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New mom tips and tricks

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What’s more annoying to a new mom than unsolicited advice? Not much!


Alas, I’m about to be a hypocrite. There’s a bunch of stuff that I didn’t know before having Wyatt, but wish I did know. Such as:

  • Point the penis down after a diaper change. If it’s pointed up or to the side, guess what happens?
  • Put a bib on baby during diaper or outfit changes. Wyatt would always spit up when he was placed on his back and this prevented additional outfit changes.


  • Keep fresh burp cloths (or wash clothes, dish rags, towels, old t-shirts, or blankets) all over your house, car, stroller, diaper bag, and body. Your baby will cover you and himself with vomit the minute you don’t have a burp cloth near.
  • Stock disposable grocery bags in your car, stroller, and diaper bag, too. You won’t always be near a trash can when baby gets a dirty diaper.
  • Carry wipes everywhere. Obviously, you’ll need them to change baby. But they also clean dirty hands, tables and high chairs in restaurants, and public changing tables.
  • Put the vitamin D directly on to your boob. Much easier than trying to squirt one tiny drop into baby’s mouth.
  • If your newborn wakes up with clear gel all over his eyelashes, don’t freak out. It’s likely just a blocked tear duct. Call your doctor to make sure he doesn’t have pink eye or something else, though. Then squirt breast milk in your baby’s eye. It sounds weird, but it clears it up!
  • It’s OK to let your baby sleep on you. Everyone knows they should put their baby down for naps and bedtime. But don’t always put your baby down. 1) They’re only this tiny for such a short time and soon you’ll miss having a cuddly baby snuggle up to you. 2) You’re going to be in situations- at friends’ houses, on a plane- where your baby’s only option is to sleep on you. I still let Wyatt nap on me a couple of times per week.


  • Use the television as a tool. We all know babies shouldn’t watch TV. Still, those bright colors mesmerize infants. Trimming Wyatt’s nails is hands down my least favorite mommy activity because he never stays still… unless he’s captivated by the television.
  • Buy breast pump wipes. They’re pricey, but so worth it if your only other alternative is cleaning your pump in an airport or restaurant bathroom.
  • Take your baby’s socks off before he goes to sleep. He’ll eventually put his feet in his mouth constantly. The socks will come off, and he could choke.


  • Don’t nurse sitting up in bed. I did this for the first 9 weeks because I didn’t want to leave our bedroom in the middle of the night to feed Wyatt. It killed my back. I blamed my back pain on holding baby, but my chiropractor husband kept telling me it was from nursing in bed. I’m glad I only ignored him for 2 months.
  • Do push-ups, dips, and other upper body strengthening exercises. The infant car seat is heavy. Heck, the baby gets heavy. I’m a lot less sore now that I lift regularly.
  • Family restrooms are great inventions. So are the feeding rooms in Buy Buy Baby.
  • Join Amazon Moms and subscribe & save on diapers and wipes. You save money and get free 2-day shipping.
  • Babies chafe, too. Wyatt always wears shorts in the carseat or stroller now. When he wore just a onesie, sometimes the straps would chafe his chubby thighs.


This info may be common sense for a lot of you, but it certainly wasn’t for me. Please chime in with your tips, too!


The PR diet

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I had it rough when I was NJ last week. One day, my mom treated me to an afternoon of spa treatments. Tough, tough life. ;)

During my sports massage, the massage therapist talked to me about running. She asked if I was one of those runners who cared about PRs (I am! But I bet you guys already knew that). Then she asked if I was vegan (I'm not).


Proof. Buffalo chicken as part of last night's dinner.

She then told me about her sister who runs marathons. Her sister always follows a vegan diet during marathon training cycles, but eats whatever she wants the rest of the year. Her sister claims that she runs better when she eats a plant-based diet. She's not the only athlete with this theory (see: Scott Jurek and Brendan Brazier).

I told the massage therapist that was great that her sister found a diet that helps her meet her goals. But I also mentioned that I didn't plan on going vegan anytime soon.

Why not? For one, I'm someone else's main food source right now. I have enough foods on my "off limits" list due to my pickiness, so I don't want to further restrict my options.


The other reason is that I think I've already found my PR diet. For me, it's not so much what I eat, but how much I eat. Granted I eat a relatively healthy, well-balanced diet so it's not like I'm eating baked goods all day long (though some days that's tempting). And it's no secret that having good nutrition positively impacts athletic performance.

I've been distance running long enough to notice some patterns. Whenever I've intentionally or unintentionally limited my caloric intake, my runs have sucked. The more I eat, the stronger I feel. I listen to my body, eat when I'm hungry, eat what I crave, and stop when I'm full. Super simple. The day before a race I make a conscious effort to eat more often and more food than usual. I know this approach weighs some people down, but there's no doubt it works for me.


One day it would be pretty cool, though, to try out different diets and see how it impacts my running. Has anyone ever tried this?

I've already learned during one marathon training session that I can't eat dairy. I felt- and ran- a lot better once I eliminated it from my diet. Maybe the next thing I cut out should be sugar… I see that lasting really long!

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Today my husband and I celebrate five years of wedded bliss.



I love looking through our wedding pictures each anniversary. This is the first year, though, that I thought we looked so young in them!



Yikes. Obviously aging beats the alternative!



I couldn’t imagine going through this madness with anyone else by my side. Happy anniversary to my more patient, understanding, and kinder half!



I can’t wait to see what the next five years bring!