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Ever since our news on Wednesday, I have not been able to concentrate at all. My mind has been filled with images of toy cars, matching daddy and baby outfits, and wondering how many times I'll get peed in the face ;) I cannot wait until December so we can meet our little guy!

Since my creativity for the week is sapped, I'm very lucky that Kelly nominated me to share my 7 links. My 7 links is a series that's been going around the blog world. It was so much fun reading through some old posts, so I'm glad Kelly asked me to participate.

1. My most beautiful post: Infertility myth: you're alone

Opening up about my infertility issues was such a blessing. It's a horrible, unfair battle and connecting with others who truly understood how I felt eased some of the pain. I hope I encouraged others to share their own struggles.


2. My most popular post: My miracle

Finding out I was pregnant was the biggest shock of my life. I may be one of the few people to get pregnant during a failed infertility treatment cycle. This post definitely deserves the top spot.


3. My most controversial post: The pregnancy excuse

I don't really tackle controversial topics, but I have strong opinions. I firmly believe women should not complain about weight gain during pregnancy unless they're gaining too much or too little. Some people choose to disagree with me, and I respect their opinions if they present them nicely.


4. My most helpful post: How to make peace with the treadmill AND How to become a faster runner

Without learning to love the treadmill and following my tips for getting speedy, I would not be the runner I am today was pre-pregnancy. I hope these tips can help you, too.

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5. A post whose success surprised me: How running affects you down there

I wrote this post last September and it still brings in a ton of search engine traffic. I guess there's just not a lot of info out there about how running affects your girly parts? ;)


6. A post I feel didn't get the attention it deserved: Try to Tri series: Biking for runners and Swimming for runners

Honestly, I am thrilled and shocked when anyone gives my posts any attention! Both of these guest posts are awesome though. They offer great tips for runners who are ready to take the triathlon plunge but are newbies at swimming and cycling.


7. The post I'm the most proud of: Is quitting really forever?

Right after I Did Not Finish a marathon, I felt like a huge loser. Then I had the epiphany that quitting anything in life is not necessarily a bad thing. I still feel strongly about that 9+ months later. At some point, we're each going to quit something and there's no need to feel guilty about it.


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