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The pregnancy excuse

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Haven't we all heard a pregnant woman say she "can" or "can't" do something because she's growing a baby? I think so.


Many times, the pregnancy excuse is used for a perfectly good reason. Other times, it truly is an excuse and doesn't fly. And, like most things in life, some excuses fall in a gray area.

Note: these are just my (very strong) opinions. ;) I completely expect people to disagree with me.

When it's OK to use the pregnancy excuse:

I can't drink alcohol, I'm pregnant. I was out with a friend the other night and she ordered a beer. The waiter said I shouldn't let her drink alone. I told him I was pregnant. He replied "red wine is good for babies." Umm no. In fact, no amount of alcohol has been shown to be safe during pregnancy (source). I know some women drink a bit during pregnancy, and their babies come out fine. It's just not a risk I'm willing to take.


No more margaritas until 2012.

I can't go out, I don't feel well. In the first trimester, I turned down a lot of invitations. You need to look out for yourself. Relaxing > socializing during pregnancy. Your friends will understand.


This smell makes me want to hurl. On Mother's Day, my family went to brunch. We were seated next to the raw bar during the peak of my morning sickness. I asked for us to be moved, and the hostess said "no" because the restaurant was full. As soon as I said I was pregnant and explained the smell of seafood was making me gag, she magically found a new table for us.

When it's not OK to use the pregnancy excuse:

I don't need to exercise since I'll gain weight anyway. If your doctor says it's OK, most pregnant women should be active for 30 minutes most days (source). The benefits of breaking a sweat go way beyond weight loss (duh). You'll keep your body strong, lower your risk for gestational diabetes, de-stress, and possibly have a more positive childbirth experience.

On days I'm really tired, I tell myself to get outside for 10 minutes. If I'm still exhausted after a short walk, I head home and take it as a cue that I really need rest. But most of the time, I'm running after the 2 minute mark with a smile on my face.


I can eat whatever I want since I'm eating for two. No, you can't. You're consuming nutrients for two; not calories for two. You only need an extra 300 calories per day on average to grow a healthy baby. In the first trimester, you need a little less. In the third tri, you need a little more (source).

This past weekend, my family indulged in late night pizza after a wedding. I had one slice and everyone was astonished when I didn't have more. I kept hearing "but this is the one time in your life when calories don't matter!" I assure you, eating well always matters.

It's OK to complain about my weight gain. Suck it up. Unless you're gaining too much or too little, stop the whining. Did you really not expect the pounds to pile on during pregnancy? Really? Gaining weight is a good thing now. Think about your baby's needs. You can go back to being vain after delivery ;)


Embrace the belly.

When using the excuse is up to you:

Honey, I'm too tired/ weak/ don't feel well. Can you cook/ clean/ run errands? My phenomenal husband didn't bat an eye as he handled most household duties in the first trimester while I laid on the couch. Now I'm feeling a lot better, so I'm pitching in as much as I can before third trimester fatigue and discomfort strikes. I'm lucky to have a husband who helps out anyway. BUT, I know a lot of men don't lift a finger when it comes to household tasks most of the time, so I'd totally take make him do it the whole 9+ months if I were you ;)


I NEED that bowl of ice cream (or in my case, chips). In my opinion, cravings were meant to be satisfied… in moderation. As long as you're gaining a healthy amount of weight, eating an overall healthy diet, staying active, and your doctor says it's OK, you probably have a little wiggle room. I don't see the harm in eating greasy, salty, drool-worthy potato chips a couple of times a week.

Excuse you, I'm pregnant. If someone bumps into me, even if it's no where near my belly, they're going to hear I'm pregnant. There's no reason for me to say this, except I want to do my part make people more courteous and aware of others. I know, I'm ridiculous and delusional ;)


What am I missing?

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