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2011: The year I didn’t see coming

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Today is December 31, 2011. The day my January, February, and March 2011 self dreaded so much. Jeff and I decided at the start of 2011 that if I was not pregnant by today, we would “give up”.

But we all know by now that I got my miracle. I never, ever would have predicted at the start of this year that I’d end 2011 with my 38 day old baby in my arms.


This year, I didn’t run many races and I was let go from a job I loved. While I still don’t have everything I need (seriously, does anyone want to hire a health writer/editor/communication specialist/educator?), 2011 was definitely the year I got everything I’ve ever wanted.


Wyatt has brought me more joy than I thought was possible. I’m sad to see this wonderful year go, but I am so excited to watch my little guy grow in 2012 and through the many years that follow.


Like I said last year, I’m not big on resolutions or lofty goals. But I do have a wish for 2012: I want all of my real life and blog world friends who are struggling to get pregnant to finally get their miracles. 

Here’s to 2012 being the best year yet. Happy New Year! Smile 


Christmas 2011

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Merry Christmas!


We wish each of you a happy, healthy holiday season filled with friends, family, and many laughs.


Love Jen, Jeff, Wyatt, & Nati

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Motherhood: Month one

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Merry Christmas Eve Eve. It's hard to believe exactly one month ago it was Thanksgiving Eve and I got the present I'll forever be the most thankful for.


Wyatt turns one month old today!

Where does the time go? My little guy is already growing out of his newborn clothes. I feel like he'll be walking and off to school in the blink of an eye. I'm trying to cherish these moments of innocence the best that I can before they're just a memory.


Here's our one month update:


Our biggest initial struggle was getting him to eat. Specifically, waking him up enough so he could eat. After two weeks of sleeping no fewer than 23.5 hours each day, I'm proud to report that he's much more alert and awake now. Feeding is going well (he still wants to nurse every 1.5 hours around the clock…) and his weight proves that. As of yesterday, he weighed 8lbs 14oz. This is nearly 2lbs up from his 6lbs 15oz birth weight and close to 3lbs more than his lowest weight. He went from the 5th percentile of weight to the 25th in just 3 weeks!


His reflux remains quite the issue though. He's been on axid for a week and that's helped the vomiting. But he's clearly still in a lot of pain. It's heartbreaking to see him wince, bring his knees to his chest, and gasp for air. His constant feeding is a sign of his reflux, too. When his stomach is empty, it hurts, so he always wants to eat. His doctor doesn't want to switch his meds yet. Instead, I'm adopting a strict, digestion-friendly diet. For now that means no dairy and very limited amounts of caffeine, chocolate, nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables, other high fiber foods, high fat foods, and spicy foods. I'll completely eliminate these foods if I don't see a change in Wyatt's behavior in a week or so. I'm really hoping the meds + dietary changes are enough to turn my fussy baby into a happy baby. I just hate that he's in constant pain.


I'm not going to sugarcoat it: caring for a reflux-y baby is tough. The severe sleep deprivation is getting downright scary. Jeff now has to wake with me at every night feeding because I'm saying really confusing things- like claiming I'm already holding Wyatt when he's still in his pack n' play. Yikes!

Luckily, my parents are here until New Year's! This means I'll get some nap time and I'll pump so I can get help with night feedings. I'm praying that by the time they head back to NJ, my dietary changes will be enough to make Wyatt go longer stretches without eating which will lead to extended sleep sessions. Fingers crossed! The extra hands also mean I'll have time to workout which I'm really looking forward to.


My parents offered to babysit Wyatt so Jeff and I can go on a date or two. Well, we definitely plan on taking them up on their offer. One date will be a bike ride and the other will be a run. What can I say? The couple that plays together…

As for my postpartum body, that's been interesting. After quickly dropping 22 lbs., I've lost one pound in the past two weeks. I'm 9 lbs. away from my pre-pregnancy weight and 14 lbs. away from my "normal" weight. This really does not surprise me. I used to exercise hard and often; two-a-day workouts were my norm most days of the week. So why would I get the body that was a result of that back without doing that? I don't expect to return to my pre-pregnancy weight until I'm in training mode again. And while it is frustrating not fitting in any of my clothes, I'm not bothered by what the scale says. Like I've always said, the numbers that are most important to me are these:


Running 4 miles at a 9:10 min/mi pace, with negative splits, without walking at one month postpartum? I'm pretty darn proud of that! I'm sure as my pace drops and mileage increases, the weight will come off.

That's where we are one month into this journey. I can't wait to see what the next month brings! :)