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National Running Day 2012

Today is National Running Day!


This holiday falls on the first Wednesday in June every year. I first heard about National Running Day two years ago… a few hours after I took a spin class. Then last year, I didn’t realize it was National Running Day until after I declared the day a rest day (and you don't mess with rest days during pregnancy). So, I’ve had today marked on the calendar for awhile now. There was no way I was missing celebrating it for a third year in a row!

The Running Day folks suggest 10 ways to celebrate National Running Day (source):

1. Declare your passion. Share why you run:


Seriously. Running is a privilege!

2. Bring runway to work. Since I’m a full-time SAHM/ part-time medical writer, it wouldn’t really be out of the ordinary for me to wear my running shoes to “work”...

3. Morph your friends into running friends. Many of my friends already are runners. Yay!

4. Change Happy Hour into Running Hour. I can’t tell you the last time I indulged in a traditional happy hour. Though my little co-worker and I usually take a walk around 5:00 pm. Weather pending, we will run our usual two mile loop instead of walking it today.

5. Strike new ground. This one isn’t happening. Unfortunately there is no new ground by my house and convenience trumps spicing up my old running route right now.

6. Give the gift of happy feet. Since I couldn’t volunteer this season, I made a donation to my local Girls on the Run chapter. I’m hoping I can coach again in the fall. Has anyone successfully coached GOTR with an infant in tow?

7. Make running run in the family. See number #4. I am hoping someone becomes a runner someday.


He’s excited.

(In all seriousness, I don't care if he becomes a runner. I just hope he enjoys be active some way.)

8. Choose a running resolution. Sign up for a race? Don’t mind if I do! Wyatt and I will be running our first race together on July 4! Cannot wait.

9. Take advantage of the great outdoors. 5 wet miles at 7:45 pace (with 2x 1600 at 7:04 pace) done first thing this morning.

10. Treat yourself like a champion. I really don’t need an extra reason to indulge in dessert, but I’ll take it!

To all my runner friends, happy National Running Day! To my friends who want to become runners, there’s no time like the present to get started. It doesn’t matter if you run ten steps or ten miles, you’re still a runner.

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  1. Happy National Running Day! I was going to go to the gym at work tonight, but forgot my stuff, so maybe it’s a sign that I’m supposed to run tonight instead ;) I might do that 4th of July race with you!

  2. you succeeded in #3, you morphed me into a runner!

  3. That is such a cute picture of W!

    I didn’t know about running day until this morning when Twitter told me. I went running last night and don’t have the time today to go :-(

    Enjoy your race with W! It is fun to bring baby to the races.

  4. I am pretty sure your son will be athletic, I mean his parents are pretty badass :)

  5. I assistant coached GOTR with my daughter in tow! Granted, she was nearly 5 years old, but the GOTR girls LOVED having her there. She became a bit of a mascot for them. I’d bet Wyatt would enjoy “running” with the girls in his stroller! I’d start out assistant coaching, or if you’re not sure it’s going to work, maybe volunteer to be a running buddy for a team. We always had extra people (moms, dads, aunts, etc.) who would come out and run with the girls during practices. You don’t have to give it up completely!

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