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Week 20 pregnancy update

I'm technically halfway through my pregnancy! I cannot believe it.


I have a feeling the second half will last longer than the first. Simply because I didn't know I was pregnant until week 4. So I've only been aware that I'm pregnant for 16 weeks. If the little guy behaves and stays put until his due date, the second half of pregnancy will be 20 weeks. Making it a bit longer. Make sense? ;)

The belly

You're all well aware how I feel about my belly. I feel big and love it. Look what's happened in only 5 weeks!

15weeks1 IMG_0758

I've heard from a few people this week that I look much bigger than 20 weeks. I'm taking that as a compliment :)

Weight gain

I'm up 1.5 lbs. this week. Making the grand pregnancy total 9.5- 10.5 lbs.


According to my weekly pregnancy updates from babycenter, I should have gained 10 lbs. by now. I'm quite proud and honestly shocked that I seem to be right on track.


I had one episode of minor bladder spasms this week. My only other pregnancy sign was the constant fatigue. I've accepted that I'm not going to be one of those women who get a surge of energy in the second tri. And that's more than fine by me. I heart napping.



My workouts are going really well. The addition of swimming regularly has left my body feeling less achy. In fact, I didn't even take a rest day this week. Oops. I'll be sure to fix that next week!

But I am getting sick of the treadmill. My normal treadmill boredom busters won't work since I need to take it easy. I'm taking two trips up north in the next 6 weeks so I'm hoping the weather is cool enough for me to run outside.

Weekly run down:

  • W: 4 mi run (treadmill) at 9:35 pace
  • Th: 1100m pool swim
  • F: 3 mi run (treadmill) at 9:40 pace, 15 min elliptical, upper body weight machines
  • S: 3 mi run (outside) at 9:49 pace, 20 min water running in the lake
  • S: 30 min lake swim
  • M: 4 mi run (treadmill) at 9:48 pace
  • Tu: 1100m pool swim

Mileage: 14 mi

Meter-age: 2200m + 30 min lake swim


I'm happy to say my mood has really shifted since the anatomy scan. Of course, my biggest fear is still not getting to meet and take home my healthy baby. But I'm also starting to accept that my pregnancy is real.

I've been hunting for baby stuff like crazy. It's all so darn cute! We plan to register at the end of the week.

IMG_0749 IMG_0751


LOVE the little Clemson hat and "lil tiger" socks.

I'm also freaking out a bit. I'm only home TWO weekends until mid-October so I feel like there's a lot to do.


Movement: I'm still feeling lots of little flutters! Question: do they ever get stronger and feel like real kicks? Or is it just the flutters? I want him to kick me so hard it hurts :)

Cravings: Remember last week when I said my potato chip craving ended? I lied. All I've wanted the past couple of days is salty foods. I guess nearly two weeks with salt was too much for me.

Days until I'm laying on the beach: 17. I'm going to see my parents in NJ and I'll take day trips to the beach with my friends and family the week before HLS. Cannot wait.

Days until "babymoon": 56. My fingers and toes are crossed that I can still walk around by then!

Names we have picked out: One and it's set. But I'm keeping it a secret… for now… but it's really hard ;)

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  1. The kicks will get so big you will see your whole side or stomach bounce. It’s unreal – just wait! You look gorgeous. Love the Clemson onesie!

  2. Congrats on choosing a name…so exciting! Really impressed with how much exercise you are getting is- that is awesome! And, yes, the kicks and movements will get stronger and more pronounce in the coming weeks. Enjoy!

  3. I am seriously so impressed with your exercise!! You’re kicking butt.

    My energy just got zapped in the past week, so I feel ya with the naps- love ‘em. Yes, kicks get harder, and eventually your whole belly will shake rattle and roll (it’s my favorite part!). I’ve heard people say kicks get so strong that they hurt, but as active as my little one is (VERY active), I’ve never felt pain because of a kick. They just make me smile :)

  4. I agree with Emily-depending on the position of the baby, you should feel major kicks soon! I can’t believe anyone said you look more than 20 weeks!! You look fabulous and so healthy!! I am super impressed with your workouts! So happy for you!

  5. This is my first time posting and just have to say I have loved reading your blog these past few weeks/months and have to say you are doing great with your exercise and eating!! Way to go!!

