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I can wait

Sarah wrote the other day about how trying to get pregnant and pregnancy involves a whole lot of waiting.

I could not agree more. Unfortunately, patience is not my virtue. Waiting to see if I ovulated, waiting to see if I could make it to the "safety" of the second tri, and waiting to meet my baby were/ are not exactly easy.

I know babies only exit mom when they're ready. Still, I've had November 20 circled on my calendar since I was told my baby will be 10 lbs. if he makes it to 40 weeks. November 20 is when I hit 37 weeks and reach that elusive "full term" milestone. I was going to wait a few more days- just to make sure he's fully baked- and then I planned to start all the old wives' tales to induce labor. I want the baby to come early because delivering a large baby can be risky to me and the baby (source).

Well, my baby is taking after his mom. It appears he's just as eager to meet me as I am to meet him.


Last Friday, at 34w5d, I lost my mucus plug. My midwife said I have hours, days, weeks, or maybe even a month until labor. Gulp.

She told me to be on high alert for signs of preterm labor. I've definitely had more back pain- but couldn't that be due to limping and using crutches?- and I feel a lot of pressure in my cervix. I was told to come see an OB/Gyn at my midwife's office this morning to get checked out just in case.

For once in my life, I wasn't being paranoid. The Dr. confirmed my body is gearing up for labor <--- yikes. I'm 1 cm dilated, 50% effaced, and -1 station (what he said was the most telling symptom). He told me I may just experience back labor since I haven't had one contraction all pregnancy. I've been instructed to call their office as soon as my back pain or cervical pressure gets worse.

If baby escapes before 37w, he'll be "late preterm". My practice won't do anything to stop a late preterm baby from coming naturally because the drugs used to hold off labor may do more harm than good.

It could be days or I may have a couple of weeks before I meet the little guy. I asked if I could still make it to my due date, and was told that would be "highly unlikely".  But I really, really hope he stays put a couple more weeks.

Because baby, you don't want to come out quite yet. Mommy and daddy are not that exciting and the outside world is a lot colder than my warm womb. It would be much appreciated if you could just stay put a for a bit longer.

I can wait to meet you, too. I know my life will drastically change once you come out, and there is something I want to continue enjoy before you make your grand entrance. I'm not talking about date nights or sleep- both overrated. Rather, I'm going to cherish my last few weeks of eating dairy. I hear once your born, my lactose intolerance comes back right away.


Please baby, stay put, and let mom enjoy a few more slices of pizza. :)

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  1. I was 4 mother trucking centimeters with my daughter for WEEKS. yes. FOUR. Also, funny you post a picture of a pizza after losing your mucus plug. I am gag laughing at that, however unintended it may have been.

  2. Ice cream. Pizza. STAT!

  3. I had no idea a lactose intolerance went away while pregnant, how cool you’ve been able to enjoy CHEESE! :) Hope he stays put a few more weeks for you!

  4. I think baby has its own plan! Enjoy the last little while of quiet!

  5. SO exciting that he could be here any day!! I’ve enjoyed the cheese-eating thing too! :)

  6. I hope he stays put for a little while, but if he comes early, that’s exciting too!

  7. HAHAHAH – great post. I”m at 38 weeks and I think I had my last slice of pizza yesterday. I’m with ya….I’m going to miss the dairy. :)

  8. How exciting! I lost my plug (most of it) at 38wks 3days, on September 3rd. My water broke 4 days after my due date, and my baby was born September 19th. So it’s hit or miss. I was on edge the whole time!

    And back labor is NO joke, OUCH. My baby was sunny side up and they had to turn her right before I pushed. Thank god for epidurals!

    So excited for you!

  9. I’ll be thinking positive thoughts for you and baby!!

  10. 10 pounds?! ay yay yay!! i was a big baby as well — 10 pounds 8 ounces. my poor mama. hoping the baby boy stays put for a little while longer.

