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Week 34 pregnancy update

Posted by runnerstrials

How is it November? That means I’m having a baby next month! Or even this month if our most recent ultrasound is accurate.


I’m beyond excited, but also not too happy with myself for slacking on my to-do list.

The belly

Looks and feels bigger to me this week.


My stomach is also getting a lot veinier. I picture each tiny vein carrying blood to help grow baby. Likely medically inaccurate, but it makes me happy nonetheless.

Weight gain

After no gain last week, I’m up 2 lbs. this week. This makes a solid 27-28 lbs. gained so far during pregnancy.



Umm, which trimester am I in? I feel like I’m repeating the first trimester in many ways. I wake up gagging and dry heaving every morning and combat nausea throughout the day. I’ve also been battling intense fatigue again. I haven’t been able to nap, but the sleepiness is making me forgetful. I can’t tell you how many times this week I’ve blanked out in the middle of doing something. I guess “pregnancy brain” is no myth.


I hesitate to use the word “workouts” because of my hip injury. Walking without pain is still not happening, and I’m finding the crutches to be more of a bother than they’re worth. So, I’ve been incredibly sedentary this past week.

I have been able to do some very light exercise. Swimming slowly with the pull buoy, recumbent biking without resistance, and careful stretching is all I can manage. At this point last week I feared I wouldn’t be able to be active at all until baby came, so I’m pleased I can do a little activity without pain.

  • W: OFF
  • Th: OFF
  • F: OFF
  • S: 1150m easy pool swim, stretching
  • S: OFF
  • M: 1200m easy pool swim, stretching
  • Tu: 30 min recumbent bike, upper body weight machines, stretching


I’m so ready to meet my baby. He’s been baking for 34 weeks (+ 3 days) and I am itching to know what he looks like, what he smells like, and what he sounds like. I’m dying to know if his lack of movement during my pregnancy means he’ll sleep a lot once he’s born. Or maybe he’ll be so happy to be out that he won’t sleep well at all in the real world. Likely the latter. Winking smile


Babies born at 34+ weeks usually have no long-term health issues (unless they have existing medical conditions). I’m still 2.5 weeks away from being full-term, but it’s comforting to know that my baby will likely be fine if he comes at any time now. I feel so blessed.


I’ve started to organize his clothes into piles of different sizes and remove the tags.


Very slowly but surely, I’m washing all of his adorable onesies, blankets, and bedding.


I smile like a fool every time I look at his stuff. Well except for his swaddlers. Those intimidate me. It’s not cool that those things come without step-by-step directions!