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Run For Your Cause 4 Miler 2011 Race Recap

Posted by runnerstrials

I ran this race one year and 13 lbs. ago. I was in awesome shape and had high hopes I'd do well. I trash-talked my husband all week and told him I was going to beat him.

The race sucked for hubby and I. We decided to run together and finished in 30:43, a 7:41 pace. I was so disappointed.


Fast forward one year, and I had a completely different race experience.

IMG_0635 (2)

Baby and I finished in 44:00, an 11:00 minute pace, and had so much fun!

IMG_0620 (2) IMG_0619 (2)

Wearing my adorable pregnancy running shirt obviously.

I couldn't have done it without my awesome running buddy, Caitlin! She was nice enough to run with me the whole time. She has a triathlon tomorrow so had no qualms about keeping her pace slow for the pregnant woman. It was much appreciated ;)

IMG_0663 (2)

Instead of pushing it, we just enjoyed ourselves. It was so great to chat and catch up with Caitlin! At times, I honestly forgot we were running. I had zero abdominal pain which was such a relief.

IMG_0655 (2)

I learned a very important lesson today: This is how running should feel when you're pregnant. I'm done pushing myself. I want to keep up running during pregnancy as long as I can, and that means I need to slow my pace down a lot more than I originally intended.

IMG_0644 (2)

Surprisingly, this is beyond fine with me. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Based on how my runs have been going, I knew there was a chance today could be my running swan song. Instead, I learned I can run pain free as long as I keep it really slow. I could not be happier!

IMG_0662 (2)

I felt on top of the world after the race, and decided to take advantage of it by hitting the pool afterwards. I swam 800m (slowly) and it felt so good! Go me :)

Kelly also ran the race (with her mom!) and did wonderful too!

IMG_0624 (2)

The highlight of the morning was spending time with Kelly's "baby". I love all dogs, but I have a huge soft spot in my heart for Rascal. My goal is to have a dachshund just like him one day.


Another perk was seeing my hubby along the course. It's always nice to have your personal cheerleader and photographer.

IMG_0627 (2)

Never bike without a helmet!

An overall great race day! I can't wait to run this race in 2012. Maybe I'll have a new running accessory? ;)

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