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Running for two: keeping it comfortable

Posted by runnerstrials

Hi all. I had my doctor appointment yesterday. My doctor thinks the sharp abdominal pain I started having on Sunday is bladder spasms or endometriosis coming back. I'm forgetting she said the dreaded "e" word, and just assuming it's bladder spasms! The good news is that nothing is wrong with baby :)

I also brought up my running. I felt the pain for a few seconds during yesterday's run and I'm noticing the 100% humidity is really getting to me. I asked her how much longer I can keep up my running routine.


She was really honest with me. She said some women are able to run up until their due dates, but she encourages her patients to stop when running gets uncomfortable. She said I'd know when this would happen and it would be about the time I'd feel like I need belly support. But she also said that some women need to run during pregnancy and understands if I need to push through moderate discomfort.

Everyone's running during pregnancy experience is different. Since I'm a paranoid mama-to-be and I have this bladder pain, I've decided to slowly start transitioning my runs to swims in the next few weeks. I will still run until it feels uncomfortable, but I think cutting back from 4 runs a week sooner rather than later is best for me.

In the meantime, I'm still a pregnant runner and I want to celebrate that :)

I signed up to run the Run for Your Cause 4 Miler next Saturday:

runforyourcause receipt

I ran this with a bunch of friends last year, and I'm hoping some will join me again this year. Hint hint ;) It will likely be my last race of pregnancy so my only goal is to have fun!

Staying comfortable during pregnancy runs is more than about knowing when to stop. It's also about feeling comfy in your clothes, shoes, etc.

The past few weeks my growing belly has been causing my running shirts to ride up. I'd keep pulling them down during my runs, and didn't really see it as a problem… until I tried an alternative.


For Two Fitness, a maternity workout clothes company, was kind enough to gift me this adorable running shirt! How cute is it?


This top stayed in place during a sweaty 5 miler the other day. It felt so much better to actually wear something that fit me! Shocker.

Better yet, I felt so confident in this shirt. I feel like my baby bump still is not noticeable, so proclaiming I was a pregnant runner made me feel super hardcore. My husband and I ran errands afterwards (before showering, I know, tisk tisk) and I got so many compliments. I loved it :)


For Two Fitness is currently having a sale. They have a ton of other cute clothes so check them out!