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Week 18 pregnancy update

Wow, week 17 was a short week. Seriously, it only lasted FOUR days.


Why? Because my doctor moved my due date up! We can now expect our little miracle around December 11.

I told my doctor I was concerned that since my baby was measuring so far ahead- and was double the weight she "should" be in the last ultrasound- that my due date would get moved up too much. I've heard of women who've had their due dates moved up 2- 3 weeks based on baby's measurements. Since I know the exact day I ovulated, moving up my due date too much could mean my baby would be taken out too early. The best place for my baby is in my uterus until about 40 weeks. I really don't want her coming out even a few weeks sooner unless she wants to or unless it becomes dangerous for either of us.

Most due dates are based on how the baby measured during the first ultrasound. But since we know my ovulation date, we're going off that instead of baby's possibly unreliable measurements. 12/11/11 can't get here soon enough :)

The belly

Is growing! And I could not be happier.


I feel like I finally look pregnant instead of bloated.

Weight gain

After the scale didn't budge last week, I'm delighted to say I'm up a full pound this week. My total weight gain so far is 7-8 lbs.



The abdominal pain and pressure that my doctor thinks is bladder spasms is still there. Sitting on the couch with my feet up relieves it a bit. I'm trying not to be nervous about it. But the ultrasound tech told me when I was in the hospital that my placenta is a little low so this isn't exactly easing my fears. My next ultrasound is a week from today and I'm praying my placenta moves up.

My knees and ankles have been popping non-stop. After they crack, they burn. I'm assuming this is caused by relaxin, the hormone that relaxes the joints in my pelvis so baby can grow. It just happens to be affecting other joints in my body right now. I don't mind; it just means the hormone is doing its job well.


I said the other day I was going to cut back on running, but instead I tried something new: I ran on the treadmill. I had not been on the treadmill in months, and my first two runs back felt great! I started to think maybe the discomfort during my runs was just weather-related.

7.12.11 weather

I want to move.

Then yesterday happened. I had abdominal pressure during my treadmill run and it was only eased by walking, running very slowly, or going to the bathroom (which I did twice in 37 minutes, a new personal record). It made me seriously question continuing to run during pregnancy. Since I had two good runs in the days before, I'm going to give it another shot. Maybe I just need to switch to walk/runs?

One thing's for sure, I need  to get in the pool. I've been so scared to enter the chlorine since it made me super nauseated and dizzy in week 6. Fear is holding me back, but I'll never know if the pool still makes me sick unless I try. I will go this week.

Weekly run down:

  • W: 30 min elliptical, upper body weight machines
  • Th: 3.75 mi run (outdoor) at 9:26 pace
  • F: OFF
  • S: 4.5 mi run (treadmill) at 9:04 pace
  • S: 20 min kayaking, 22 min lake swim
  • M: 4 mi run (treadmill) at 9:06 pace
  • Tu: 3.75 mi run (treadmill) at 9:54 pace

Mileage: 16 mi.


As explained above, I'm still nervous about my abdominal pain.

On the other hand, I'm eager to get things moving! I have not allowed myself to buy anything for baby and won't until we have the anatomy scan next Wednesday. After that, it's only going to be about 20 weeks before she's here. Yikes! That does not seem like a lot of time for all we have to do.



I think I'm starting to feel the baby move! I'm trying not to get too excited because I'm not sure if it's her or gas. It feels like bubbles or popcorn popping and I can only feel it when I'm sitting or laying still. My hubby put his hand on my abdomen the other night and said he felt something right when I felt a "pop" :) So cool!


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  1. Yay for the baby coming earlier! Your talk about due dates made me think about my sister’s. She’s due on 9/16/11… BUT she wants the baby to come on 9/10/11 because their anniversary is 6/7/08. She wants the next one to be on 12/13/14! How weird would it be if they had their anniversary and babies in a number succession like that/!?

  2. Um. I am SUPER impressed with your treadmill pace. My typical outdoor running pace is around 9:10 to 9:20 for short runs right now. So, imagine my dismay when I went to the gym for my first treadmill run in months, and I couldn’t get above a 10:20 mile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think part of it was just being scared I’d trigger more contractions (didn’t have a single one), but I agree that the treadmill is great when the temps are really hot. I’m going to stick to it unless the weather cooperates, but probably just stick to my uber slow pace this week until I feel more comfortable. I also think I’ll start doing the elliptical. You’re doing great. You LOOK great, too. <3

  3. December 11th is a good day, the day my husband and I met :) That’s kind of a nice surprise to have your date moved up a bit. You look great!

  4. Oh, you are for sure starting to feel movement!! :)

    And how funny, I snap, crackle and pop all the time, too. I’m hoping my bones fit back together after this sweet baby joins us, otherwise I’m going to feel like a ragdoll!

  5. I never really put this together before, but what a special Christmas this will be for you …

  6. You cracked me up with your “I’m not sure if it’s her or gas” comment. Hopefully, it is her. :)

  7. My second kiddo came 3 days after his estimated due date. Worst 3 days ever, but he ended up being born only a day before my husbands bday.

