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Week 17 pregnancy update

Posted by runnerstrials

Woah. These weeks are whizzing by!


I felt like every week crawled during the early weeks of pregnancy, but now they're flying! And after my scare this weekend, I honestly don't mind. I cannot wait until December when we finally get to hold our baby :)

The belly

I don't see much of a change from week 16. But it feels bigger, which I love!


If I'm in between meals and not wearing tight clothes, I still don't look pregnant. My stomach gets way bigger after eating. We went to Mexican on Friday night and I may have eaten my weight in cheese dip. A woman even pointed to my belly on the way out and asked if both baby and I enjoyed our meals! Ha.

Weight gain

I didn't gain any weight this week. I'm still up 6- 7 lbs. total since the beginning of pregnancy. How did I gain 1.5 lbs. last week but the scale didn't budge this week? Who knows. The real kicker is that I ate way unhealthier this past week than the week before.

The most exciting weight-related news is that we know our (probable) little girl is responsible for 1/2 lb. of my total weight gain. She clocked in at 8 ounces on Sunday!


This is actually quite big for a baby who was measuring 17 weeks and 5 days at the time. According to the American Pregnancy Association, babies usually weigh 4- 5.5 ounces between week 17 and week 18 of pregnancy. I'm not concerned. I was a big girl at birth too, weighing 9 lbs 10 oz, and I turned out OK!

Side note: My brother was also huge at 10 lbs 1 oz, yet my mom still gave birth to us both vaginally without an epidural. Go mom! I clearly have a lot to live up to ;)


I'm still feeling slight abdominal pain since our trip to the ER on Sunday. I see my doctor tomorrow so I'm eager to get it checked out.

I'm slowly learning that just because I have a bit more energy than I did in the first tri, it doesn't mean that I don't need to rest. My energy levels are no where near where they were before pregnancy, and I need to accept that. When I skip my nap, my whole body gets really achy and weak. Lesson learned: I'm not going to resist my afternoon snooze sessions from here on out.



Believe it or not, my hospital visit did not impact my workouts. When we got back from the ER, I went for a lake swim and, if anything, my abdomen felt better. The next day I did a short, slow run and that didn't seem to aggravate it either. So I lived to run another day. I am very grateful!

Weekly run down:

  • W: 35 min elliptical, upper body weight machines
  • Th: 4 mile run at 9:00 pace
  • F: OFF
  • S: 5 mile run at 9:08 pace
  • S: 30 min lake swim
  • M: 2.5 mile untimed run, 30 min water running (I'll explain this more soon!)
  • Tu: 4 mile run at 9:07 pace

Mileage: 15.5 miles!


I'm still somewhat concerned about my abdominal pain. But I'm also relieved that the baby looked perfect during Sunday's ultrasound.

I'm also thrilled to know the sex! I always pictured myself having a little boy, but now that we know it's a girl, I couldn't be more excited :) I'm not allowing myself to look at any cute stuff until the next ultrasound confirms she is a she, but ideas for the nursery are already swirling through my head.



Days until we get the sex confirmed: 14.

How many of the old wives' tales were accurate about the sex: 4. I'm showing all over, my skin is horrible so she's "stealing my beauty", the heart rate has been holding steady over 155 bpm, and we know we conceived before ovulation. The Chinese gender predictor chart was wrong, as was my intuition.

Number of times I indulged in my chip craving this week: 3. Oops. It was 4th of July and chips were everywhere.

Number of mosquito bites I got this weekend: Too many to count. For real :(