birth control pills to clear it up, but nothing has worked. Now that I’m in my thirties, I’m also dealing with wrinkles. They’ve gotten bad over the past three years, no doubt thanks to sleep deprivation since having my children. I shudder every time I see the lines around my eyes in photos. Yikes.

hadley 7w

I smile when I see 7-week old Hadley though!

So, yeah. Those are my skin problems in a nutshell. Easy fix, right?

A few weeks after I had Hadley, a friend invited me to a Rodan + Fields party to launch her new business as an R+F Independent Consultant. I’d heard of Rodan + Fields before – Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields are the dermatologists behind Proactiv. A few years ago, the doctors decided they wanted to do the same thing for the aging skin care market that they did for the acne skin care market, so they created four different lines of skin care products to target the four most common skin problems that they see in their practice. (You can learn more about the regimens here.)

r f products

I showed up at her party, saw her skin, and viewed some incredible before and after pictures and was sold. I mean at 6 weeks postpartum, I was a pretty easy sell – I wanted to feel better about myself!

And then I saw the price tag. This stuff is not cheap, and it’s honestly a lot more than I typically spend on skin care. But then I learned about Rodan + Fields’ money back guarantee: after 60 days, if you’re not happy with your results, you can send back your empty product containers for a FULL refund, no questions asked. The doctors are that confident that their products work.

So, I purchased the REVERSE regimen plus some other products and tools, and followed the instructions for use. You guys, I’m not exaggerating at all when I say I saw results in a few days. I assumed it must have been my sleep deprived eyes playing tricks on me, though, until my husband said something around the two-week mark. He’s known me for 14 years, and said he’s never seen my skin look so good.


photo 1 (2)r f_3mos_1

Day 1 of using Rodan + Fields vs. Day 60.

I’ve been using REVERSE since June and my skin keeps getting better. My skin tone is more even and vibrant, my sun spots are fading, my acne has improved, and those hideous lines under my eyes are starting to disappear, too. I’m also shocked by how soft my skin feels – it’s almost as soft as my baby’s!

r f_beforephoto 1 (4)

Day 1 vs. 60 – way fewer sun spots and freckles!

I’ve had several friends comment on my skin and I can’t tell you how good that feels. I’ve literally been embarrassed by my skin forever, so it feels amazing to look in the mirror and be pleased with my face. I don’t need BB cream, foundation, or cover-up any more, which is a really nice benefit for someone who hates spending time getting ready in the morning.

I know my before and after pictures don’t look dramatic, but that’s thanks to my poor photography skills, not the products. I’ve only been using REVERSE on my face, and perhaps the changes are more noticeable when you compare my face to my chest, neck, and shoulders – my dark spots and freckles are definitely worse everywhere else.

r f_3mos_2

So, you can guess what happened next I’m sure. A couple weeks ago, I signed on to be a Rodan + Fields Independent Consultant because of my friends’ and family’s interest level. Check out these incredible before and after shots from other consultants on my team:

reverse eye cream_day 1, 10, 30

Results using REDEFINE Multi-function eye cream after 1, 10, and 30 days.

redefine, amp md roller, macro e_2 mosTwo month results using the REDEFINE regimen + Amp MD roller + Macro Exfoliator.

It turns out that I signed on at just the right time – Rodan + Fields just launched a new product that is truly going to change the skin care industry: ACUTE care is a two ingredient product that fills wrinkles overnight – no needle required! Check out these results from just one use – they last, too:

acute care_v


Both results are after ONE application of ACUTE care.

I just ordered ACUTE care for myself and an extra pack so I can give them away as samples. If you’re interested in trying Rodan + Fields and are one of the first 20 people to sign with me to be a preferred customer (you can cancel at any time, and you’ll get a full refund after 60 days if you’re not happy), I’ll send you one treatment of ACUTE care for free. This product is only available to Rodan + Fields consultants right now. It will be available to R+F preferred customers later this year, but the public cannot get their hands on it until 2015.


I feel a little weird being all sales-y with you guys, but I would never sign on to sell something that I didn’t believe in. I wasn’t happy with my skin for so long, and I know there are other people out there who feel the same way, so I figured I’d spread the word.

If you’re interested, please use the Rodan + Fields Solution Tool to find out which R+F regimen is best for your skin. Then shoot me an email at jenilee @ myrandf . com or leave your contact info in the comments and I’ll get in touch with you. I have a lot more that I can say about these wonderful products, but I’d rather answer your questions. We can chat further via email, phone, or Skype. If you have any questions, including ingredients (most are safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding, but always check with your doctor first), please ask away!


NYCM training: week 10

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Ten weeks down, six to go! I feel so close to race day and so far away at the same time.

I’m not going to lie. I was feeling really burnt out and dehydrated at the beginning of this week, and I was rethinking this whole marathon thing. My daughter is going through a growth spurt or something because she’s been nursing extra and sleeping poorly. I’m very fortunate that I respond easily to her needs supply-wise, but OMG do these growth spurts take a toll on you! Who knew making extra milk was so hard on the body?

photo 3 (1)

This week:

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
30min spin + 30min TRX + 3mi at 8:48 8mi w/ 6mi tempo at 7:45 OFF 7mi at 8:55 OFF 20mi at 9:21 60min spin

Mileage: 38mi


  • I felt terrible after my tempo run on Tuesday so I took an unplanned rest day on Wednesday – and still took my scheduled off day on Friday. I also drank Gatorade every day as opposed to just the day before a long run and during the long run. This was so helpful! My 20-miler went well, and I think it’s because I actually listened to my body and rested more. I need to remember to do this in the future.
  • I can’t take all of the credit for my great long run, though. It was only 62 degrees and 95% humidity when I started – a full 15 degrees cooler than the last weekend’s 18-miler. I’m really hoping this Fall weather sticks around!
  • I ran the 20-miler at an even pace the entire run. I have been trying to run the last 4-5 miles of my long runs around 8:30-8:45 pace, but I truly wanted this long run to be LSD. I have one more 20-miler left in training, and I’m going to approach that more like a progression run, which scares me to death. Does anyone have any tips for mentally wrapping their brains around that? I’m already intimidated by the challenge, and it’s three weeks away.

photo 1 (1)

Who else is training for a fall marathon? How many 20+ milers are you doing? I’ve seen a lot of people peaking at 22-24 miles in training, and I bow down to you. I can’t imagine going over 20!

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