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40 weeks

I've been looking forward to today for 40 (well technically 38) weeks. December 11, 2011 was supposed to be my baby's due date.

But since Wyatt arrived early, November 23, 2011 will always trump any other date.


So how have these past 18 days been? They've been a bit of a struggle, but they've also been wonderful. :)


Wyatt has had some challenges since he was born a few weeks early. Until very recently, he literally slept all the time and we only saw his eyes maybe 30 minutes each day. We could barely wake him up to feed him, so we made the poor little guy cold and do baby sit-ups amongst many other things to keep him awake. But nothing worked. He lost too much weight in the first 3 days and became too weak to nurse. We had to give him formula for a few feedings until my milk came in, and then he was primarily bottle-fed breast milk until he was about a week old. I'm happy to report that once he got strong enough, he made the transition back to the breast easily.


He's slowly becoming more alert, but he still spends the majority of his time sleeping and rarely cries. He's also developed a new problem: projectile vomiting. I won't go into details, but this is more than just spitting up. His doctor won't say if he has acid reflux or not until his next appointment. Basically if he's gaining weight and still eating fairly well, he'll just be considered a pukey baby. If he doesn't gain weight and resists feedings, he likely has reflux. Fingers crossed he's just a pukey baby! Wow, I never thought I'd wish for that…


Emotionally, the first few weeks postpartum have shocked me. I thought the baby blues would be awful, but I seemed to have bypassed them. I only cried once since Wyatt was born and that was because I was upset by a family member's illness. Obviously, I've spent a lot of time concerned about Wyatt's eating though, but I think things are finally starting to go well.

I'm surprised by how much energy I've had. I never knew I could function so well on 1-3 hours of sleep each night. Of course, I've done a bunch of stupid things in my exhausted state- like put ketchup on salad- but every time I feed or hold Wyatt, I get a surge of energy.

IMG_3966 (2)

Physically, I'm feeling much better than I did two weeks ago. I still look about 15ish weeks pregnant. I've lost 22 lbs. so far, am 10 lbs. away from pre-pregnancy weight, and 15 lbs. away from my "happy" weight. Honestly, the only reason I know my weight is because I weigh myself with and without Wyatt to make sure that he's gaining weight between doctor's appointments. I really could not care less about my own figure right now. I don't expect to lose much more weight until I resume exercise in a few weeks which is fine by me.


Baby bump at week 40.

I can tell I'm on the road to recovery. Let's just say a lot of things are starting to feel better. Since I was in such good shape pre-childbirth, my midwife told me if I did nothing for the first two weeks- like literally nothing besides using the bathroom or feeding Wyatt- I should be OK to resume exercise at the two-week mark. But I didn't listen and did way more than I was supposed to…


…because someone got a bit depressed when we brought the little guy home. On the second night, Nati came prancing into our bedroom. But once he saw I was feeding Wyatt, he put his tail down, turned around, and left. :( This broke my heart. So I started taking Nati on walks in an effort to keep his life as normal as possible. Nati has done much better since getting more attention from me. Delaying my recovery and return to exercise is more than worth it to me if I can make this transition go more smoothly for the furball.

IMG_0554 (2)

That's where we are at Wyatt's due date. I really hope I can report his feeding habits have improved by the next update. One thing is for sure though: I know we'll continue to fall more in love with him each day.


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  1. So crazy to think that your little guy is 2.5 weeks old and this should have been his birthday!

    I would have cried if my dog did what Nati did – and I have to say you’re far less emotional than me and I’m not even postpartum! :)

  2. Aw Jen, he’s SO CUTE, and he looks so good in the reds and browns (..not that he doesn’t also look adorable in the blue!) I love the 40w bump photo!

    I never knew being early full-term made such a difference- I’ll try to remember these posts when I hit 37 weeks during the NZ summer and start begging for baby to come out already!

  3. Hi Jen, I’ve been reading and enjoying your blog for awhile now and have never commented. So, hi! I felt the need to comment because my little nephew had pyloric stenosis when he was a couple weeks old. Maybe you are familiar with it or your doctor has already ruled it out, but just wanted to throw it out there in case you had never heard of it. It’s fairly common, even more so in first born caucasian males, and the symptoms do include projectile vomiting after feeding. My nephew was good to go after a fairly minor surgery. Anyways, don’t want to freak you out but it’s the first thing I thought of while reading your post! Enjoy your new baby, he is adorable.

  4. Awww, glad to see you & baby are doing well! I hope his feeding issues resolve soon–I know how frustrating and rough that must be. Maya did not projectile vomit, but was very fussy at feedings, arching her back in discomfort. She was still gaining weight, so she managed to eat enough, but every nursing session was a battle. Our Ped said it was probably a mild case of reflux, but did not want to prescribe meds because she was gaining weight. So, he suggested we try a glycerin suppository called Pedia-Lax 2 times per day. The thought of doing that freaked me out at first, and we held off for a while, but during a particularly difficult nursing session, we decided to try it. She became sooooo much more comfortable after that! The Ped explained that the glycerin is not absorbed systemically, so there are no side effects (and it technically is not “medication”), but it works because the GI tracts of newborns are so tiny that relieving some pressure on one end can help on the other end, so to speak. He assured us she would not become dependent on it, and could wean her off it at 3 months. Might be something worth asking about.
    Good luck with everything!

