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Charlotte baby shower

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I love living in (err, just outside) Charlotte. The only downside is how far away we are from family; 10 hours from mine and about 3 hours from my husband's. But having wonderful friends really makes up for that. :)

Caitlin threw me the perfect baby shower this past weekend.

See my "Mom" race medal? The theme was "Ironbaby". Incredibly fitting since I'm a runner and triathlete and hubby is an Ironman.



I had to white out his name since we aren't quite ready to go public with it.

Confession: I still haven't taken the race bibs down. I'm obsessed with them and the Giants decorations from my NJ shower. So much so that I'm kind of wishing we painted the nursery blue... but don't tell Jeff. He spent the entire day yesterday doing the rest of the large projects for the nursery- he even missed his bike ride! It's probably not the best time to change my mind.

Just like a triathlon, the shower had three events:


Eat. Everyone contributed delicious dishes.



Play (games). Including the poopy diaper game! Everyone also had to guess how many inches my belly is (39) and how many miles I've run since the second trimester started (254.75).



Love (open gifts). My little guy got hooked up with so much cute gear. My friends are way too generous.

Seriously, how cute and creative of a theme is this? Caitlin really outdid herself! It really was perfect, and I felt so honored that she did all of this hard work for me. Tear. I can only hope she allows me to return the favor one day in the future.

Some highlights:

shower_diaper cake

Erin's gorgeous diaper cake. I refuse to ever take this apart and display it in baby boy's room until he turns 10. He'll be cool with that.


These incredibly delicious brownie pops made by Nicole. I'm not admitting to how many of these I've eaten…

choc fountain

Brittney's chocolate fountain. Mmm.

shower_cindi IMG_0258

Cindi's and Christie's adorable baby girls. Thank you both for allowing Nati to cover your daughters in slobber.

Each of my friends truly had a hand in making the day so special. Michelle and Lindsay even took these photos so I wouldn't have to worry about it.


I am so blessed to have such a thoughtful, kind group of friends. Now I hope they don't mind being baby-sitters in a few more months. Kidding. Kind of. ;)


A familiar feeling

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Yesterday morning, I was cranky. I slept awfully (but for a good reason, someone in my belly was moving all night long :) ), there was some drama with my former employer, I heard my grandpa was being admitted to the hospital for the second time this week, and there's that whole not having a job or enough money thing.

I dragged my feeling-sorry-for-myself behind to the treadmill (because this pregnant lady doesn't own running clothes appropriate for THIRTY-NINE degree weather) and assumed the run would suck.

No fewer than 5 minutes into the run, I felt amazing. Not physically, but mentally. The stressors in my life didn't change, but my perspective shifted.

I was taken back to last year, when I was marathon training and attempting to get pregnant. Thanks to infertility, I'd often be in an awful place mentally, but a run would ease my mind like nothing else. Treadmill runs were especially therapeutic workouts. I frequently did tempo and interval runs on the treadmill (it's a great way to learn what a goal pace feels like). The better I felt, the higher I'd turn up the speed. I'd always leave the gym feeling spent yet refreshed.

As tempting as it was to press the "up" speed button yesterday, I refrained (you're welcome, baby). But it got me thinking: I cannot wait to train again.


Since getting the positive test, I've been thinking a lot about my training and race schedule for next year. If we are blessed enough to take home baby boy in December, we eventually will want more kids. Our doctor wants us to "try" again after a year because my endometriosis will likely grow back. Sure we could wait longer, pay out of pocket for that fun surgery again, and hope it works again, but I'd really rather avoid it if possible.

So the question has been: do I play it conservatively, not train for many races, and try to regain my fertility asap? Or do I go all out, marathon and triathlon train, and just focus on my existing baby instead of his possible future siblings?

I'm leaning towards the latter. Motherhood is going to be tough. Training won't be easy between not sleeping much, breast-feeding, and dealing with my lactose intolerance issues. But running hard and pushing myself makes me happy.


