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When you assume

We all know what happens when you assume things. (If you don't break down the word, ass-u-me).

Still, this doesn't stop me from making assumptions. I think certain things in life should follow a clear cause and effect pattern.

You know, if you train for a race well you should rock it. Right?

IMG_5133 (2)

Worst swim ever, and I had no idea what terror awaited me on the bike.


If you clock 8+ hours of sleep a night, you should wake up feeling refreshed. Right?


Being so exhausted you dry heave is lots of fun at 18 weeks pregnant.


If you show your dog a ridiculous amount of love and socialize him with others when he's a pup, he should get along with other dogs. Right?


Why do you have to be part chow chow? Embrace your lab qualities!

Sigh :(

Tomorrow I'm running a 4 mile race, and I'm trying not to assume that it will go poorly.

My last two runs have gone horribly. On Tuesday, I was in pain. Today, I felt uncomfortable all over and my legs didn't want to move. So I could assume this pattern will continue tomorrow...


I'm trying to dismiss this assumption and have a positive mental attitude. Yet I keep catching myself saying "it's only four miles, it should feel like nothing."

But I'm pregnant. It will be hot and humid. The race is hilly. And in my best shape last year, I ran this race poorly.


None of that matters. Only my goal does: to have fun. I may knock out 4 miles in under a 9:00 minute/ mile pace or I may walk the whole course. My pace and how I feel are not in my control.

But enjoying myself is. I will start and finish the race with a smile on my face, no matter what happens :)

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  1. Good luck! We all believe and know that you’ll do great :)

  2. Good Luck!! Great attitude to have!! Keep it up!

  3. I would be happy to walk the entire race with you, just so you know! :)

    maybe the weather will be like today’s!

  4. Have fun and enjoy the atmosphere of the race :) I find if I go out with that attitude, it usually goes better than expected. Good Luck!

  5. Good luck! Don’t let bad runs get you done, reset button! Remember u R pregnant! Don’t be hard on urself, u r rocking it every day!

  6. No matter how you run it’s a pr for the baby and setting a pr is always a silver lining even if a race isn’t perfect, right? Good luck and have fun!

  7. Good luck tomorrow, Jen! I know that you’ll do great! :)

  8. Oh and now that you have a belly…maybe the baby will cross the finish line before you! ;)

  9. yay! have FUN tomorrow, just keep thinking that you are getting to run the race with your little peanut, and can show her one day some pictures of the two of you racing together. so cool!

  10. You never know, it may turn out to be a great race. Good luck either way!

  11. Great attitude! I hope you have a wonderful time no matter what happens :)

  12. Take it easy girl! Don’t push yourself to hard! And definitely have fun! 4 miles pregnant feels like 8 miles not-pregnant!

  13. Good luck Jen! Just relax and have fun with it! You are pregnant and racing with your little girl in tow – that’s a pretty amazing thing. Just soak it all up, and know that no matter what happens, someday you’ll be able to tell her all about the races you ran with her. :)

  14. Hope you have a great time- and look forward to some kind of deliciously cold treat afterwards :) It’s hard to even IMAGINE being warm at the moment, as winter has recently arrived in NZ!

  15. Awesome post! Definitely true about the race. You never know how it will go. I’ve had the worst races of my life after training my best, and I’ve had some pretty good races after not training my best. I like your attitude about it. Good luck! I’m excited to hear how it goes!

  16. My experience has taught me that running does not allow you to assume anything. Even in the most low risk, predictable situations, runs and races could go much better or worse than I expect. I’ve tried recently to let go of expectations as much as possible. I have goals and I want to reach them, but as far as when they happen I know I don’t have as much control over that. My body might be hurt, get tired, have certain limitations that slow me down. All I can do my best each and everyday, with my eyes on my goal but with acceptance of whatever I can do right now.
    Have fun tomorrow, Jen! I know you have the determination to do whatever your body is up to do!

  17. You are awesome for even attempting this!! Good luck, Jen – get out there and rock it, girl!!! You’ll be fabulous, no matter how it goes. And one day you can tell your little girl the story of the race that the two of you ran together! :)

  18. Good luck, Jen! Enjoy a race with your baby no matter the pace :)

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