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Today, I turned 30!


It feels weird to say good-bye to my twenties. It's crazy to think I'll never experience as much change in one decade again.

Case in point: On my twentieth birthday, my boyfriend took me out to dinner. I imagine we discussed how we'd drink til we puked that weekend, debated crew team drama, whined how there were 6 looooong weeks until summer break, and talked about adopting a puppy.

On my thirtieth birthday, my husband took me to lunch (dinners out are temporarily on hold until someone stops being a crankopotomus at night). We discussed how many times we think we'd get puked on this weekend, debated long-term disability insurance policy options, whined about how time with our son was going too fast, and talked about how grouchy our senior dog has become.

At least my dining partner stayed the same. ;)

I know my thirties won't bring as much change, but I'm pumped for this decade. I'll get to watch my baby and his (God willing) future sibling(s) grow into little people. Nothing excites me more than that.


But I'll be honest: turning 30 is somewhat scary. Not because I suddenly feel old and recognize my need for wrinkle cream (that ship has long sailed). 

Nope, being 30 is intimidating for one reason: I'm now in the fastest age group.


Bring it on. :)

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