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Future race goals

Last year when I was pregnant, one of the first things I did after I made it through the "safety" of the first trimester was head to I could not wait to really race again, so I got out my calendar, made my 2012 tentative race list, and noted my goals for each race.

The list was ambitious: PR in a half marathon, PR in a full marathon, complete a half Ironman etc. I wanted to do all of this by Wyatt's first birthday, November 23 (according to my doctor, my endometriosis may start growing back one year after childbirth. She encouraged us not to wait too much longer after Wyatt turns one before we start trying for baby #2. Since trying to get pregnant and running hard seem to be mutually exclusive for me, I'll stop racing when we're ready for the next baby).

Now that I'm 3 months into motherhood, I realize how ridiculous this list was. I could still train for these goals and maybe I'd meet them. I mean, running is slowly but surely coming back.


Yesterday, I ran my first double digit run in over a year. Not bad.

But I see attempting to accomplish these goals by an arbitrary date bringing me nothing but disappointment and possibly injury. Trying to do all of that within one year post-pregnancy isn't exactly SMART. Besides, training for a full marathon and half Ironman at the same time would take too much time away from a certain someone.


Instead, I've made a list of all the race goals I want to accomplish eventually. I have a general idea of when I'd like to meet these goals, but there is no pressure of an unrealistic, self-inflicted deadline.

5k goal: Actually race a 5k. The only 5ks I've "raced" were during pregnancy or part of a triathlon.

When: This year! Why not?

Half marathon goals: PR (current PR is 1:43:12) and break 1:40.

When: I may be able to PR by this Fall. Breaking 1:40 probably won't happen for awhile though.

Marathon goals: PR (current PR is 4:17:12), break 4 hours, and BQ.

When: I'm in the lottery for the NYC marathon this year (for the third year in a row). I may be able to PR in that race, but breaking 4 hours is another story. I plan to BQ in the year 2052, when I'm 70. Hopefully, I can knock out a 5 hour marathon by then. I seriously don't see myself BQing much earlier than that, if ever!

Triathlon goals: Complete a half Ironman and full Ironman.

When: If I'm going to do a half Ironman, I want to do it well. I doubt I'll have time for that kind of training until my kid(s) are in school. As for the full Ironman, I'd just like to complete that distance without dying. I'll probably only be crazy enough to sign up for a full Ironman when I'm having a mid-life crisis.

Other race goals: Complete the Disney Goofy race (1/2 marathon on Saturday, followed by a full marathon on Sunday) and beat Jeff in a race.

When: A good friend and I are running Goofy in January 2013. This race will purely be for fun though. A last hurrah before I give up racing to prep for the next baby. Beating Jeff may happen in as few as 5 weeks from now in a half marathon. I've only beat him in one race before (a 10k in '04), but I am determined to do it again!


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  1. Those sounds like great goals! Way to not put too much pressure on yourself!

  2. Oooh I’m thinking about doing Disney 2013 before trying for our next baby too! Maybe we will finally meet then! :)

  3. Sounds like you have a realistic outlook on everything :)

  4. I’m glad you took the pressure off yourself!

    BY FAR the hardest adjustment is from zero to 1 baby – easier than 1 to 2 and even 2 to 3. And I LOVE dreaming big but being with my little people is just way more important to me than PR’s – so if and when there is a choice that has to be made – little people win out.

    On another note – GIRL BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. You can and WILL BQ long before you are that old. You are a rockstar runner :)

  5. Oh goodness it looks like my chances are verrrrry slim getting into NY this year! First time I’ve entered!

    More than anything I hope you beat your husband in a race soon……..I am the same way with mine! haha :)

  6. i think you are underestimating your marathon abilities — or maybe we’re just very different runners :) (i DREAM of your half time!!). anyway totally understand the need to plan. i’m much less ambitious but i would LOVE to do a half this november (~7 months post baby?) that’s right in our neighborhood. still, it’s a difficult balance because i really would love to try to maintain my fertility, too. hopefully we’ll both be able to strike a balance – or our bodies will have figured something out post-childbirth!

  7. Great, realistic goals! We’d make good running buddies pace-wise, too bad you’re not nearby. :) I want to pr in those distances too but we’re starting to think about baby #2 so I know what you mean about running some of those in 2052… !

  8. yay for goofy!!! I can’t wait. :) I hope you are able to come visit in the fall and we can race, then. If we did Jazz you could TOTALLy PR on that flat course! There is another flat one in earlier october (gulf coast half marathon mandeville) you could come for that, instead.

  9. Those are great goals. I appreciate your realism in listing them. It’s tempting to throw 110% of yourself back into training, I agree, but much more fun to put 150% of yourself into being a great momma. Good luck this season, however it unfolds for you!

  10. 10 miles?! That’s awesome, good for you! It’s coming back! I’m in the NYC marathon too, I hope hope hope we both get in!

  11. Congratulations to the double digit! It’s great to hear that you are back to fitness. It is always good to take one step at a time until the body recovers. Good luck to your future race goals.

  12. Ack. At 3 month pp, being able to run 10 blocks non-stop made me happy. 10 miles?! You’re doing awesome. My daughter just turned 3, and I still feel like a failure reading about people like you :P

    The half marathon seems to be the sweet spot. You’re running far enough to feel accomplished, but it doesn’t take over your life. If you’re knocking out 10 milers at that pace, breaking 1:40 this year should be a piece of cake.

    I’m kinda new to your blog, and just realized you’re a transplanted Jersey girl too. I like you even more now, lol.

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