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Oh man, I didn’t mean to go all silent on you guys!

I am tired. This whole week I’ve been asking myself why the heck I’m training for a marathon after “just” having a baby. What a crazy woman! But my running has been going really well and I’d be super tired anyway, so why not?

photo 2 (48)

She’s not buying my reasoning.

When we got back home this past weekend, Wyatt decided he wanted to be potty trained. I’ve followed his lead and I’ve been shocked by how well he has done. He’s been showing signs since last Fall but I’ve put it off because I’ve heard horror stories. But I had no reason to be scared. Isn’t that always how things go? The things you fear the most end up being easiest? Though I should probably give all the credit to Olaf for making him anti-diaper. #frozenfever

photo 3 (30)

Since we’ve been laying low this week for potty training, I’ve been working on getting Hadley into a routine. I’m happy to say she’s been napping pretty consistently at 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. I was all proud of myself until I remembered preschool starts next week and we’ll have to drop Wyatt off and pick him up at – you guessed it – 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. #fail

hadley 3mos to NJ

Car naps are the devil. Unless you’re driving to NJ.

Hadley still won’t take a bottle which means I’m getting up at an absurd hour to get my long runs in so I can be home to feed her by 7:30 a.m. Sadly, it’s the end of summer so a good portion of my long runs are in the dark. I’ve never run in the dark before (I’m a huge wimp and think everyone is out to attack me or run me over), but you gotta do what you gotta do.

photo 1 (48)

I just bought a pair of Knuckle Lights so I can see. I’ll do a full review after I’ve been using them for awhile.

Football season is here! WOHOO! I don’t have the highest hopes for my teams this year – Clemson and NY Giants – but I’m still so excited. I’m just so happy that there will finally be football games on TV at all times again! The most wonderful time of the year hands down.

photo 4 (20)

My little cub. This may be my favorite picture of her to date.

Happy Labor Day weekend, all! And good luck to everyone participating in Disneyland half marathon weekend!

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NYCM training: week 6

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I only have 10 weeks until NYCM. That seems so close and so far away at the same time. I’m feeling nervous, but strong. In fact, what I’m most anxious about right now is the pumping scenario before the start and not the actual race. However, a lot can happen in 10 more weeks!

I stayed in NJ for a week longer than originally planned so my workouts were all messed up. Anyway, here’s how they were supposed to look:

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
4mi easy + lifting; 3mi stroller Spin 7x 800m at 7:30 pace Spin; 3mi stroller OFF 15mi Spin


And what really happened:

Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
5mi at 8:32 8x 800m at 6:52 pace (7.5mi) OFF 4.25mi at 8:34 15mi at 9:09 OFF 60min spin


My runs in NJ went really well. And while I’m happy to be home, I’m going to miss running in cooler weather and in beautiful parks so, so much.

photo 1 (47)

Some notes from the week:

  • I skipped my tempo run last week in favor of 800m repeats instead, so I was 1 week ahead in the 800m workouts – hence the extra repeat. Oddly enough, my pace was the exact same as last week when I did 7x 800m. Crazy!
  • I’ve been thinking ahead past NYCM to the runDisney Dopey Challenge in January – 5k on Thursday, 10k on Friday, 1/2 marathon Saturday, and full on Sunday. I think it’s smart to start getting used to running easy the day before my long runs. I’m not sure if I’ll do this every week but it’s been working out well the past couple of weeks.
  • We arrived home after a long (long, long) car ride on Saturday and I was so happy to return to my spin studio, Pushpointe, on Sunday. But, man, am I out of spin shape. I’m eager to have my booty kicked the next couple weeks as I get back into it!

Oh – I totally forgot to mention the Rock & Read 5k giveaway winner! The winner is Kelly. Congrats Kelly! Email me (runnerstrials at gmail) and we’ll get you signed up for the race!

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Month 4 postpartum

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My baby girl is 4 months (+ 1 week) old already!

photo 5 (9)

Happiest baby ever. Thank you, God.

