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Charlotte baby shower

Posted by runnerstrials

I love living in (err, just outside) Charlotte. The only downside is how far away we are from family; 10 hours from mine and about 3 hours from my husband's. But having wonderful friends really makes up for that. :)

Caitlin threw me the perfect baby shower this past weekend.

See my "Mom" race medal? The theme was "Ironbaby". Incredibly fitting since I'm a runner and triathlete and hubby is an Ironman.



I had to white out his name since we aren't quite ready to go public with it.

Confession: I still haven't taken the race bibs down. I'm obsessed with them and the Giants decorations from my NJ shower. So much so that I'm kind of wishing we painted the nursery blue... but don't tell Jeff. He spent the entire day yesterday doing the rest of the large projects for the nursery- he even missed his bike ride! It's probably not the best time to change my mind.

Just like a triathlon, the shower had three events:


Eat. Everyone contributed delicious dishes.



Play (games). Including the poopy diaper game! Everyone also had to guess how many inches my belly is (39) and how many miles I've run since the second trimester started (254.75).



Love (open gifts). My little guy got hooked up with so much cute gear. My friends are way too generous.

Seriously, how cute and creative of a theme is this? Caitlin really outdid herself! It really was perfect, and I felt so honored that she did all of this hard work for me. Tear. I can only hope she allows me to return the favor one day in the future.

Some highlights:

shower_diaper cake

Erin's gorgeous diaper cake. I refuse to ever take this apart and display it in baby boy's room until he turns 10. He'll be cool with that.


These incredibly delicious brownie pops made by Nicole. I'm not admitting to how many of these I've eaten…

choc fountain

Brittney's chocolate fountain. Mmm.

shower_cindi IMG_0258

Cindi's and Christie's adorable baby girls. Thank you both for allowing Nati to cover your daughters in slobber.

Each of my friends truly had a hand in making the day so special. Michelle and Lindsay even took these photos so I wouldn't have to worry about it.


I am so blessed to have such a thoughtful, kind group of friends. Now I hope they don't mind being baby-sitters in a few more months. Kidding. Kind of. ;)