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Race registration regrets

Posted by runnerstrials

I've raced many times on back-to-back weekends. When I heard the Charlotte Racefest half marathon was happening the weekend after the Clemson half I was training for, I didn't think twice about registering. Two half marathons in 8 days?! What's not to love about that?



You know where this is going…

I've felt pretty horrible on each of my (short, easy) recovery runs this week. I've taken walk breaks on every run, and watched the miles slowly tick by. I've had zero desire to run first thing in the morning like I usually do, so I've been putting off running until later in the day and dragging my reluctant little passenger along with me.


I ran my heart out in my half last weekend. So, maybe I should not be surprised that my legs aren't recovered yet. But I'm not even sure if it's just a matter of not being recovered.

We've had a rough week over here. Constant crying by both baby and mom.



Carrying a 16 lb. screaming baby around all day while trying to calm him is both physically and emotionally draining. Racing for 13.1 miles on Saturday doesn't sound that appealing when all I want to do is sleep.

Clearly, I'm having some race registration regrets. This is a 180 from my pre-race emotions last week, and I didn't expect to feel this way.

I'm definitely going to run on Saturday, though. I'm already registered and I'm not injured, so I see no reason to DNS. And I have a feeling that as soon as I get out on the course, I'll have fun.


I've decided these are my options:

  1. Race as planned. Pro: I may surprise myself and do well. Con: I have no grand delusions of PRing, but I know I'll be disappointed if I try my best and don't finish within a few minutes of last week's time. Stupid perfectionist personality trait.
  2. Race "for fun" and leave my Garmin behind. Pro: One of my favorite race experiences to date was the Disney 1/2 marathon in 2010. It was sleeting so I took it slow to prevent slipping and getting hurt. I finished more than 10 minutes slower than my PR, but I wore a smile the entire race. Proving I don't always have to "race" to have fun. Con: But who am I kidding? Running as hard as I can is fun! Besides, when I don't wear my Garmin, I tend to run way too fast and blow up.
  3. Drop down to the 10k. Pro: I can race for only 6.2 miles. A 10k sounds a bit more manageable right now than a 1/2 marathon. Con: I called the race people and the man I spoke with said you can "request" to drop down from the 1/2 to 10k at packet pick-up, so I'm not really sure if that means it's an option or not. Plus, this is pretty much the last 1/2 marathon around here until Fall, and I can see myself regretting not racing it.

I'm not sure what to do. I'd appreciate your suggestions, as always! :)