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Week 25 pregnancy update

Another week down. I'm now 25 weeks into my pregnancy. It's hard to believe that in about 15 weeks- give or take- my little guy will be outside of my body.


The belly

Keeps growing and growing. It also keeps getting in the way. It's nearly impossible for me to tie my shoes and shave my legs. But that's OK by me. I love my belly :)

Look what's happened in 10 short weeks:

15weeks1 IMG_0867

Week 15 vs. 25

Weight gain

After the insane amount of weight I gained last week, I'm shocked to report I lost a 1/2 pound this week.


I don't understand weight gain during pregnancy at all. Once again, I didn't change my exercise or eating habits- and I may have indulged in an entire bag of my favorite Fall treat.


Yet, I still lost weight. I guess I just need to trust that my body knows what it's doing.


My headaches are getting worse. They happen every afternoon and evening now. Sometimes they're so bad and accompanied by nausea that I'm literally unable to move because I know I'll get sick. My doctor suspects they might be migraines since light and sound also bother me.

I've tried everything- naps, massage, caffeine, adjustments, ice- and nothing helps. Clearly, they're hormonal. My doctor said I could take a migraine medication, but I don't feel comfortable taking any drugs at this point. I just hope they magically go away somehow.



Luckily, my headaches only happen in the afternoon and I exercise in the mornings. I've had some awesome workouts this week!

I tried prenatal yoga for the second time (the first time was in the first trimester). Unfortunately, prenatal yoga is not for me :( I fell in love with yoga because it gave me an awesome workout, challenged my body in new ways, but left me feeling relaxed, elated, and super sore the next day.

The prenatal classes I've taken are very gentle. Since I'm still able to push myself during my workouts, it was kind of lost on me. It's also pricey. I'd rather save my yoga dollars until post-pregnancy when I can get a killer workout from my favorite instructor.

  • W: 1200m pool swim; 1 hour prenatal yoga
  • Th: 4 mi run (outside) at 9:22 pace
  • F: 35 min elliptical; upper body weight machines
  • S: 4 mi run (outside) at 9:12 pace
  • S: 30 min lake swim
  • M: 4 mi run (outside) at 9:01 pace; upper body weight machines
  • Tu: 1200m pool swim

Mileage: 12 mi

Meterage: 2400m + 30 min lake swim


I'm feeling much better this week. I've felt the baby move a bit more which has been incredibly reassuring. I also figured out a sure way to get your baby moving: walk into something (like your bed), stub your toe, hop around like an idiot, and then your baby will flip out, too. I did feel guilty for sending all of that adrenaline to him, and I pray he doesn't inherit my clumsiness.


I'm realizing the days are ticking by quickly. I can't believe our maternity center tour is already behind us. Other events are coming up fast, too!

IMG_0869 (2)

Days left of being employed: 2 :(

Days until we escape the hot south for a cool weekend up north: 3

Days until babymoon: 21

Days until first shower: 32

Days until childbirth education class: 44

Days until second shower: 52

(Approximate) days left of pregnancy: 102 <---- aaah!


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  1. You look beautiful. Sooo sorry about the migraines. They suck.

  2. 21 days till babymoon!!!! I cannot wait. I can’t believe how fast the weeks are flying by! Eeekkkk!

  3. Sorry to hear about your migraines – I hope they clear soon . I tend to get really bad migraines every couple of months, which coincide with my bad endo months – ususally when I have really bad pain and suspected cyst ruptures. My consultant has said they are tied into the hormones and I only get them at that time of the month. I have found that ice-packs on my forehead can ease the pain a little but that I have to just wait until they lift – I am not a fan of painkillers as they leave me all muddled.
    I hope they clear for you really soon.
    You look amazing Jen! So happy & healthy. I am really happy for you. :)

  4. I love prenatal yoga and totally agree with you about it being too gentle but trust me when you get to the last few weeks–it feels so good! I did body pump and cycled til around 30 weeks and then the extra weight, tired, achiness of pregnancy made it hard to keep going. That’s about the time I switched to water aerobics and then a few weeks later started up prenatal yoga. So don’t totally discount prenatal yoga–you might find that in a few weeks its the only thing you can do and it feels so good. :)

    Oh and as far as the weight gain during pregnancy. It is SO crazy. The quantity of my eating hasn’t changed at all and if anything I’m eating a lot more unhealthy foods and yet the last four weeks my weight hasn’t changed AT ALL. Which isn’t a good thing and my doctors are concerned. The only thing I can think is maybe I’m not drinking enough water. Otherwise it makes no sense!

  5. I’m at 27 weeks and have been getting the headaches too! Mine seem to happen worse more frequently when I take a nap in the afternoon, so I’m trying to resist napping and sleep more at night. I’m starting to wonder if they are allergy/sinus related – I’m also in the Charlotte area and have heard a lot of people complaining about their allergies recently. Its not something that has bothered me much in the past but maybe pregnant people can be more sensitive to these things?

  6. I can’t believe that you run faster than me and you have a human growing inside of you.

  7. We have similar tastes in candy. :) Candy corn is my favorite! I can’t wait until your baby shower and oogling the goodies you get.

  8. You look adorable!! Just one idea regarding the migraines: two of my family members have migraines that are triggered by food coloring. (Your corn candy would send them both certain migraines.) One of them also gets migraines when she has consumed a lot of dairy in the last day or two. Yours may be totally hormone-related, but I thought I’d just toss a couple other possibilities out there.

    Mary, mom to many

    • Interesting! I may give up candy corn for a few days and see what happens. I tend to think they’re hormonal though since I never had headaches before getting pregnant.

