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All moms make sacrifices

Posted by runnerstrials

Wyatt started solids a couple of weeks ago!


The first two times, he had no problem eating his rice cereal. But the next few days, he refused to even open his mouth for the grain. I suspected he didn't care for rice cereal (can you blame him?) so we decided to move to sweet potatoes. And what do you know? He cannot get enough of them!


I called his pediatrician before we stopped the rice cereal, though. I wasn't sure if there was a medical reason he needed to start with cereal or not. The nurse asked if he was exclusively breast-fed (EBF). Minus the formula he needed on his third day of life, reflux meds for 4 months, and an ounce of apple juice he needed after 10 days of constipation (yeah…), he has been EBF.

I told the nurse this and she said, "wow, I hope he appreciates the sacrifices you made for him one day!" (For the record, she asked if he was EBF because EBF babies need more iron after 6 months, hence why iron-fortified rice cereal is often recommended.)

The nurse's comment kind of shocked me. One, because she's a nurse. Two because, well, breast-feeding has luckily been really easy for Wyatt and I. The first two weeks he had trouble latching on and staying awake enough to eat, but since then it's been wonderful. I never had any pain, I have a good supply, pumping isn't that bad, he enjoys eating, and it comforts him. I actually think moms who use formula make way more sacrifices when compared to me. I don't have to buy, mix, heat up formula or clean bottles (unless we chose to give him a pumped bottle). I just stick my boob in his mouth and that's that.


But the real reason the nurse's comment irked me was because it's just another example of moms being pinned against one another. Everyone has (strong) opinions of what's the best way to parent.

I am so, so sick of hearing that "breast is best". That working moms are the only ones who have it tough. That those who let their babies cry it out are cruel. That moms who use Baby Led Weaning are "asking" for their child to choke. That parents who co-sleep love their babies more. I can go on and on, and I'm sure every mother out there has heard these comments and so many more.

Can we just stop with the arguing and black and white thinking? All moms make sacrifices and no one has it easy. We're each doing the best we can. There isn't one right way to parent; there are millions of right ways. It takes a village to raise a child, and it would probably benefit that child if the villagers were a little kinder to one another and more open-minded. <3