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40 weeks

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I've been looking forward to today for 40 (well technically 38) weeks. December 11, 2011 was supposed to be my baby's due date.

But since Wyatt arrived early, November 23, 2011 will always trump any other date.


So how have these past 18 days been? They've been a bit of a struggle, but they've also been wonderful. :)


Wyatt has had some challenges since he was born a few weeks early. Until very recently, he literally slept all the time and we only saw his eyes maybe 30 minutes each day. We could barely wake him up to feed him, so we made the poor little guy cold and do baby sit-ups amongst many other things to keep him awake. But nothing worked. He lost too much weight in the first 3 days and became too weak to nurse. We had to give him formula for a few feedings until my milk came in, and then he was primarily bottle-fed breast milk until he was about a week old. I'm happy to report that once he got strong enough, he made the transition back to the breast easily.


He's slowly becoming more alert, but he still spends the majority of his time sleeping and rarely cries. He's also developed a new problem: projectile vomiting. I won't go into details, but this is more than just spitting up. His doctor won't say if he has acid reflux or not until his next appointment. Basically if he's gaining weight and still eating fairly well, he'll just be considered a pukey baby. If he doesn't gain weight and resists feedings, he likely has reflux. Fingers crossed he's just a pukey baby! Wow, I never thought I'd wish for that…


Emotionally, the first few weeks postpartum have shocked me. I thought the baby blues would be awful, but I seemed to have bypassed them. I only cried once since Wyatt was born and that was because I was upset by a family member's illness. Obviously, I've spent a lot of time concerned about Wyatt's eating though, but I think things are finally starting to go well.

I'm surprised by how much energy I've had. I never knew I could function so well on 1-3 hours of sleep each night. Of course, I've done a bunch of stupid things in my exhausted state- like put ketchup on salad- but every time I feed or hold Wyatt, I get a surge of energy.

IMG_3966 (2)

Physically, I'm feeling much better than I did two weeks ago. I still look about 15ish weeks pregnant. I've lost 22 lbs. so far, am 10 lbs. away from pre-pregnancy weight, and 15 lbs. away from my "happy" weight. Honestly, the only reason I know my weight is because I weigh myself with and without Wyatt to make sure that he's gaining weight between doctor's appointments. I really could not care less about my own figure right now. I don't expect to lose much more weight until I resume exercise in a few weeks which is fine by me.


Baby bump at week 40.

I can tell I'm on the road to recovery. Let's just say a lot of things are starting to feel better. Since I was in such good shape pre-childbirth, my midwife told me if I did nothing for the first two weeks- like literally nothing besides using the bathroom or feeding Wyatt- I should be OK to resume exercise at the two-week mark. But I didn't listen and did way more than I was supposed to…


…because someone got a bit depressed when we brought the little guy home. On the second night, Nati came prancing into our bedroom. But once he saw I was feeding Wyatt, he put his tail down, turned around, and left. :( This broke my heart. So I started taking Nati on walks in an effort to keep his life as normal as possible. Nati has done much better since getting more attention from me. Delaying my recovery and return to exercise is more than worth it to me if I can make this transition go more smoothly for the furball.

IMG_0554 (2)

That's where we are at Wyatt's due date. I really hope I can report his feeding habits have improved by the next update. One thing is for sure though: I know we'll continue to fall more in love with him each day.


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