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Charlotte Southpark Turkey Trot 8k 2012 race recap

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After I had Wyatt, I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t worry about my fertility for one year. Which meant I could run as fast as I wanted until his first birthday. He turns one tomorrow (how is this possible?), which meant I had to race a turkey trot this morning.


I’m training for Disney’s Goofy challenge right now - a half marathon on Saturday followed by a full marathon Sunday. I’ve just been focusing on mileage and not pace (my main goal for that race weekend is to finish. My reach goal is to finish and not get injured.) Speedwork hasn’t happened in a couple of months, so even though I was racing this turkey trot, I didn’t have any PR hopes.

Still, I was excited for this race. Some of my friends were running it, too.


Kelly, Cindi, Michelle, and me.

It’s a challenging course, but I ran it a couple years ago (last year I was too busy) and had a great time. Jeff volunteered to push Wyatt so I could go all out.


I think we all forgot how crowded this race is! I heard there were 10,000 runners participating. We didn’t line up very well according to expected paces, and it took a good two minutes to cross the start line after the gun went off.

I broke one of the cardinal rules of racing and dashed in and out of people throughout the first mile. I knew Jeff wouldn’t be able to do the same with the stroller, and I just hoped that my baby wouldn’t be involved in any accidents. The crowds didn’t thin for a couple of miles, but once they did, I fell into a comfortably uncomfortable pace and just tried to hold it. I felt pretty strong the whole race and had a smile on my face the entire time. Instead of sprinting at the finish, I slowed down to enjoy the moment. A year ago today I was in labor and now I was (somewhat) easily PRing in a race. The human body is truly amazing.

I forgot to turn off my Garmin when I crossed the finish line, and ended up running an extra .10 (the course was either short or I cut a corner) to make it an even 5 miles. 35:50 (7:10 pace) was my time a PR by 49 seconds (official results say 34:55).


I ran back and found Jeff and Wyatt on the course. They finished a couple minutes after me, and Wyatt didn’t make a peep the whole time. A successful race for the whole family, and an excellent way to kickoff the holiday. I think we may make this a tradition. Someone has his eye on the tot trot next year!


I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! <;3

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