  5. Wow – so glad to hear that things are going better and he transitioned back to the breast easily. I will cross my fingers that the feedings improve soon.

    You look fantastic…..take it easy Mama!

  6. My little one is 22 months old right now (when did that happen, wow!) and she did the refluxy, projectile vomiting thing too and we went the G.I. route but gut feeling was that it was food allergies. Oh, my gravy I am shocked at how many things she is severely allergic to. (Soy, Dairy, Peanuts and Tree Nuts, Sesame Seed, Flax Seed, Coconut, and minor on bananas, avocados, kiwi) Go with your gut feeling and never be afraid to ask for a referral. I wish we’d not wasted time going the G.I. route when all along my suspicions of food allergies were accurate. I never say this to scare new moms, simply to say trust YOUR gut and ask for the referrals!

    • Oh wow! Your poor baby. :( I didn’t even think of allergies, so thank you so much for the suggestion. I’ll ask his doctor about it.

  7. Oh my goodness, Wyatt is so adorable. A million congrats on your baby! I hope his feeding issues get sorted out asap.

  8. He is so beautiful, Jen! I’m glad things have gotten better over the past 2.5 weeks, and I hope they continue to improve. I’m also glad that Nati has been doing better with the walks and increased attention from you. I know how worried you were about that transition. And hopefully before long, Wyatt will become another much-loved member of the pack to him.

    Even though I don’t have much to add (about experience, being able to relate, etc) I want you to know that I love reading your posts. I always appreciate your honesty about everything, and the fact that you do tell “all the gory details.”

  9. He’s absolutely adorable, Jen! I hope the feeding issues work themselves out with time and you don’t have to deal with reflux or even some of the other things mentioned in the comments. I know every baby is different, but our good friends had their first born at 37 weeks as well and dealt with a lot of these similar issues that just went away with time. Hoping that’s the same for you guys!
    So glad Nati is adjusting better now too :)

  10. So sweet! How crazy he wasn’t even supposed to be born by now. Poor nati. I hope he starts doing better!

  11. Awww! So sweet! Hopefully Wyatt is growing and not as pukey in the next few weeks!

  12. Wyatt is so adorable! I love his eyes!!! Hopefully the little guy will start feeling better!

  13. Wyatt is so gorgeous! And you look great!!

  14. He’s so cute. Hope he doesn’t have reflux and glad that Nati is doing better with more attention.

  15. Hi Jen,

    I just started reading your blog a short while ago. I found you as I was looking for running blogs as I’m a fairly new runner! Anyway, I’m a pediatric RN and I have to agree with the once commenter above, the first thing I thought of when I read your post and the projectile vomiting is pyloric stenosis. Have taken care of many little ones with this. Projectile vomiting and subsequently failure to gain weight go right along with this. I too don’t wanna suggest something or worry a new mom by saying this, espescially if your doctor has already ruled it out, etc. but just wanted to mention it b/c it was the first thing I thought of when I heard projectile vomiting. Like the above reader said it is more common in baby boys and first borns. Anyway, hope I haven’t caused any anxiety/worry or anything.

    Your little guy is absolutely adorable! Congrats! Good luck with your return to exercise/running as well!


  16. Never commented before, but had to – I can’t believe how similar your story is to mine. My son was originally due on 12/9 – born on 11/21. I originally went to the hospital for what I thought was leaking amniotic fluid, but then was induced when his heart started deceling (sp?), right when they were about to release me. We had MAJOR issues at the beginning keeping him awake and eating/gaining weight. One main different is that we also had MAJOR issues with breast feeding – incredibly frustrating. Really only resolved at around 3 weeks when we had a lactation consultant come in to help. My son also did the projectile vomiting thing – like looked like the Exorcist – it was crazy! Not to discount all of the possibilities others have offered, but hopefully to settle your mind a little, ours just turned out to be an under-developed closing between the stomach and the esophagus (I’m sure there’s a technical term for this that I don’t know) that once he got a little older, resolved on it’s own. My son just turned 9 this past Nov, so all of this was a long time ago for me, but reading your post brought it all back. I know it sounds so cheesy, but enjoy this time with him – it truly goes by so quickly. Good luck!

  17. Wyatt looks SO adorable!! The third pic down is precious. I love that he is smiles when he sleeps :)

  18. What a spectacular post. How neat to reflect at 40 weeks and have your baby in your arms. I’m happy to hear so much is going well and Wyatt made it past his sleepy stage and you are in a good groove. It gives me so much hope!

    We are concerned about our pets too and know we’ll need to make time for them as well.