    Yes, the kicks will get harder and stronger and you will feel, and see, movement EVERYWHERE! By the end, you will probably feel some pain with some of the movements just because there isn’t much room left so everything feels more intense. And, of course, baby HAS gotten bigger and stronger. With each of my 3 pregnancies, I can remember physically pushing a foot or hand or bumm “away” after getting a particularly painful jab to the ribs or pelvis or some other part. But by far, feeling a baby move inside my belly is absolutely my favorite part of pregnancy. Enjoy it all!!

  6. You look beautiful and SO happy. I always read your posts with a smile on my face. I love your updates and am so glad things are going well for you. Those tiny clothes are too cute!

  7. Congrats on being half way through! I bet the 2nd half will fly by as you’re getting ready for baby! I think its great how you are accepting of weight gain, but aren’t going crazy how some women do and eat EVERYTHING in sight. And your exercise regimen is inspiring and I hope to be able to do that when I’m pregnant. I’ll be curious to see how you feel running from here on out. Two people I know who recently had kids said after 22 or so weeks running felt very weird and/or uncomfortable so they switched to elliptical/yoga/etc. That being said, everyone is different!

  8. The big kicks will probably start within the next 2-5 weeks. My little one took a while to really get kicking too. The best will be in the morning when you both wake up and you can watch your whole belly move- AMAZING!

    As for crazy cravings- it will pass… eventually. I NEVER drank pop or ate fast food but wanted a slurpee and a McDonalds Quarter Pounder so bad- NO CLUE WHY (gross, huh?)! Eventually it passed. So odd to crave certain things- especially ones you’ve never had them (McD’s). I figured cravings would be for things that baby secretly desired- thinking certain foods that she would need to grow (like veggies/ fruits/ dairy, etc, etc).

    Keep kicking butt girl!

  9. Wow! I cannot believe you’re already at the halfway mark!!! I am so happy that you’re excited and buying baby stuff now. I cannot wait to spoil the little man. :)

  10. I love all the Clemson gear :) I work on many different college campuses for my job and Clemson is one of our clients, I was just in the bookstore looking at all the cute baby stuff. Congrats on hitting the half way point!

  11. EEEKK! I am SO EXCITED I get to share in your babymoon with yall. It will be awesome. CANNOT WAIT. LOVE the hat and socks, so tiny!

  12. The kicks will DEFINITELY get stronger!! Just wait until you start feeling hiccups (it’s SOOOO bizarre feeling someone hiccup inside of you!!).

    Yay for reaching 20 weeks :)

  13. Trust me, the second half of tour pregnancy is going to fly by! I can’t believe our girl could be here any day-feels like yesterday we saw the positive pregnancy test. And I promise the flutters will turn into full on kicks, punches and rolls-I’ve been nailed in the ribs a few times-it’s pretty awesome! You look fantastic, I am so excited for you!

  14. You do look gorgeous – happy and radiant! I just discovered your blog (seems like a lot of bloggers are pregnant right now! :-) and I am enjoying reading all your racing recaps. I have a lot of work ahead of me but one day I would like to be able to run a 5K or 10K non-stop. Good to have goals!

  15. Look at that belly!! You are beautiful!! And probably the happiest pregnant woman I know.

    Also – New England isn’t exactly cool, but we do have plenty of beaches… Just sayin’… ;)

  16. Awww, aren’t baby clothes the cutest??? Yes, shortly you will DEFINITELY feel more pronounced kicks–some that will quite literally take your breath away! I am 33 weeks now, and I remember at 20 weeks feeling those flutters that sometimes feel like gas or a gurgling stomach. My husband & I like to play a game to see what stimuli our little one will respond to, like music, my husband’s voice, construction noises outside, etc. Since he doesn’t experience the pregnancy first-hand, it is even more special for him to feel the kicks, and see my belly shaking away when we are relaxing on the sofa at night. So exciting! :)
    Living on Long Island, I can’t say that the Northeast weather will give you much relief, but it is nice to get away. We did a short babymoon to Toronto last weekend to visit friends–and it was hotter than in NY! Go figure. I had no problem moving around, just had to take it slower. Like you, I have stayed active throughout, which really helps.
    Good luck registering! I highly recommed the book “baby bargains” if you don’t already have it!


  17. There is nothing cuter than tiny baby clothes! Well…the glowing mom-to-be is pretty awesome, too! I’m loving every update and I’m so impressed by your workouts.