  11. Hope your baby stays put for a bit and continues to bake. I was also a big baby at 9lbs 2 ounces so we’ll see how big mine is. Enjoy your last couple of weeks of rest and cheese :)

  12. OMG! Days? I cannot believe it. I hope that he stays put until he’s fully ready, but it is still so exciting to think it could be soon. :)

  13. I forget when I lost my plug. I think it was 1-2 weeks before I went into labor. Oh, and the dairy thing…if you are breasfeeding, it will come back slowly. It wasn’t instant, but the lactose thing came back much faster than I liked. :( You may have a couple months of pizza eating left. ;) Also, I was at 1.5 cm for a couple weeks. Was still 1.5 when my water broke, so the put me on pitocin (yuck). I will be sending “no pitocin” vibes yoru way!

    Exciting, though…very exciting!

  14. Hopefully he stays put until he is ready, but regardless I hope he is healthy.

    Waiting while trying to get pregnant is the absolute worst… waiting for ovulation, waiting to see if this is the month, even just waiting for the dr to call back.

  15. Eh, i take the weight estimates with a grain of salt. Everyone that i know who was told ‘your baby will be x lbs’ had significantally smaller babies. I think its an excuse for the dr to induce women early so it fits the drs schedule better. I hope the little guy stays put a few more weeks! Better for baby and mama.

  16. Our doc was a pound over in her estimate of Maya, who was born 40w1d at 6lb, 6oz. I too never had any contractions, but did not have back labor. I think back labor depends on which way the baby is facing (up or down). Keeping my fingers crossed he hangs in there for 2 more weeks! It could happen!

  17. If you do make it past the 20th and the nurse offers to “massage your cervix” to try to bring on labor, you should politely decline. I was walking funny for 3 days.

  18. I went into preterm labor at 34 weeks. Lost my mucus plug and everything. Went off meds to stop preterm labor at 36 weeks. Was induced at 38 weeks due to Pre Eclampsia. She would have been a 10lb baby if she had gone to term. @ 38 weeks she was 8lbs 6 ounces 22 inches. Luckily she came out super healthy 9.9 Apgar.

    Made the time seem to drag on after we were told she could be here ‘any day now’ since 34 weeks.

    Also-I hope the measurement is accurate. I had a friend give birth 9/16 at 38 weeks b/c she was going to have a ‘big baby’ Baby ended up only being 6lb 1 oz and had a lot of problems from coming early.

    • I’m so glad your baby is ok! My due date is accurate since I was an infertility patient. If we go by ultrasound, instead of ovulation, he’d be “due” Nov 30. So, I hope the measurements are right too!

      • Dates don’t change-the date at the beginning is the most accurate. The ultrasound is how big the baby is physically not developmentally.

        I hope he stays in there at least until you hit full term mark.

  19. Such a bummer about the dairy thing. Eat lots of ice cream and pizza!

  20. ooooh how scary and exciting at the same time!!!!!! :) I cant believe it is ‘almost’ time to meet your little man :)

  21. Dear Little One, your mommy and daddy and friends and family desperately want to meet you–but not yet! You have to bake a little bit longer and then you can bless everyone with your presence:)

  22. Wow, maybe the little guy will hold off just a bit longer for you! But no matter when he decides to make his grand entrance, I’m hoping that everything goes as smoothly as possible for you. You’ve waited a long time for this, and you’re so deserving of a relatively quick and effortless labor :) Keep us posted!

  23. Just curious – Were you assigned any sort of bed rest or restricted activity? I’m almost 33 weeks and was just taken out of work and put on restricted activity due to a shortened cervix. But no contractions or dilation! My restrictions are until week 36… when they said I could do jumping jacks for all they care :-). GOOD LUCK!!!

  24. Ahhh, how exciting! It is almost time =)

    Isn’t it funny how we can’t wait for it to get here, then the last few weeks we’re like, “Whoooooa, slow down!”? =)

    So excited for your little man to arrive.

  25. I’m so jealous that your lactose intolerance has improved during pregnancy – mine’s gotten 10x worse, lol! Oh well, it’s worth it :-)
    Good luck with your last few hours/days/weeks!! So exciting!