  9. I totally felt the same way as you about yoga. It was gentle and we’re not ready for gentle yet!! I wonder if you have an instructor that emphasizes breathing? I wonder if the breathing exercises could be something you could take with you on labor and delivery game day!

    I love candy corn. I wish I could stop at one handful.

    I’m so sorry to hear about your headaches – it sounds like you have tried everything! I hope that it’s just a week 24/25 thing and you will be over them soon!

  10. I used to love Candy Corn! Now I want some. Thanks a lot! :) I’m excited for your baby shower already. I love baby things!

  11. Hey Baby Buddy! I can’t believe we’re down to 15 weeks. You look terrific and I’m sorry about the headaches. Looks like your workouts are still strong. My weight gain is kinda weird too and I’m trying really hard to just go with it. I’m still running and keep saying I’m going to stop, but just cannot bring myself to do that. I haven’t tried prenatal yoga, but feel like that is the next step. We’ll see…Happy 25 weeks!

  12. I’m 29 weeks and I have also been getting headaches. They happened during the first trimester, then went away in the second and came back in the third. It’s really unnerving. I hope you feel better!

  13. I’m sorry about the headaches. Maybe candy corn will help? No? Worth a shot! Hurray for the baby moon – not much longer. :)

  14. Have you tried acupuncture for the migraines? I know it is sort of pricey as well but it really helped several other moms I know. Good luck!

  15. In my case, whenever I feel the baby is not moving (and before starting a crying tantrum) I eat something sugary and rest on my left side. A square of dark chocolate surely wakes him up.

  16. I can’t believe how active you are staying, especially with the headaches! You impress me.

  17. oooo gosh. i totally completely love your updates. time is flying by!! i can’t even believe it. i think your smile and glow gets more apparent and more beautiful by the way. keep it up lady!

  18. You are still just such a workout machine!

    I’m 14w now, and can still only manage 4-5 30-50 minute workouts a week! And I really do pay for it if I overdo it a bit- the price of an extra 10 minutes seems to be a day on the couch and a day of nausea.

    Hope the migraines ease off soon- I can’t believe we’re going to meet your little guy so soon!

  19. How are you already at 25 weeks?? I swear you’re going to catch up and surpass me :)

    You look amazing with your baby bump – it suits you nicely :) But I’m so sorry about the bad headaches. They don’t sound fun at all. Hope they subside soon.

    I might have missed this, but where are you going on your babymoon?!

  20. your workouts are SOOOO inspiring! AHHHH!! amazing.

  21. oh sweetie! You look amazing!

  22. Well done for avoiding the migraine drugs! According to the AIMS (Association for Improvements in the Maternity Services), it is indeed better to avoid them when you can:

  23. Your belly has grown so much!*

  24. Babymoon – what a cute idea! Have you ever heard of “push” presents? I heard about it for the first time the other day….

  25. You look gorgeous!!

  26. I’m glad I’m not the only one who hated prenatal yoga! I started doing it right after I found out I was pregnant and was bored to tears! I wanted to be challenged, and that was NOT doing it for me! So, I’m sure my hips will be extra tight for birth, but I don’t care. You are seriously so cute! Loving your baby bump!

  27. Your pregnancy workouts are so impressive and consistent! And to be able to do that even when you’re having those awful headaches is so impressive. (I hope they get better very soon!) I’m not sure the prenatal yoga would be my thing either – I can do a gentle yoga class once in a while, but only if I look at it as just being for stretching and not a workout.

  28. Ugh… migraines are so debilitating! I hope they go away soon!

  29. I’m a new reader, but I felt compelled to respond when I read that you’ve been having migraines! (I LOVE your blog, by the way, and am so excited for you and your pregnancy!) I used to get migraines all the time in the afternoon/early evening. One thing that worked quite well for me was acupuncture. It cured my migraines and I have been migraine free for over a year now. :) I know you’re on a tight budget (so am I!!!), but there are several ways to get acupuncture at a discount (and still safe!). Check with your insurance or look for “community” acupuncture facilities, where acupuncturists offer individual sessions in a group room to keep the cost down. I truly hope you feel better soon! I know how frustrating and debilitating migraines can be!

  30. Sorry you didn’t like prenatal yoga! I have been taking it for about 12 weeks now, and it is super challenging! It must come down to the instructor. In fact, a non-pregnant girl decided to take the class last week, because she was a beginner, and thought it would be easy–she soon realized how wrong she was! She looked at all of us preggers I’m shock and couldn’t fathom how we could do the moves with big bellies! I also find that all that relaxin hormone is making me more flexible than I was in regular yoga. Maybe you could try a different instructor?

  31. Glowing as usual :) I’m sorry you’ve had migraines though. I wish I had some great advice for you, but I really hope those go away soon!! I can’t imagine dealing with that every single day.

    I know this week is probably going to be tough with the job ending. Hang in there! Hopefully time up north and your upcoming babymoon will make it easier.

  32. My mom had the worst headaches when she was preggers with me – the only thing that worked for her (and yes I know this sounds really stupid) was slicing up lemons and placing a row of them on her forehead. No idea why it works; but, my doctor dad was there to witness it.

  33. jen – i am so sorry about your headaches :(

    i don’t know much about prenatal yoga but i do know that i will whip you back into yoga shape post-baby! ;)

  34. Sorry about your migraines, glad you did not listen to the Dr it amazes me what Drs think is ok to take while pregnant. Accupucture helped with my migraines. I know it is pricey but worth it to get rid of the pain.
    I have been reading for awhile but I was wondering does your husband work?

  35. I love reading pregnancy status updates. They are so fun!

    So glad your pregnancy is going well overall. I am sorry about the migraines though..ugh. I got them in first trimester, but not so much now.

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