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A new challenge

Posted by runnerstrials

A comment Lizzy left on my last post got me thinking. My wonderful, pregnant friend said, "...My goals for after my baby are to get faster in shorter distances- things I’ll have time to train for!"

Hmm. Maybe I should adjust my goals instead of striving to be like my pre-pregnant self.

The problem is, I don't particularly love distances shorter than half marathons, and I certainly am not quite ready to train for a full marathon yet. I thought by now I'd be back into triathlon training, but the thought of jumping in a cold pool or biking on the road does not excite me in the least right now. And while I love and miss yoga, the price tag of attending classes regularly is too much for our budget at this point. Excuses, excuses.

I wanted a new goal. Something else I could focus on instead of running. But what?

Enter the awesome Tina. Tina is one of my biggest fitness and mommy inspirations. And it just so happened she was launching an 8 week Best Body Bootcamp this coming Monday. The timing could not be more ideal for me!



I'm one of those people who loves the idea of strength training, but has never been able to stick with a resistance training routine. I mean, why lift weights when there's beautiful treadmills calling my name just a few feet away? But I love what strength training does for my body, and I'm looking to tone up.  I know "just" running won't do this for me, so I'm hoping somewhat regular lifting will help banish the baby bulge a bit.

What Tina has to offer is guidance, support, accountability, and fun! Check out the details of her Best Body Bootcamp. Registration is still open through this weekend and you don't have to be a blogger to participate!

I'm beyond excited for this new challenge. I feel a bit foolish for adding more to-do's to my already overwhelming schedule, so I'm just going to do this program as best as I can. I only plan to follow the strength training workouts and do half marathon training in place of the cardio workouts.

Since we all know I'm competitive with myself, here I am now for comparison's sake:


I'll take pictures again in 8 more weeks. I'm only going to measure my progress by pictures and how well I fit into the same pair of jeans.

Who else is participating in Tina's Best Body Boot Camp? I'm so excited! :)