    I’m just 2 weeks away and am getting so excited! Heck I’m beyond excited. Any day now!

    PS Wyatt is pure precious!

  19. It sounds like you are doing wonderfully. I’m so glad emotionally things are going so well and that Wyatt is waking up more AND that ‘no one is around to make you feel like you’re doing something wrong anymore :) you look like a natural!

  20. Just found your blog– congrats on your beautiful little guy! We also had some pcos/infertility issues and were able to get pregnant after 14 months or so… and now our little girl will be 2 next month! So glad you shared your story. I’m sure it will benefit many other running wanna-be-mamas. Enjoy him– it goes fast, but I also think it keeps getting better and more fun!

  21. I know I say this every time – but he’s SO CUTE! And you look great too.

    As for the projectile vomiting — do you have a decent supply and a fast letdown? My daughter had crazy waterfall spit up and I finally figured out that she was getting way too much, way too fast and it was causing air bubbles — and then nothing else went down. The advice of the ped was to try block feedings. I would feed on my right side for 3 hours (so as much as the baby wanted for 3 hours) and then I would switch to the other side. It also helped her get the hind milk (which is more fatty and keeps them full longer). I seriously hope it’s nothing more serious!!

  22. Beautiful post! My heart always melts when I see happy moms :-)
    Regarding the reflux/puking … I see an osteopath at the moment with my migraines and the practice is VERY popular with newborn “pukey” babies (also with babies with other isssues but that’s beside the point). Maybe you could consider consulting an osteopath if things don’t improve … friends of mine had a pukey baby and Ben needed just one osteopath appointment to get better.

  23. Nothing like breastfeeding to bring out all your longtime reader/first time commenters.
    My now 13 week old had lots of trouble with eating, too. Lots of pulling off, crying, swallowing air, gas, etc. I had an oversupply/overactive letdown as well that I did block feeding, too–though I am still feeding one side per feeding because when I went backto both sides it came back with a vengance. The plus side is that I pump the other side morning/night to maintain the supply and not go too too long, so I have a nice bunch of milk in the freezer. I knew it was overactive let down because after about a minute of sucking, it was like he was drowning in milk and we were both kind of wet down the front of my shirt and his arm from what he couldnt swallow. Feeding him “lying back” also helped with that.
    He also got diagnosed with reflux. It bothered him most during feedigns so he couldnt go more than 5 min or so at most without pulling off and screaming in pain. I was very hesitant about meds for a not severe case (he always had good weight gain and some feedings were kind of OK sometimes). Finally I decided I couldnt have both of us cry every time he ate and the benfits of breastmilk outweighed the (very minor, hypothetical risks) of zantac. Really changed things for us and has allowed me to continue breastfeeding.
    Finally, to end my novel, all things get easier as he gets bigger, so hang in there!
    (reading the internet re: breastfeeding issues really freaked me out, so I stopped doing that).

  24. Congratulations, Jen! I can certaily understand where you are coming from because I was there not too long ago. My daughter was born at 37 weeks at 4lb’s 1oz. The hospital & physicians labeled her as thriving to survive. She could not keep anything down, she would projectile vomit (i mean across the room vomit) at every feeding. There was a lot of external & internal pressure to breast feed her and it just wasn’t working for us, she didn’t have the strenght to latch on and I couldn’t keep up with the pumping every 2 hours, feeding her then cleaning up after she vomited, care for her in all the other ways, etc. We switched pediatricians because of the pressure they put on me because my daughter was not growing accordingn to the “chart.” We went to 3 different Pedicatric Gastro specialists & a childrens hospital, she was diagnosed with acid reflux and given a few different prescriptions & we tried every formula on the market. Fighting her to get the medicine into her system and having her still vomit was just not worth it to us, so we stopped medicating her. After her 1st birthday, we switched her to cow’s milk and like a light switch everything was different. The projectile vomiting stopped and she began to grow a bit. Keep in mind, she is 3 years old and only weighs 20 pounds right now, but none of development has been stunted in anyway. I only share this with you because if you are anything like me you are probably really hard on yourself and beating yourself up because of the challenges, but don’t do that to yourself. Control the things you can control and keep in mind that everything is a phase and Wyatt will grow out of it. Also, don’t do anything that your gut/heart says not to, follow your mommy intuition and Wyatt will be fantastic. Good luck to you, I will keep you & Wyatt in my thoughts and prayers.

  25. Congratulations on your precious baby boy! He is such a doll! I couldn’t be happier for you and your family!

  26. :) You guys are both looking so cute! I’m ready for another visit with the little man.

  27. My oldest son was due December 11, 2007. He was born December 9, 2007; but December 11 holds a special place in my heart because it was the day I was looking forward to for so long. He’s 4 now, has a 3 year old brother, and a baby sister on the way. So funny we shared a due date! I am working out consistently – 21 weeks along with baby sister – and love looking at your pregnancy workouts and return to exercise after birth. You are an inspiration! Thanks for sharing your story.

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