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Snapping out of it

Posted by runnerstrials

I've been in a huge funk the past couple of weeks. I just feel numb to everything. This is no surprise given that the baby was sick, a loved one passed away, and I'm dealing with an injury.

Still, even if my low mood is warranted, I'm just ready to snap out of it. So, I'm taking the following actions:

1. Unplugging. After being sick for a week, Wyatt is finally better. Since turning 5 months, he's been in a somewhat better mood. I cannot tell you how much joy this brings me. What doesn't make me happy is working all weekend and missing out on family time with Wyatt and Jeff (and Nati, too!). I'm making a huge effort to only do freelance work on the weekdays and completely unplug on the weekends.


2. Making travel plans. It's no secret that I hate living far away from my family and friends. I used to go up to NJ every month or so (thanks in part to a former job that was based up there), but since having Wyatt I've only been "home" once. After recent events, I feel it is even more urgent to spend as much time with my family as possible. This means I need to suck it up and take the cranky one on a plane a couple times this summer. Sorry fellow passengers.

3. Signing up for races. This may seem counterintuitive to do while you're injured. But since my knee issue isn't that bad, I figured signing up for a race that's so far off wouldn't be too foolish. Even if that race has me running 39.3 miles over the course of ~30 hours. No, not Goofy at all…


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