Time is flying. Seriously – the first 4 months of Wyatt’s life felt like the longest 4 months of my life. But the first 4 months of Hadley’s life have definitely been the fastest ever.

At the same time, I almost can’t remember what it feels like to be pregnant, but I know that I hated it. When I was going through infertility, I’d feel (embarrassingly) jealous every time I saw a pregnant woman. Then I got pregnant, and I’d get excited whenever someone announced a pregnancy. Now? I see pregnant women and just feel bad for them. I’m glad to have that stage of my life behind me.

photo 1 (43)

She’s so much more fun on the outside – even when she’s grumpy.


  • Sleep: Well folks, the 4-month sleep regression is real. It started exactly one week before Hadley turned 4 months old. I never noticed it with Wyatt because he had no where to regress to. I just re-read Hadley’s 3-month update and I want to cry. I can’t believe she used to sleep so well. She’s up 2 times most nights now, and is ready to start the day by 6 a.m. However, naps have gotten better. She’ll usually take two 1-hour long naps in her crib each day, and the rest of her naps are on the go. The sleep regression isn’t all bad, though. Now she’s so tired during the day that she actually rests her head on me. She used to be a pretty non-cuddly baby so I’ll take it.

photo 4 (19)

  • Breastfeeding: Is still going really well. Eating is Hadley’s favorite; she is humungous – 17lbs and in size 9 months clothes – and hums whenever she nurses. She’s still not taking a bottle, though, unless she’s dream-fed.
  • Mom of two: Wyatt is taking more of an interest in Hadley, and absolutely loves helping taking care of her. Things have been easier this month but only because I’ve been in NJ with my parents for 2.5 weeks. They were gone the other day, though, and I was alone with the kids and quickly remembered how much more difficult it is caring for two kids on my own. Maybe Hadley will be past her sleep regression by the time we get home this weekend. That would certainly make things easier for mama. #wishfulthinking

photo 3 (29)

Postpartum weight loss:

I weighed myself before we left for NJ and I was at my pre-pregnancy weight!

photo 1 (45)

Ignore my hair – it’s been falling out in chunks and is even more of a disaster than normal.

But I have a feeling I may have put a couple pounds back on since then. Between Hadley’s extra overnight feeding sessions and my longer runs, my appetite has been insatiable – and I’ve been making some unhealthy food choices. This happens every time I’m in NJ because it’s the land of Surf Taco, crumb cake, and fudge. Totally worth it!

photo 2 (45)

I still have a belly and am much wider through my hips. Three pairs of pre-pregnancy shorts fit me, but most other things don’t yet, including most shirts. I wish I could buckle down, do more ab work, and limit my sweets intake to lose my belly but I’m too lazy. I feel like I look pretty similar to how I did at 4 months after having Wyatt, and my belly eventually went back close to normal size after I had him, so I’m just not motivated. Instead, I’ll just cringe and whine every time I try something on that doesn’t fit. I make no sense.

Return to running:

As I’ve mentioned in my NYCM training updates, running is going really well. The only weird thing I’ve been experiencing lately is nipple chafing. It’s been happening on every single run, and it’s not even that humid here. I’ve never had this issue before, so I’m assuming it’s breastfeeding-related? All of my nursing sports bras are new, so I can’t figure it out.

Here are my month 4 running stats:

  • Longest run – 12 miles
  • Fastest run – 7 miles in 7:37 pace (which included 7x 800m at 6:52 pace, hence the fast average)
  • Fastest mile – 7:00 flat during 800m repeats
  • Fastest stroller run – 5 miles at 8:03 pace (with Hadley) <--- I likely won’t beat this until the next time I’m in NJ where it’s flat.

I feel pretty much like I’m back to my old self with running. I’m a little slower than where I was after I had Wyatt, but I think that has more to do with marathon training this time around instead of half marathon training.

Things are good and I love my happy girl so much!

photo 3 (27)