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I can wait

Posted by runnerstrials

Sarah wrote the other day about how trying to get pregnant and pregnancy involves a whole lot of waiting.

I could not agree more. Unfortunately, patience is not my virtue. Waiting to see if I ovulated, waiting to see if I could make it to the "safety" of the second tri, and waiting to meet my baby were/ are not exactly easy.

I know babies only exit mom when they're ready. Still, I've had November 20 circled on my calendar since I was told my baby will be 10 lbs. if he makes it to 40 weeks. November 20 is when I hit 37 weeks and reach that elusive "full term" milestone. I was going to wait a few more days- just to make sure he's fully baked- and then I planned to start all the old wives' tales to induce labor. I want the baby to come early because delivering a large baby can be risky to me and the baby (source).

Well, my baby is taking after his mom. It appears he's just as eager to meet me as I am to meet him.


Last Friday, at 34w5d, I lost my mucus plug. My midwife said I have hours, days, weeks, or maybe even a month until labor. Gulp.

She told me to be on high alert for signs of preterm labor. I've definitely had more back pain- but couldn't that be due to limping and using crutches?- and I feel a lot of pressure in my cervix. I was told to come see an OB/Gyn at my midwife's office this morning to get checked out just in case.

For once in my life, I wasn't being paranoid. The Dr. confirmed my body is gearing up for labor <--- yikes. I'm 1 cm dilated, 50% effaced, and -1 station (what he said was the most telling symptom). He told me I may just experience back labor since I haven't had one contraction all pregnancy. I've been instructed to call their office as soon as my back pain or cervical pressure gets worse.

If baby escapes before 37w, he'll be "late preterm". My practice won't do anything to stop a late preterm baby from coming naturally because the drugs used to hold off labor may do more harm than good.

It could be days or I may have a couple of weeks before I meet the little guy. I asked if I could still make it to my due date, and was told that would be "highly unlikely".  But I really, really hope he stays put a couple more weeks.

Because baby, you don't want to come out quite yet. Mommy and daddy are not that exciting and the outside world is a lot colder than my warm womb. It would be much appreciated if you could just stay put a for a bit longer.

I can wait to meet you, too. I know my life will drastically change once you come out, and there is something I want to continue enjoy before you make your grand entrance. I'm not talking about date nights or sleep- both overrated. Rather, I'm going to cherish my last few weeks of eating dairy. I hear once your born, my lactose intolerance comes back right away.


Please baby, stay put, and let mom enjoy a few more slices of pizza. :)