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Week 24 pregnancy update

It's week 24! This week is a big milestone because it means if baby were to be born now, he'd have the slightest chance of surviving. His odds go up significantly after week 28, but it's still exciting. Of course, I'd rather him stay nice and comfy in my uterus for at least 13 more weeks.


The belly

Is huge. I saw my midwife yesterday and I'm still measuring ahead.


Weight gain

Ok guys, I'm keeping it real: I gained THREE pounds this week. Bringing the total to 16-17 lbs. If you add that to the weight I had to gain the month before I got pregnant, I weigh a good 20 lbs. more than my normal weight. Wow.


Gaining 3 lbs. in one week is not healthy (I should only gain 1 lb. each week). I haven't changed my eating or exercise habits so I have no clue what happened. A huge weekly gain occurs in a lot of pregnancies, so I'm trying not to worry. If it happens again, I'll definitely take a closer look at my nutrition.


Maybe baby is going through a growth spurt because I had a bunch of symptoms this week. I woke up before 5 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday mornings dry heaving, I've been extra tired, and my headaches are getting worse.

I've also noticed two new symptoms:

  • Sore feet. My feet hurt constantly now. When I'm running, standing, sitting, laying down, etc. They're not swelling yet. Thankfully, my husband has been giving me foot rubs :)
  • Hot boobs. No, not like "yay, my boobs are finally growing and they look hot." Of course that's not the case. My boobs feel like they're on fire. They're way hotter than the rest of my body. Not sure if this is normal…



I felt really heavy on my run yesterday and had to walk up all the hills in my neighborhood. Clearly, my weight has something to do with it. I'll likely be slowing down now and gradually transitioning to more of a run/ walk. Which is fine by me. I'm just happy to be exercising.

  • W: 1200m pool swim
  • Th: 4 mi run (outside) at 9:28 pace
  • F: OFF
  • S: 1200m pool swim
  • S: 4 mi run (outside) at 9:31 pace
  • M: 1200m pool swim
  • Tu: 4 mi run (outside) at 10:00 pace; upper body weight machines

Mileage: 12 mi

Meterage: 3600m


Over the past week, I haven't felt the baby move that much. I tried to stay calm, but called my midwife yesterday. She had me come in ASAP for a fetal non-stress test (NST). We heard the baby move a lot and his heartbeat held steady at 160 bpm, but I still couldn't feel him. My midwife and the tech put their hands on my stomach and couldn't feel a thing either. They were pretty shocked since we heard him moving so much. Her guess is he's just in a new position, and I'll be feeling him frequently again in no time. So I feel much better.


Check out some of the cuteness that's arrived this week.

IMG_0843 IMG_0844

Our house is slowly being taken over by baby stuff. In addition to doing our nursery, my parents very generously bought us a ton of things for baby. Items I didn't even realize we need, such as a second car seat base for my husband's car. Umm, duh Jen. I am so lucky to have such wonderful parents!

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  1. Morning-i’m a new reader to your blog and am a mother to two boys. Don’t worry too much about the weight gain and how you are measuring-there is going to be lots of flux as time goes on. During my second pregnancy the drs had me all worked up about measuring ahead, breech presentation, gestational diabetes, not enough fluid around the baby….it seemed every appointment they were telling about some new test we had to do for something-it got quite stressful. However, my birth with Gregory was perfect in every way. When i walked into the delivery room i forgot all about that stress and was in a calm state of mind-makes all the difference :)

  2. You look so adorable Jen! I’m glad you are feeling prtty good and your workouts are better than mine! (whats my excuse??) hehe. I love that cute baby outfit!

  3. Love your updates! Three pounds or not, you’re looking great! I keep reading that weight gain can be sporadic throughout pregnancy – a few pounds one week, then none the next. You sound like you’re staying healthy, so it’s probably normal!

    Adore the Ironman onesie and bumGenius dipes! We’ll be using bunGenius as well; it doesn’t hurt that they’re completely adorable diapers :)

  4. I would love to check out your BumGenius diapers! I went to BabiesRUs yesterday to look at them and they don’t even carry them! BOO!!!

    One week with Molly I gained nearly 5 pounds! Then I hardly gained at all the rest of the month. It’s so random! I’m so glad you heard your little guy move and things are well. You look fantastic!

  5. Why do they think you keep measuring big? Are they going to move up your due date? If you have your baby before I do, I’ll be mad… ;)
    Whatever the weight gain, you look great- seriously. I had most of my weight gain in the second tri, then it slowed down on it’s own once I hit the third, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it.
    It is crazy how much of a difference the sudden weight gain makes in runs and walks. My walks now are pretty slow, and it’s just the craziest thing to feel the body you know become so different so quickly.
    And finally, I’m glad you called your doc and everything check out a-ok. Hopefully you’ll start feeling him again soon!

    • Just by measuring my belly. I will NOT let them move my due date up since I know when I ovulated. But I understand that I may need to be induced a few weeks early if he gets super huge!

      • I’m measuring about a week ahead too! They won’t move my due date, but I secretly hope this means he comes on time instead of the average 8-10 days late like most first time moms.

  6. I wish they would have had the Bum Genius with snaps when I was cloth diapering. The velcro wore out so quick.

  7. Lookin’ Goooood! :) I’m still so blown away by your commitment to running. I mean, I know you love it, but I’m still so impressed.

  8. aaah loving the cute baby clothes! so cute. I can’t wait to see you in less than 4 weeks! So excited!

