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Week 30 pregnancy update

I am 30 weeks pregnant! That means there are only 7 weeks to go until my baby is considered full-term, and 10 weeks until my due date.


On one hand I feel like I've been pregnant forever, but on the other hand, I feel like pregnancy has flown by.

The belly

Feels and looks big to me. It's getting in my way a lot.


According to my midwife, I'm still measuring 2 weeks behind. She's not concerned (since an ultrasound revealed a huge baby 2 weeks ago) so I'm not worried.

Weight gain

Up another 2 lbs. this week, bringing the grand total to 23-24 lbs. I'm so amazed by my body. I feel like I haven't changed my eating or exercise habits throughout pregnancy, yet I continue to pack on the pounds. It just shows me my body truly knows what to do to grow a baby.


After a week and a half, I've finally kicked my cold. I will never take the ability to breathe through my nose for granted again!


I can tell the extra weight is taking a toll on my body. My feet are starting to hurt during all (non-swimming) workouts now. When I do too much, my body lets me know it. Yesterday, I coached Girls on the Run (Caitlin was sweet enough to let me be one of her assistant coaches this season. So much fun!), came home and took the furball on a long walk, and then spent over an hour in the kitchen cooking and doing dishes. My feet and hips were throbbing afterwards. I guess I need to space out my time spent vertical better throughout the day.


Besides the annoying foot pain, my workouts are still going strong. It was so nice to have regular sweat sessions again after my cold sidelined me for most of last week. It was also wonderful to get in the pool again after a 2 week hiatus brought on by traveling and sickness.

  • W: 40 min elliptical, upper body weight machines
  • Th: 4 mi run (treadmill) at 9:02 pace
  • F: 4 mi run (outside) at 9:04 pace
  • S: 45 min elliptical, upper body weight machines, 15 min recumbent bike
  • S: 4 mi run (outside) at 8:54 pace
  • M: OFF
  • Tu: 1200m pool swim

Mileage: 12 mi


I feel really at ease with my pregnancy lately and I'm not sure why. It took until trimester #3, but I finally feel like everything is going to work out and I will give birth to a healthy baby. It's nice to just enjoy my pregnancy and not freak out that the baby isn't moving enough, growing enough, blah blah blah. I hope this newfound calmness continues until my little guy arrives.



I had my 30 week appointment yesterday and my midwife told me baby is heads down! Wohoo! A couple of weeks ago he was still horizontal in my belly, so this was such great news. I also got the flu shot :)

The weird part? He's completely on the right side of my stomach and has been for days. I look lopsided (I tried to get a picture and failed). It feels so funny to only have movement on only one side. If you press my belly, the side of my belly is hard where he is and the other is flabby and obviously empty. I guess the right side of my uterus is his favorite. That is the side the egg that made him ovulated from, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised that he favors it ;)

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  1. The lopsided belly is my favorite- it always made me laugh! I’m glad you’re calm and enjoying pregnancy as you head into the home stretch! :)

  2. Your pregnancy workouts inspire me!

  3. You look so great! And I’m truly impressed that you can still maintain a 9:00 mile with a 30-week baby in there! Glad to hear you’re feeling better and that you’re more calm – enjoy the next 10 weeks!

  4. So happy for you that calmness has set in. I think I’ve been feeling pretty calm since about week 24ish…not sure why, just was. And now I’m at 28+ weeks and feelin’ good! Oh and our little boy is also hanging out a lot on my right side..I think I feel his booty.,haha

  5. So glad you’re feeling better! It’s hard enough work being pregnant, let alone trying to deal with being sick! Isn’t it weird how our bodies just do what they want to do, even when you don’t change your eating or exercise? You continue to look awesome :)

  6. Glad you are feeling better! Your running continues to inspire me – for someone who says the belly is getting in her way a lot, you sure don’t let it slow you down while you’re running!

  7. I can’t believe how fast you still are!

  8. aaahh! you look way bigger than when I saw you! eeekkk! so glad you got over the cold and it didn’t take the expected 3 weeks. I think I am over mine too. still slightly congested but thats nothing too abnormal for me.
    your workouts are awesome!

  9. I can’t believe you’re already 30 weeks! And umm, you’re faster than I am and I’m not pregnant! Great job keeping up with the workouts and I’m glad you’re feeling better.

  10. You really are amazing! I’m not pregnant either and I don’t run 9 minute miles. Glad you are finally feeling better and can breathe through your nose again!

  11. I know exactly what you mean about the weight gain! I’m at 33 weeks and have gained 28 pounds, and I feel the same way you do about not changing your habits. Our bodies are just that smart!!!
    You look beautiful, by the way!!
    My little guy hangs out on the right side too. Most of the time I have a huge lump on that side, and a flat spot on the left. :)

  12. Isn’t GOTR awesome?! I was a volunteer while I lived in Jacksonville, FL, working with girls from a really rough area (Arlington). Such an easy way to give back and help young girls learn positive, healthy outlets.

  13. You look FAB! Yay for 30 weeks! I love the color of your shirt, too. :) Has he started sticking a hand or foot out yet? I loved feeling K’s little feet as lumps on the belly. :)

    • Haven’t felt that yet. I still don’t feel him that much. It’s so frustrating!

      • :( He might not start sticking extremities out for a few more weeks yet so no worries. ;) I don’t really remember when K started really having parties in my uterus…lol

  14. You look great and YAY for 30 weeks!!!! I am so happy to hear that you have kicked your cold and are feeling good about your pregnancy. I always think that your inner instinct knows the best :).

  15. Yay for 30 weeks :-). I’m amazed at your workouts!

  16. i can’t believe how well you have kept up your workouts!! i hope i have such an active and fit pregnancy :) can’t believe you’re getting so close!

  17. new prediction: post delivery you are going to find that you have become kara goucher-fast! seriously i know i say this every week but those times this far along amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaze me!

  18. M likes to be lopsided every now and then – I don’t know how she does it! You look great! The 3rd tri was definitely when I started to relax a lot more (until this past week, of course)! I can’t wait for your little boy to arrive!

  19. You look amazing!

  20. Not too much longer now! Also, way to go on keeping up the workouts – its inspiring. You also have such a healthy approach to it (ie not doing it to not gain weight, which would be bad for you and baby!). I look forward to when you deliver and the name reveal!

  21. So glad you are feeling good and more calm, Jen! I really enjoy reading this updates and seeing what new insights you have every week. You look wonderful and very happy! Your baby shower pictures were great to look at too…you must have felt so special that day. Have a great weekend, Jen!

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