And a happy mommy= a good mommy.

Besides, I want to give my son my full attention for one year. I don't want to worry about my ovaries or the growths in my uterus and become an emotional basket-case again yet. Maybe ignoring my fertility for all of 2012 is irresponsible. But I think it's exactly what my family needs.

31weeks (2)

Now who has good recommendations for a flat, fall 2012 marathon? :)


Week 32 pregnancy update

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Another week down. And my baby to-do list isn't getting any shorter. I've accepted that nesting is probably not going to happen to me. I need to buckle down and get stuff done now.


The belly

I've gotten to the point where I'm wondering how much bigger I can really get. Of course, I know that answer is much, much bigger.


Baby seems to always hang out on the right side of my stomach which makes doing things on the left- tying my left shoe, attempting to shave my left leg- quite the challenge.

Weight gain

I've gained another pound. This brings my total weight gain to 25-26 lbs. I'm up a good 30 lbs. from my normal weight since I gained a bit the month before I got pregnant.



Lots of stuff has been going on lately. All of these pregnancy complaints are so minor though. They are bothersome, but I know how lucky I am to going through this experience.

  • Stomach pains: I get shooting pains somewhere in my stomach a few times each day. They only last about 10-20 minutes but they hurt a lot. My midwife told me this was likely a virus, but seeing how it's been a week and I feel fine otherwise, I kind of doubt it. Perhaps they're growing pains? Could they be Braxton Hicks? I'm not sure.
  • Nausea. When I wake up, I always feel full and nauseated- no matter how early I ate dinner the night before. I have to wait at least an hour or two before eating in the mornings which is so unlike me.
  • Itchy skin. My skin itches all the time, and no amount of moisturizer is helping. Most of the day, I hang around the house in my husband's oversized sweats because tight, clingy clothes are so irritating.
  • Burning, throbbing feet. This is the reason why my runs have gone downhill. When I stand or take a step, my feet kill. I prefer not to wear shoes and sit with my feet elevated at all times. I've been looking for ice packs that go on like booties and wrap around your feet. But most icing contraptions I've found like that are for injured ankles.


I've accepted that my runs have slowed down and I require more walk breaks. And I may have broken up with swimming. I have no problem trying to run or elliptical with stomach pains or nausea, but I don't feel comfortable getting in the pool with those issues. It's a shame because that's likely the only exercise that would be good for my feet.

  • W: 40 min elliptical, upper body weight machines
  • Th: 3.25 mi run (outside) at 10:09 pace
  • F: 45 min elliptical, upper body weight machines
  • S: 3.75 mi run (outside) at 10:11 pace
  • S: 3.25 mi run (outside) at 9:54 pace
  • M: 30 min elliptical
  • Tu: 4 mi run (outside) at 9:08 pace <--- yay, for one good run!

Mileage: 14.25 mi


My worries have shifted from wondering about my baby's health to being concerned about how the heck I'm going to get him out.


I saw a doctor at my practice yesterday instead of my midwife. She looked back through my chart and told me that at the last ultrasound, baby boy was in the 90th percentile for size. Yikes! When you go by stomach size, I'm still measuring 1-2 weeks behind. But then she felt my belly and agreed that my baby is quite big.

Delivering a large baby can be risky (source). While I would love a natural childbirth, it's more important to me to avoid a C-section. Of course, it doesn't matter how my baby enters this world but I prefer he comes through the birth canal. So, I may be induced about a week early if he's still big and if my cervix is favorable. Of course, I'm praying he comes a week or two early on his own! I just cannot wait to meet him. :)


I have another baby shower this weekend. I'm so excited! It was always my goal to have the nursery done by the shower, but sadly that won't be happening. My adjusted goal is to make my nursery presentable by Saturday. Hopefully the finished product will be ready soon!


PS: Emily is currently in labor! Go wish her luck.