  26. Exciting times, praying for you that you don’t have back labor – it’s the worst, that’s what made me buckle and get the epidural after 24 hours of labor.

  27. ooo gosh craziness. i am sooo excited for you. little guy just wait a little longer !!!

  28. AHH! The suspense would be killing me! I never lost my mucus plug. My midwife told me when she checked me at 36 weeks that she didn’t think it was there and it may have just disintegrated?!?! Regardless my water broke at 38 weeks and once that happens the baby is coming out one way or the other so I didn’t have any time to really think about it.
    I had back labor and really hope you don’t have to go through it. It is awful. If you do, however, you can ask your dr/midwife about sterile water injections… It is exactly what it sounds like – they inject sterile water into the small of your back and it puts constant pressure there where your pain comes from. It definitely helped relieve much of the back pain for me which helped me focus on the actual contractions and get through my labor and birth naturally. It was, however, EXTREMELY painful for about 2 minutes. Totally worth it though.

  29. Hope the little guy stays warm and cozy for a bit longer! I didn’t lose my plug until I was in labor.. It’s amazing how different every pregnancy is. Your little munchkin will make his arrival when he’s ready:). Good luck mama!

  30. HOW GOOD is pizza these days!?!? i agree :) and thank you for the shout out!!

    at duke, once you hit 35 weeks babies go straight to the full term nursery (unless they are small — not going to be your issue :) — or have other problems). HUGE milestone in my mind!

  31. I had my son at 35w2d. He spent 11 days in the nicu basically just learning how to feed. I went into preterm labor at 28 weeks and I was 2 cm dilated and 80% effaced. I made it to 35 weeks on strict bedrest. My advice to you to make it to full term would be to rest. My doctor said the least amount of pressure on the cervix the better, therefore staying horizontal is the best way to be. Just wanted to comment since I have been in that scary situation. My son is 6 wks now and growing fast! Good luck!!

  32. Wow!! how exciting, but scary. I hope he stays put too :) This does make me a little nervous though because we’ll be traveling 5.5 hours away to my inlaws for Thanksgiving when I am at 35 weeks. I know every pregnancy is different though, so there’s really no point in worrying too much.

    I haven’t heard that lack of contractions during pregnancy could = back labor. I haven’t had any Braxton Hicks yet and I’m at 32.5 weeks… yikes!

    • I think my doctor said this because I’ve started dilating and effacing but haven’t had any contractions, just intense back pain. I hope you’re able to travel at Thanksgiving! :)

  33. I know this is an older post, but I’m wondering why your midwife thinks the -1 station is the most telling symptom?

    I’m 37 weeks and I’m currently 2 cm dilated, 90% effaced and -1 station and my doctor thinks there’s no reason why I won’t make it to my due date of Dec. 5. I know all medical professionals are different, but it’s interesting that they each have something completely different to say about similar situations!

    • I’m not sure! I’ve seen another doctor since then and she doesn’t feel as confident as he did that I’ll go early. Who knows why doctors think the way they do sometimes :)

  34. I was dilated to a 3, 80% effaced and at -1/0 station from 37 weeks on and had prodromal labor at 36+5.. I still ended up having to be induced at 41+3. So don’t worry too much! Only your body & baby know when it’s go-time. Good luck!

  35. When I was pregnant with my son, I was told that he was going to be big. I was consistently measuring further along than I was. An ultrasound at 36 weeks showed he was already weighing over 8 pounds! I was terrified!!! When he was actually born (at almost 40 weeks), he weighed 8 lbs 2.5 oz, well below what we were told he would weigh. I guess this just shows how far off ultrasound weight predictions can be (and uterus measurements!), so even if you are measuring bigger, you may still have a “normal” sized baby. In my case I had a TON of fluid when they broke my water, that is why I was measuring big. Not that this makes you less fearful, but it was my experience! I still had a small tear and an episiotomy, but I couldn’t feel them due to the epi and they healed well (and were definitely worth it!).

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