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Best Body Bootcamp: Week 5

I feel kind of silly posting my Best Body Bootcamp recap this week. As I mentioned last week, I planned to take it easy this week so my legs would be as fresh as possible for my half marathon this past Saturday. After hearing your tips, I decided not to lift after Tuesday.

Truth be told, I really missed strength training and felt kind of lazy all week. Though, I guess that's how taper weeks are supposed to feel. I'm really enjoying lifting lately and have plans to keep it up after bootcamp ends. I'll likely go back and do some of these fun workouts I missed.

This week I'll be taking it easy again because I'm running another half marathon this coming Saturday. I'm definitely bummed that I won't be doing much of bootcamp. But since this strategy paid off in my race this week, I don't want to mess with it.


Here's my weekly recap:

  • M: 4mi at 7:44 (including 2x 1600m at 7:08), BBB workout A
  • Tu: 3.1 mi w/ jogging stroller at 8:48, BBB workout B
  • W: OFF
  • Th: 4mi at 8:38
  • F: OFF
  • S: Half marathon in 1:42:19
  • S: 30 min lake swim <--- First time swimming since the day before I went into labor! (Note: Pregnant friends, it's not the wisest idea to wear your regular running clothes, pajamas, and swimsuits throughout pregnancy because you want to save money by not buying many maternity clothes. One day, you won't be pregnant anymore and these items will be all stretched out or have holes in them. Trust me.)


Other goals:

  • Wyatt and I took a walk 6 of 7 days this week. Nati is home now, so he'll be joining us on our long afternoon walks from here on out.
  • I failed fantastically in the sweets department and fell short of my goal. The evil people at Rite Aid put the Reese's Pieces eggs on sale before Easter. So, of course, I had to buy and indulge in way too many. I was carbo-loading after all. Ugh. I have no self-control around sugar. None.
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  1. Ah! Those PB eggs are so my downfall, too. I get the mini ones . . . and I can’t stop popping them into my mouth. It’s like insanity. Looks like a great taper week, though. We’re going to take a walk with Ada today in the jogger. Weird thing: I timed walking/running with her for the first time a couple days ago. I walked a 13:20 mile. Twice. WHAT?! Maybe I missed my calling to be a power-walker.

  2. You had a KILLER week last week! We have to adjust for our goals from time to time and it without a doubt paid off. Congrats, since I’m just now catching up! So happy for ya!

    And yea – I learned the same maternity clothes lesson before. Haha!

  3. Nice job on getting in all those workouts last week! You’re rocking it!
    I have a weak spot for Easter peeps and totally would have bought them if they were on sale. I’ve been debating in my head if I should go out today and stock up on them! I love eating them frozen, so good! :)

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