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Best Body Bootcamp: Week 4

Another week of Best Body Bootcamp down. We're actually halfway through already!

I need to fess up: I've been a bootcamp bum. I missed an ab workout, didn't always do as many sets or reps as I should have, and dropped my weight down a bit. I know. What's the point of committing to a program like this if you're just going to slack off?

I simply bit off more than I could chew. My half marathons (next weekend and the weekend after) are my top priorities. It's my first chance to race all out in 17 months, and I am so excited! Being sore from bootcamp makes me feel hardcore when I'm just walking around during the day. But when my legs are tired on my easy runs, that makes me nervous.


So, I'm intentionally not doing bootcamp all out for the next couple weeks. It's a shame because these workouts are awesome. Seriously, Tina is so good at what she does. If she wasn't, then I'd have no problem training + doing my bootcamp exercises as directed. Luckily, I heard a rumor that Best Body Bootcamp 2.0 may happen later this year. Can't wait!

Here's my week in workouts:

  • M: OFF
  • Tu: 6mi at 7:42 (4mi at tempo 7:31), BBB workout A
  • W: 4mi stroller run at 8:38
  • Th: 5mi at 7:57, BBB workout B
  • F: OFF
  • S: 12mi long run at 8:15
  • S: 20 min bike trainer, BBB workout C, abs


Other goals:

  • Since Nati is on vacation, I tweaked this goal to be: take Wyatt for a walk every day. When Nati isn't around, I'm not one to go on walks for the heck of it. But Wyatt needs fresh air and it's likely only a matter of weeks before the outside temps get too unbearable for my little guy. I'm proud to say we met this goal 5/7 days.
  • I also met my one-sweet-a-day goal again 5/7 days this week! Per Amanda's suggestion, I've been having a smoothie each day to trick myself into thinking I'm consuming a dessert. It's actually working!

Some help!

For all you experienced runners + lifters, my race is on Saturday. We're supposed to strength train 4 days this week, though my goal is 2-3 days. When is the last day I can lift lower body and not have it impact my race performance? Thanks for your help! :)

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  1. Actually, I am a strength training JUNKIE, who has set it aside a little bit to train for a marathon (my first!). Here is what I have learned about training legs. Lighter weights, higher reps. I used to lift heavy but for 10 reps max. I find that continuing to train them is a good plan, because the stronger the legs are, the faster you’ll run, but it is a struggle finding the balance for sure!

  2. I typically don’t lift at all the week before a big race. I focus on tapering properly, recovering, and devoting my mental and physical energy to my runs. Even if it doesn’t make a huge difference, knowing my legs aren’t fatigued from lifting gives me a confidence boost on race day. But if it’s just a fun run, I’ll lift on, say, Wednesday, and feel OK by race day. I think it’s all just personal preference though.

  3. I typically do not do lower body strength training when I’m training for a half or a full marathon. I just end up getting frustrated because I will have a bad training run because my legs are so sore. I would say if you just wanted to do lower body this week then I wouldn’t do it any after Tuesday so your legs have plenty of time to recover. I think if you are already nervous about it affecting your run then you shouldn’t do it. Since this is your first race in quite some time you want to be nothing but confident! You will do great :)

  4. Yay! So glad the smoothie trick is working. You’re probably giving yourself the extra nutrients your body was craving. Nice job noticing the need to back down a bit on training…you are going to rock those half marathons!

  5. My first Tri is in two weeks, so I’m having to modify the strength plan as well. Tina suggested just doing the circuit workouts that are lower weights to begin with. Maybe you could just do the leg workouts on Monday or Tuesday and then on Wednesday, just focus on the arm moves?

  6. I agree with Whitney. I will not do any lifting after Tuesday before a race on the weekend. Hell, for that matter, i don’t run after Tuesday either. I will opt for walking or biking to keep limber.

  7. I wouldn’t call myself experienced in that combo but I haven’t been lifting past Wednesday on race weeks!

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