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My first son

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March was a really low point for me. After my first failed cycle of infertility this year, I felt like a failure. We escaped on a tropical vacation, yet I couldn't run away from the thoughts in my head.


When I assumed things couldn't get any worse, they did (or so I thought at the time). In the middle of my next fertility cycle, my doctor called my ovaries weird and wanted to put me on the pill for awhile. Of course, we know the ending; I was actually pregnant but didn't know it.

I was desperate. I needed to know if I'd ever be a mom. I did what any other woman would do: I consulted an infertility psychic.


This psychic had been correct with some of my twitter infertility friends. She had a 75% accuracy rating. So I asked for a reading.

It took 3 weeks for her to get back with it. In that time span, I found out I was pregnant. Yet, I was still eager to hear what the psychic had to say.

She told me I'd either conceive, find out I was pregnant, or have a baby in July (not necessarily this July). My first child would be a son. He'd be the life of the party, get along really well with people, but be a huge mama's boy and love me more than anyone.

At first, I freaked out. The baby in my belly could not have any associations with the month of July. I feared for a few seconds that her reading meant I was going to lose the baby I was carrying.

Then I realized she was 100% right.


My first son was born on July 24, 2002. I didn't meet him for a few more weeks, but it was love at first sight. And he fit the psychic's description to a T.

Nati celebrated birthday number 9 this past weekend by engaging in his favorite activities.


IMG_0729 IMG_0739

IMG_0738 IMG_0724

And eating cupcakes (it runs in the family):

IMG_0741 IMG_0742

IMG_0743 IMG_0747

I know most people say they love their pets, but I'm borderline unhealthily obsessed with my furball.

Nati taught me how to be a mom.

I now know that when my baby is sick in the middle of the night, I'll pop out of bed with more adrenaline than I have on race day.

I now know that a lot of extra work goes into planning a vacation the whole family can enjoy, but it's totally worth it.

I now know that it's normal to keep track of how much your baby poops to make sure he's eating enough.

I now know not to plan to get anything done beyond nervous pacing and crying if my baby ever needs surgery.

I now know that any mood can be turned around when you see the face of someone so innocent who loves you and needs you so much.

7.28.11 (2)

It's hard to believe that in a few months there will be another little boy in my life who melts my heart and teaches me so much more. Just thinking about it leaves me at a loss of words…

But in related news, does anyone know where I can find a similar stuffed dog to this one?

n wedding

We need Nati represented in the delivery room. Sadly, this stuffed look-alike got left behind on our wedding day :(

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