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Best Body Bootcamp: Week 3

Posted by runnerstrials

Yikes. Week 3 of Best Body Bootcamp was tough. This was a cut back week for me mileage-wise. But it was not a step back week in any other way. My thighs burned half the week.

I blame these suckers:


Crossover lunges. Ouch. Jeff is even going to start doing them because he couldn’t believe how sore I was.

Thanks to Tina for another great week of bootcamp! Here’s my week in workouts:

  • M: BBB workout A, abs
  • Tu: 5mi run at 7:45
  • W: 4mi run at 8:03
  • Th: BBB workout B, 45 min spin class at Flywheel
  • F: OFF
  • S: 7mi run at 7:56, 12mi outdoor bike ride
  • S: 4mi run at 8:21, BBB workout C, abs


New Brooks Adrenalines! Best shoes ever. My 30-somethingth pair.

Other goals:

  • I walked Nati each day again this week. This will be my last week walking Nati for awhile, though, so I need a new goal. He’s been sent to camp at my inlaws’ because a screechy baby + dog with no patience = a very nervous mommy. Hopefully after two weeks on the lake, Nati comes home refreshed and in a better mood.
  • I met my sweets goal! Shocking. For bootcamp, a goal is considered met as long as we do it 5 days of the week. I somehow found self-control and only had one dessert Monday- Friday. But I intentionally overindulged this weekend. It was my birthday after all. ;)

Someone makes me chocolate covered strawberries for my bday each year. I'm a lucky girl!