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What they didn’t tell me about pregnancy

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I have no idea who "they" are. I'm not a fan of "them" at all.

Growing up, my mother always started out sentences this way. "They say that you should drink 8 glasses of water each day." "They say that running too much isn't good for your knees." "They say that kids who don't listen to their mother will lose their hair." Etc.


9 weeks pregnant and feeling terrible.

I'd always ask "who are they?" She could never give me an answer. Most of the time, she heard the tidbit of info from one of her coworkers or the news. Both incredibly reliable sources of information. This is likely why I pursued a career where I have to cite every single detail I write using credible sources.

Still, we've all heard plenty of old wives' tales and other anecdotal information that we think we know what to expect in certain situations. I've already covered my pregnancy symptoms, but as I get further along, I'm experiencing some things that "they" never warned me about.

As always, keep in mind these minor nuisances are a million times better than going through infertility, so I'll gladly take them.


Consider yourself warned.

1. My thighs have gotten huge. I always thought women gained pregnancy weight in the belly, boobs, and butt. Yet, my thighs are expanding seemingly at the same rate as my abdomen.

From a body image perspective, I don't care at all. I love my pregnant body. But from a functionality perspective, enormous thighs are annoying.

  • I've had to change my swimming form so my thighs don't rub together. I'm sure this incorrect technique where I kick my legs to the side is doing wonders for my low back and swimming speed… or not.
  • When I wear skirts and dresses- the only clothes that fit me comfortably- my thighs constantly touch and sweat like nothing else.
  • I would not be able to run or walk my dog without BodyGlide. There would be no way. I chafe after walking for a few minutes because my shorts ride up in my inner thighs. BodyGlide used to be reserved for long runs and races, now it's an everyday necessity.


2. You'll pee yourself. Really. You have to wipe your girly parts very well after going to the bathroom. If you wipe once, you'll drip. I have to wipe 2-3 times.

My doctor says this will only get worse and that I can look forward to leaking while running soon. How exciting.


3. People will think it's OK to comment on how huge you are. I'm not talking about friends or family who say "oh you're getting so big" in a loving, supportive way. I mean strangers will call you out.

One woman asked when my baby is due, and I said December. She responded, "are you sure? You're awfully big." I was out with a group of people who I don't know that well and a few folks kept saying I was way bigger than someone who is 13 weeks ahead of me. Why they assumed that I was too big instead of her being too small, I have no idea.


Not too big.

Being called "huge" doesn't bother me. But I can see how it would bother a lot of pregnant women! Why on earth is it acceptable to comment on a woman's weight when she's pregnant, but definitely not OK at other times?

What does bother me is that they're judging me. When I hear that I'm "awfully big" or I'm getting mocked for being as big as someone else much further along, I take that as I am gaining too much weight and being a bad mom. Of course, I know I'm gaining the perfect amount of weight for a healthy baby boy and he's just measuring ahead. But the fact that people are judging me gets on my nerves. I know this is only the first of many, many times people will passively aggressively judge my parenting skills. I just need to get used to it :)

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