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Best body bootcamp: Week 7

Guess who actually did all of Best Body Bootcamp this week? That's right: this girl.

I'm very happy that I finally got back into bootcamp. Though it was a pretty sub-par week as far as cardio workouts go, particularly running. Last Saturday's race left me with an angry left hamstring, presumably from the camber in the road. I didn't want soreness to turn into an injury so I backed off. Then, I got sick. I'm all for working out through a cold if you feel up to it, but I really didn't feel up to doing much. So, I took it easy and got some extra rest.


My week in workouts:

  • M: OFF
  • Tu: 4mi at 8:21
  • W: BBB workout A (only did 2 of 3 sets because my hamstring hurt)
  • Th: 4mi at 8:01, BBB workout B
  • F: 30min bike trainer
  • S: 25min bike trainer, BBB workout C
  • S: 5mi at 7:44 <--- no hamstring pain, wohoo!

Other goals:

  • I walked Nati (+ Wyatt!) 7 of 7 days this week.

photo(38) This is a FIVE month old sitting in the stroller the big boy way. Sniff.

  • Re: giving up desserts for the whole week: I made it to day 5 before giving in. Days 1 and 2 were definitely the hardest, and I only reached for sweets on Friday because I wanted to drown my emotions in sugar. My family is going through something heartbreaking right now and I'm sad I can't be with them yet. I haven't handled it too well, so I reached for a brownie to feel better. Of course, it didn't make me feel better and it didn't even taste that good because of my cold. I'm still proud of myself, though. One dessert in 7 days is likely a record low for me. Sad, but true. I almost want to say I'm not craving sugar as much anymore since this little experiment. This week, I'm just going to try to limit my sweets intake. I doubt I'll be able to go dessert-free since I'll be headed out of town soon to a place where more brownies to use as coping mechanisms will be available. And, I know I'll have to test them out!
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  1. Sorry you are going through some sad family times right now. :( Why is it so easy to turn to food for our comfort? For me I think the feeling reverts back to childhood and the comforting food/desserts my mom used to make. Hang in there!

    On a side note: I seriously applaud your efforts to avoid sweets for 5 days. I can’t get past 1, so I made a bet with myself. I can have one sweet item but it has to either be some kind of fresh fruit, a date, or cocoa made with only almond milk and cocoa powder. At least this way it is all natural or an antioxidant. ;)

  2. I’m also going on a sweets fast. I seriously have no self control once I start and I’ve been awful lately! Good luck to you!

  3. Thinking of you and sending big hugs your way. XOXO

  4. Hope everything goes well with ur family . Regarding your sweet tooth, did you ever try eating dates? They count as fruits, are super sweet and super healthy.

  5. Sorry to hear you’re going through bad stuff.

    I quit sugar in October and, while I still have rough patches, by and large, I am MUCH happier off sugar than on!

  6. aaahhh love. I hope Wyatt loves his sunglasses from auntie Heather. You did so well with the desserts, no way I could have made it!

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