  9. You look great – not huge at all, just gorgeously pregnant! So glad all is well with little one. I’m due 3 weeks after you and have bought next to nothing so far :-/ Thanks for inspiring me to get my a$$ in gear. LOVE ironman onesie – I almost want to force my man to do one just so we can get the onesie too! Kidding :-p

  10. Pregnancy looks good on you! You look adorable!

  11. I cannot believe that you’re this far along already! Maybe you’re weight gain will slow down from here? In any case, you look fantastic.

  12. You are looking gorgeous!!! And I remember having huge growth spurts like that too. I always gained 3/4 of my weight in the 2nd trimester. It was crazy!

  13. I’ve heard spurts like that are super common. I’m pretty sure every single pound you’ve gained is in your adorable belly- so baby must need it! You look fantastic! :)

  14. Your milk is coming in and I love the diapers…same ones we used. You should monogramm the initials on the butts of them

  15. Not sure if this is just an old wives’ tale or not, but when I was pregnant lots of other moms said I shouldn’t get foot massages because it might cause me to go into labor. It was very sad and I almost don’t want to know if it’s just a myth because it’s probably the only time my husband would have ever given me a foot massage!

  16. My entire body was always hot when I was pregnant with my son! I felt like I was sweating to death, half the time. With this pregnancy (a girl), I haven’t been near as hot. Thank goodness, since it’s summer! ; )

  17. Where have you found your maternity workout gear? I’m starting to outgrow my “regular” workout gear and everything you have looks adorable!


  18. i am so sorry to hear that you didn’t feel super great this week but hopefully good things were happening on the inside during all of it ;)

    and as always, you look fabulous!

  19. you might be 20 lbs heavier but you look fabulous!!

  20. Yay 24 weeks!!You’re looking great, and your workout schedule is fantastic. Doing much better than I am at 13 weeks! Glad little dude is OK- what a lovely strong heartbeat (…and more disproof of the old wives’ tale)

  21. I think that you look fantastic and your staying healthy and active, just throwing this out there… is there a possibility that there are twins in there? The first sonogram got the sex wrong, even though he was pretty sure and the 2nd they were absolutely sure… right? Twins run in my family and a lot of what you are describing sounds like twins… a few ladies in my family have found out very late in their pregnancy that they were having twins, 6 and 7 months and 2 at the birth… the one baby hide the twin. Might be worth checking if your worried. Good luck!

    • I’ve had 5 ultrasounds since I was an infertility patient. I’m positive it’s just one baby. The sonographer who got the sex wrong wasn’t at my normal practice; it was at a horrible hospital when we were visiting my inlaws.

  22. Re: weight gain. Just because you’re “supposed to” gain 1 lb a week, doesn’t mean that the weight gain will be linear. My second pregnancy, I gained nearly half my total weight in just 8 weeks, around 16-24 weeks, then hardly gained any during 3rd trimester. I’d say don’t stress about it too much, especially considering that you eat healthily and exercise regularly!

  23. I’ve been following your blog for a month or two now but this is my first comment. I just wanted to let you know you are ROCKING IT!!! You look like a million bucks and have that glow. You are truly an inspiration in so many ways and it makes me look forward to motherhood even more (shhh ;) don’t tell my husband)!! Thanks for sharing your experiences!!

  24. Hot boobs!? I’ve never heard of such! I’m interested to know if that’s a typical side effect of pregnancy.

    I’m definitely going to need someone to tell me what to buy for my future baby because I’m sure I won’t think of things like a second car seat base either.

  25. I think its so great how your staying in touch with how your body is feeling throughout the pregnancy and keeping a record of it for others (and for yourself the next go round!). Kudos to you.

    Looks like your baby boy is going to be a big ironman himself!

  26. aww sweetie – I am so happy to hear that everything is progressing nicely!

  27. 1) you look fantastic. seriously. if i can look even a little bit like that at 24 weeks i will be THRILLED.

    2) i think you’re measuring big b/c of the big babies in your fam!

    3) thanks for the 3 lb co-miseration

    4) thanks for KEEPING IT REAL :)

  28. I love these updates of yours and I love following you along on this journey. I just have to tell you how fantastic and gorgeous you look at 24 weeks – I can imagine how seeing the scale go up can be hard (even though it’s for a growing baby!), but just so you know you look great and glowing! :)

  29. I love the Ironman onesie!*

  30. I had hot boobs, too. My breasts grew quite large and were hot and hard (that’s what she said…). This was way before my milk came in. I looked like I had had breast implants :).

  31. Babies are $$$, they are cute and cuddly but so stinking’ expensive!! And hot boobies? Oh my, I can’t wait to deal with that in 8 years!

  32. OB nurse weighing in: It is exceedingly normal to gain weight very quickly between 22 and 28 weeks. Most likely once you hit 28 weeks, your weight gain will slow down some. So don’t worry– sounds like you are doing great! I have really been enjoying your pregnancy updates!
    Mary, mom to 10, and new runner since last September!

  33. Oh gosh I can’t believe how close you are getting. This is so exciting. I love the ironman teeshirt. I am glad you talked to the mid-wife. I am sure the boy will be bouncing again in no time and that you will feel it :) :) Thank you so much for sharing. I know all of this stuff will be so useful. Did you ever put up all the registry stuff people suggested, would love to see it

  34. I had hot boobs when I was pregnant. Actually, it was one of the first symptoms I got, before a positive test even. It went away after I delivered my son.

  35. It’s so interesting to hear the weird things that seem to come up during various people’s pregnancies…hot boobs, who knew? ;) Your workouts seem like a great mix of things – I would think strength training and swimming especially would help you feel extra strong in important places (back + core maybe?) while having an expanding belly. You continue to look so wonderful and happy, Jen!

  36. a.) you look awesome. b.) i also am experiencing hot boobs. hahha. c.) we’re also doing bum genius with snaps :)

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