  18. Hi Jen! I recently discovered your blog and I love it! Congratulations to you and your husband. I absolutely love your attitude towards pregnancy, and how you are embracing your new body and appreciating every minute. My husband and I are hoping to go down the baby road sometime soon, so your posts have been great preparation for me. Enjoy the next 20 weeks until your bundle of joy arrives!


  19. The kicks will get stronger and stronger. They say month 7 is when baby is the most active. And it’s true, my little one was doing full on somersaults up until about a month ago (I’m 33 weeks). Now she elbows and scratches at my bladder and lower belly (OUCH!) and kicks dangerously close to my ribs. It’s annoying at times (3am) but I can’t possibly be mad about it. :)

  20. I can’t believe you are already halfway through! That is so wonderful and I am so happy for you. Prayers that the rest of it goes smoothly :)

  21. You are so enthusiastic about your pregnancy. :) I love it. Your belly is getting big!

  22. congrats on being halfway! You look great! Yes, the kicks will get stronger! It’s really cool/bizarre when you see your tummy ripple when the kiddo moves around. Towards the end, K would stick a foot (or hand?) out, and I’d see a lump on my belly. I’d rub it and he would move. :) Sometimes you’ll feel his bottom sticking out one side too. You’ll look lopsided when you get bigger, too, as the baby moves around and starts running out of room. Until then, you may feel somersaults!

  23. Halfway?!! Congratulations! I’m a FSU Seminole, so I don’t know how I feel about all the orange haha…but those tiny outfits are too cute!

  24. you’re carrying really low, you can tell you’re having a boy ;) I thought after week 20 time flew by (of course I only made it 7 more weeks) but I kept all of the “getting ready” things until after 20 weeks like picking out nursery things and ordering stuff, so it made it a lot of fun :) Hopefully it’ll fly by for you! And you’ll start feeling legit kicks soon, give it another week or 2 :)

  25. Your pregnancy updates are so fun to read, Jen! It’s great that you’ve been able to adjust your workouts to what feels right and feel good about it. I’d say you are doing awesome!! Where up north are you traveling? If it’s Boston, I hope you let me know :)
    Being away from home so much will make the next couple of months fly by, I’m sure! Can’t wait to hear more!

  26. Adorable, as always! You look great at 20 weeks! Like I said, I wish mine looked more baby bump-ish then instead of beer belly-ish! I’ve never been kicked so hard it hurts, but the kicks will definitely get harder! I’m not to the point where she’s so big that I’m feeling fewer kicks and more rolling! Believe me, the last 20 weeks will go by fast! Have fun putting together your registry! Just a piece of advice – research what you want ahead of time before you go. It will help you choose things when you get there!

  27. your baby bump is awesome! love your weekly updates!

  28. Love the Clemson Clothes!!! They also have a really cute blanket (or they used to…) that says “born a tiger” and has a huge paw print in the middle. My mom got both kids one and we had them monogrammed with name, date of birth, height weight etc.

  29. LOVE the Clemson stuff you’ve picked out! In both of my boys’ hospital pictures, they are wearing Clemson onesies. :D

    As for the movement, his kicks will get MUCH stronger. Toward the end of your pregnancy you’ll actually be able to see a little foot/elbow/knee moving across your belly! And it will HURT. But SO SO SO SO worth every minute of it!!

  30. Yay! You’re getting cuter with each post! You will totally feel baby boy kick. He’ll kick you so hard, that your husband will be able to feel and see your belly move. Sometimes they push their hand or foot out and you’ll be able to see it through your belly. My boys were both breech due to my bicornuate uterus, so I had their heads under my ribcage the whole pregnancy. At the end it was uncomfortable, but I did love being able to feel and rub their heads!!!

  31. I would say each week my kicks get stronger and more complex :) Exciting times!!! And YAY! A name! Plus, I completely agree that I think the second half will feel longer than the first. It’s so nice how we get that four week freebie, if you will. :)

  32. Congratulations!!! I have two friends, both older than me and married (I’m only 18), who are 32 and 36 weeks alond respectively, so baby fever is at an all-time high around me right now. I’m sure you’ll be a great mom :)

  33. Oh he will kick. Dontcha worry! Its a beautiful thing. And tiwards the end youll be able to actually see your stomach jutting out when he moves around. Its so cool!

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