This Runner's Trials

It’s only temporary

Since getting injured, I've heard from a lot of concerned friends and family members. First, they ask how I am physically, and then they cautiously inquire as to how I'm handling the whole being immobile situation mentally.


Honestly? I'm fine. Really.

When the stabbing hip pain occurred, I didn't think about running. I didn't even think about walking. I only thought about childbirth. How could I push and give birth to my baby vaginally with a messed up hip?

The sports doctor eased that fear quickly, though. My injury is on the outside of my hip. He showed me that I have a ton of mobility in my hips (which is probably shocking to any friends who have done yoga with me ;) ). I can lay down and finagle my hips into any position without pain. As long as my injury doesn't get worse, childbirth won't be a problem.

Of course, it sucks being hurt. I'm sad I can't walk Nati. I hate that getting up to use the bathroom is quite the ordeal. Using crutches when you're carrying around extra weight and trying not to fall on your face is challenging to say the least. But it's really not that bad.


As for running… I don't miss it. Gasp! This injury is only temporary; I plan on being a runner my whole life.

Since I started distance running 8 years ago, I've only been really injured twice, including this time (I tore my meniscus 5 years ago and was out for 3 months). I credit my lack of injuries to luck, good genes, and having 24/7 access to a chiropractic care and physical therapy. But I also do something else: I always back off at the first sign of injury.

Of course, it can be tricky to tell which aches and twinges are normal and which ones aren't*. But for me, taking a few days or weeks off- and even missing a race or two**- trumps getting seriously hurt and being out of commission for an extended time or dealing with a recurrent injury.

*I had no idea my hip pain was an actual injury until after Monday's run- especially since it never hurt during a run. I woke up with hip soreness on both sides almost daily throughout my pregnancy and assumed it was from sleeping with so much extra weight on my hips. I wish my hip bothered me during a run so I could have backed off sooner.

**While my meniscal tear caused me to DNS my first marathon, I've never been injured right before a huge race. I could not imagine BQing or qualifying for Kona and then getting hurt right before race day. If that happened to me, I'd need to be heavily medicated to handle that mental anguish!


Last time I was injured, I took the time off to reflect, re-evaluate my race goals, and rehabilitate my knee with water workouts. Then, I eased back into running very slowly. I was so scared to get hurt again that I didn't race for a full year. I doubt I'll play it as conservatively this time, but I will take my time to fully recover. I won't run another step until I'm completely healed.

For the next 12ish weeks (6ish until labor + 6 more to recover from childbirth), I'll sit on my booty, cautiously eye some (short) spring races, and live vicariously through your race reports. I'll take comfort in knowing that this ordeal won't last forever and I'll be running again before I know it- with a jogging stroller. :)

After all, many difficult situations are just temporary. Remembering that usually helps me get through them. Though I have a feeling those words may not ease my mind once I'm in labor…

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  1. You have a great attitude! That’s totally going to help you with a speedy recovery and your mental health. After my second 1/2 marathon I got plantar fasciitis in both feet. That was in March. I still have it and my pregnancy weight gain isn’t helping. I want to think of myself as a runner for life also, but it’s been hard with all of this time away.

  2. You are so right girl! This will be a distant memory soon! We have other things pplanned we have to get to without Injury (like goofy 2013!) Way to look at the big picture, you are a rock star!

  3. You have a great attitude – and I’m sure it was a relief to hear everything will be okay with childbirth. I’ll do some short spring races with you!

  4. Congrats on your great attitude! Your baby will be here and you will be running again before you know it. Be careful on those crutches – sometimes they are the scariest part!

  5. Great attitude. Plus, wait till that nesting instinct really starts to set in. I went INSANE last night wanting to fold baby clothes/etc. It’ll be nice to have that little bit of extra energy. <3

  6. Have you picked out a jogging stroller yet?!

  7. What a healthy attitude! I know how much being on the injured list sucks. And I can not imagine trying to manage crutches AND a pregnant belly. ;)

  8. Awesome attitude about it all! It’s not easy to have that perspective when you’re stuck on the couch in the middle of the injury, good for you!

  9. Awesome outlook. It’s also a great attitude for those of us who are sidelined just due to pregnancy! When I have to stop, I’ll keep this in mind.

  10. love your perspective. enjoy a little rest time… you deserve it!

  11. I’m glad that you have a great attitude about it, Jen. I’m sure that you’ll rock the jogging stroller. ;)

  12. You definitely have a great, healthy attitude toward your injury…like everything else in your pregnancy! Happy healing! I’m glad you injury won’t affect your childbirth plans.

  13. Fabulous attitude friend. And you know, you will say that during childbirth…and it will get you through it. :)

  14. I had a big knee surgery a few years back. Had to be non-weight bearing for 6 weeks. I used a walker instead of crutches. Looked silly but since my knee was huge, swollen and had a huge brace around it, I couldn’t get my balance + my width with the brace was too hard to move forward with crutches. Might be an option?

  15. well, it’s great that you went to the doc and got checked out. I’m also on crutches and I thought it was bad enough. I can’t imagine being pregnant and being on crutches! Take care of yourself!

  16. You are a very strong woman. Keep that positive attitude, especially in the face of adversity and everything else will fall into place. Baby boy will be blessed to have you and Jeff as a mommy and daddy!! xo

  17. Oh my word, girl!! I’m so sorry – I hope you’re feeling much better! Please let me know if you need anything at all – I’m just down the road and home all day. Feel better. <3

  18. I’m glad you have such a positive attitude about this, that will serve you well :) And I’m glad you are one who backs off when you suspect an injury. Hope things get better for you soon!

  19. “As for running… I don’t miss it. Gasp! This injury is only temporary; I plan on being a runner my whole life.” this is so what I needed to hear for myself as well. Running is a life long sport and what’s important now is the health of your child- not running a few miles during the week. I know everything will work out for you and 2012 will be our marathon year!

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