  8. That’s an awesome due date because my birthday is Dec. 12. :) December is a great birthday month, just make sure to not lump her birthday in with Christmas…us December babies hate that! ;) You are looking so awesome, by the way.

  9. I started to walk/run around week 10, I think, I don’t remember for sure, but I know it was early on. It helped A LOT. I stopped caring about my pace because I knew I was going to be slow no matter how hard I tried. And that definitely sounds like movement to me! Especially since it’s while you’re resting, which is still sometimes the only time I feel my baby girl! EXCITING!

  10. That’s definitely baby you’re feeling! I’ll never forget the first time I felt my son move, and to this day I miss it. He’s 6!
    You look fantastic, and I hope the discomfort goes away soon.

  11. At my 20 week ultrasound my placenta was low and they mentioned the possibility of placenta previa. I had a follow up ultrasound last week at 29 weeks and it had moved up. Don’t stress too much about your placenta right now. I am sure it will move up as your uterus grows! :)

  12. Yep – a kernel of popcorn popping is EXACTLY how I described my first movements. You’re definitely feeling a baby kick! It’ll be more and more obvious in about a month but those first little flutters are so much fun. :)

    I knew the date of ovulation too and before I even went to the doctor I told everyone I knew that the due date would be 9/14 and I was spot on. I love having that information especially because I ovulated late (day 26) in my cycle and they would think that I was measuring too small if we had based the due date off my LMP.

    Good luck with the pool!

  13. I bet you’ll start feeling kicks soon, strong enough that it won’t be hard to tell if it is gas or not. Exciting times for you!

  14. You’re feeling the baby! I think I started to noticeably feel him around 16 weeks. It’s weird, right? But reassuring at the same time b/c you KNOW someone’s in there! Feeling the baby move was the absolute best part of pregnancy for me. :) You are looking and doing great, mama!

  15. You are definitely feeling the baby! I’m 24 weeks along with my first and my mom kept saying, “it’ll feel like butterflies!” I have a friend that is 2 weeks ahead of me and she was very blunt and said, “honestly, it feels like gas.” And it really does but for me, it didn’t feel like it was in the right part of my anatomy. I think I might’ve felt them earlier but I didn’t know what it was until around week 20 and they will get more frequent and settle into a pattern. And your tummy will start to jump around – it’s wonderfully bizarre!

    You look awesome! Good luck!

  16. Yay for little movements, and an earlier EDD. Try not to stress too much about the cramps and the low placenta- it’s not long til the next U/S.

    (…also, I am learning now how futile it is to tell a pregnant woman to try not to stress- especially someone like you who knows all the risks!)

  17. You look great at 18 weeks! Love the belly shots, too. I can’t wait to be at that stage of actually looking pregnant instead of just fat and bloated.

    And your pace is still great, too! Nice job keeping up with the running :)

  18. You are glowing, Jen!! It’s so wonderful to see. Must be crazy exciting to start to feel little movements :) Great job with the running and modifying as needed. Maybe walking/running would be a good way to go if running straight doesn’t feel right. You are doing a great job of being so careful and in tune with everything!

  19. I never comment here and I never advertise my blog (it’s my virtual workout log). In fact, I feel kind of weird writing this comment, but if you need some swim workout ideas I log all of my swim workouts on my blog. You can pick and choose from a very long list of masters workouts. Right now I post 4-5 a week, they go back several months, and each one is slightly different. Enjoy the pool- hope you feel better about the chlorine smell.

  20. I would say you most definitely look pregnant and not bloated! You look great! I’m sorry that your last run was a little uncomfortable – hopefully you can keep running but if not I know you will find something that works and feels right.

    So excited for you! :)

  21. 12/11/11 is a pretty cool-sounding birthday! I don’t know much about due dates, etc, but my co-worker gave birth last December, and they were measuring her ahead for a lot of her pregnancy. She got herself enrolled in a study so that she could see ultrasounds of her baby pretty often (3D ones too! They were so cool), but I guess the downside to all of that is that they kept measuring him ahead, and at one point predicted that he could be a 12 pound baby!! In the end, he came only 1 day early at a healthy 8 pounds, so I guess those measurements are kind of unreliable….

    Anyway, you look great! I love the belly, and I laughed when you remarked that you don’t know whether you’re feeling the baby move or gas. Hopefully in a few weeks you’ll be able to tell for sure… ;)

  22. Yay I hope it is the baby you are feeling move! Excited!

  23. how exciting you can feel the baby move!! and early due date that is great, right? you look beautiful!

  24. We are almost on the same time frame – I am 18 weeks today, Due Dec. 17th. I had an u/s yesterday (found out it’s a girl!) and they told me that my placenta is low also. The doc told me not to worry about it now – that by my next u/s in 8 weeks that my uterus will be much bigger and much higher, and it should move the placenta with it. So for now it’s just wait and see, but according to them 90% of them that start out low move up to where they should be as you get farther along.

  25. Yay for belly bump. You look absolutely beaming! Soooo happy for you! Yayyyy!

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