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Adventures with the jogging stroller

Now that Wyatt has been sleeping better for 2 weeks (!), I hoped to get into a regular morning workout routine.

But his schedule is still pretty unpredictable. He wakes up somewhere between 6- 8am, which makes it tough to run first thing in the morning. I could pump and have Jeff feed him, but I'm honestly just too lazy. Since I'm a germophobe and it's flu season, I'm not ready to leave Wyatt in the gym childcare. So, I've started running with our jogging stroller, the BOB Revolution SE.


I'll admit, I never thought I'd be one of those moms who enjoyed running with the stroller. Running has always been my "me" time, and I assumed running with the baby would take away from that. Selfish, but true. I didn't even want a jogging stroller at first. Jeff wanted one so I thought why not? Isn't running with a stroller what all the hardcore running moms are supposed to do?

Here's what I've learned from using the jogging stroller so far (it's only been 3, short runs):

  • Running while pushing a heavy object is tough. Who would have thought, right? ;) My hamstrings burned within the first minute. At 0.25mi in, I thought I had already run 1 mile. I had to stop running when I was a half mile away from my house because my biceps, inner thighs, and lungs literally could not handle another step of running. I was sore for the first time from running in I have no idea how long.
  • Running without using my arms is weird. Whenever I get fatigued during a run, my high school track coach's voice pops into my head telling me to use my arms. I never realized how helpful those arms were until I couldn't move them while running. Whew.
  • Running with a stroller is humbling. I'm one of those runners who sprints up hills because I want the hills to be over with more quickly. But with the stroller, I have to walk uphill. I see this as a new challenge: the day I can run up all the hills in my neighborhood with the stroller will be so rewarding. It also redefines what a good workout is to me. My 2.25mi at 9:02 pace with the stroller was way more challenging than the 5mi I ran without the stroller at an 8:13 pace.
  • Running with Wyatt is fun. Even though I love my solo runs, I can't help but miss Wyatt and wonder what he's doing whenever I'm away from him. I really enjoyed running with him while pregnant, and I'm enjoying running with him outside of utero even more. As soon as I run, he passes out. When I stop to walk, his eyes pop open. Way to keep mom motivated, baby.


The verdict? I like running with the stroller way more than I thought I would. It's a great workout and I enjoy spending time with my little coach. On that note, I'm off to run! :)

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  1. Whatever happened with your hip injury? I’m on my second hip stress injury in a year (full stress fracture last year, stress reaction right now), so I’m always curious to hear other people’s experiences with this injury.

    • I’m so sorry to hear you’re dealing with that, Suz! I can’t imagine being injured for that long. I hope you heal soon!

      I’m pretty sure mine was just pregnancy-related and not a stress fracture. After he was born, my hip felt instantly better.

  2. ~Love my BOB~ Love it! Glad your enjoying running again…I’ve had to hit the treadmill due to the fickle Michigan weather!

  3. Glad he’s doing so well! And I’m mighty impressed with your motivation and determination :)

  4. Your arms are going to look awesome by summer!

  5. Aren’t jogging strollers supposed to use for children 8 months and older? i thought I had read that the jostling isn’t good for babies that young- something about the strength of their necks. Admittedly, i’m not a mom, so I don’t really know what I’m talking about :)

  6. Enjoy running with him while he sleeps. Seriously. Enjoy it. A year from now when you’re running with a toddler, you will mentally kick yourself for not enjoying the silence more. :)

  7. Woo, way to go!! I have yet to try out our jogging stroller with the little one, but now you have me wanting tp give it a shot. I did my first post-pregnancy run last weekend solo and it felt amazing, 3.5 miles of “me” time felt great. Looking forward to a run tomorrow and I will try the stroller! Hope your run today went well :)

  8. Great job getting out there with the stroller! It is a whole new workout for sure. What works for me is to push with one arm–steering with pressure of thumb and pinky, other fingers around the handle–and swing the other arm naturally. I drift a little to the side of the stroller this way, which also helps me feel like I have a more natural stride. I don’t care for the feeling of pushing with both arms unless I need the force to get up a hill. Even then, I push from my abs/core rather than forearms.

    • I agree with this other kate completely!!
      I also break the rules a bit and I run with the front wheel pivoting. For the life of me I can never keep the front wheel calibrated enough so that it doesn’t drive me crazy. I keep the brake leash around my wrist at all times, and I have never had any safety worries.
      Congrats on getting out there with the BOB. It does get easier, by summer there wont be much difference between your runs with the BOB or without (as far as effort, time on the other hand, running solo will always be faster!).

  9. OMG! I am a weenie runner and I run with two kids in the stroller! That’s over a hundred and 30 pounds! And yes when I first started running over the hills with them I would brag to everyone and anyone who would listen. Oh hi random stranger on the street, why yes I did just run up this hill pushing 130+ pounds of stroller/kid. Then you get over it and it’s no big thing cause there’s some lady who just chicked you with bigger kids and is maintaining a 7:something pace.

  10. Way to get out there!! Stroller running is an awesome workout! And like someone else said, try using just one arm to push and then you can swing the other arm naturally. Then switch off! You’ll be running up those hills in your neighborhood in no time!

  11. Love running with the BOB. We bought a single when we were pregnant with our first (almost 3 now) and bought a double BOB when we found out we were pregnant with our second (he is almost 9 mo). I get a lot of miles in with the kids and as they get older it is fun to reward them with a trip to the park or a special treat in the stroller. The almost 3 yr old loves to cheer other runners and bikers when we are out and brings her megaphone with so she can be louder, it is really cute. The runs with the stroller will get easier and it is a great workout. I credit the 30 sec – 1 min improvment in my mile race splits from running the the stroller and being that much strong from it.

  12. We have the chicco car seat and it looks like from the one picture you do too? Does it snap into the BOB stroller? I was looking into getting a running stroller but didn’t think our car seat was compatible.

  13. Yay you! All my mom friends are obsessed with the BOB! And I think you’ll get so much faster from pushing all that weight while you run! So that’s a bonus!

  14. I just got the same stroller and I’m so nervous about using it. Thanks for the tips and experience on jogging with the stroller. Did you have to get a specific car seat to adapt to the BOB?

    • Yup, only specific car seats work with the BOB car seat adapter. We were lucky that the Chicco car seat we planned to get anyway fit.

      I was really nervous to run with it at first, too! You’ll be fine :)

  15. beast. Your pace with the stroller is faster than my regular pace. #fail

  16. Hi!!! I got the BOB and I have the Chicco car seat. Did you just get the Chicco adapter? I’m excited!!!

  17. hi! congrats on you beautiful bebe and love your blog! question: i am also getting the bob jogging stroller and have a 6 week old, but was wondering how running with the car seat is in terms of safety because the bob website says that car seats should only be used for walking only. thanks and happy running momma!

    • Hi Alice! Congrats on your baby! :) Wyatt’s doctor said it was fine as long as I stay on smooth surfaces, go slow, and keep both hands on the stroller at all times. Of course, listen to your child’s doctor, though.

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