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Best Body Bootcamp: Week 3

Yikes. Week 3 of Best Body Bootcamp was tough. This was a cut back week for me mileage-wise. But it was not a step back week in any other way. My thighs burned half the week.

I blame these suckers:


Crossover lunges. Ouch. Jeff is even going to start doing them because he couldn’t believe how sore I was.

Thanks to Tina for another great week of bootcamp! Here’s my week in workouts:

  • M: BBB workout A, abs
  • Tu: 5mi run at 7:45
  • W: 4mi run at 8:03
  • Th: BBB workout B, 45 min spin class at Flywheel
  • F: OFF
  • S: 7mi run at 7:56, 12mi outdoor bike ride
  • S: 4mi run at 8:21, BBB workout C, abs


New Brooks Adrenalines! Best shoes ever. My 30-somethingth pair.

Other goals:

  • I walked Nati each day again this week. This will be my last week walking Nati for awhile, though, so I need a new goal. He’s been sent to camp at my inlaws’ because a screechy baby + dog with no patience = a very nervous mommy. Hopefully after two weeks on the lake, Nati comes home refreshed and in a better mood.
  • I met my sweets goal! Shocking. For bootcamp, a goal is considered met as long as we do it 5 days of the week. I somehow found self-control and only had one dessert Monday- Friday. But I intentionally overindulged this weekend. It was my birthday after all. ;)

Someone makes me chocolate covered strawberries for my bday each year. I'm a lucky girl!

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  1. Yay! Did the smoothies help at all w/ the sugar thing?

  2. Way to go lady! Totally agree about the cross-over lunges … my butt hurt for days! Haha. I also wear Adrenalines and LOVE them.

  3. Crossover lunges sound brutal! I may have to give those a try. Chocolate covered strawberries are so good. What a nice birthday treat!

  4. Hey, that is so awesome! The crossover lunges are killers aren’t they?

    I never had luck with the Brooks Adrenalines…they killed my feet! I’m an Asics Gel Nimbus girl right now! Loving that they feel so good on my feet!

    Good luck this week! How many weeks total is the program?

  5. i hope nati has a good vacation :)

    p.s. you look GREAT, lady!

  6. Great job this week! Those crossover lunges are killer; in fact, all of workout A is killer. My legs were jello-y for days! Hope you had a nice birthday weekend.

  7. You’re running some speedy paces, way to go! I’m inspired by all of you doing the boot camp to try to get more weights in… I can really slack with no one forcing me to do it!

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