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An absurd running goal

Thank you all for the anniversary wishes :) We had an amazing time at my cousin's wedding this weekend. I am paying for it now, hence my tweet.


Regardless, I am so happy we could be there to watch the bride and groom say "I do".


It was also wonderful to spend time with my family.




My brother liked the bump. It's not really that big yet; I was trying hard to stick it out!

And I got one step closer to completing an absurd running goal of mine.

maine runshoes

I don't mean lofty running goals. That's a completely different story. (Side note, I will qualify for Boston someday ;) ).

I'm talking about a weird goal I have for no rhyme or reason: to run in as many states as possible.

I know a lot of people have goals to run a marathon in every state or even run a race in each state, but I don't think that's realistic for me. I would like to run in every state, but I'm not sure if that's too crazy or not. So for now, I'll just say "as many states as possible".

Saturday, I ticked Maine off my list.

maine road2


I have 12 states down so far (13 if you include DC). I think I've run in OH and NY before, but I cannot remember specific runs so they'll stay blank for now.

Hmmm someone needs to travel West!

Does anyone else have any crazy goals? My husband has a goal of owning a house that has a secret passage. True story. And I thought I was weird…

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  1. I love your goal! I would love to run in as many new places as possible. I know the “marathon in every state” thing would not suit me, but exploring new places on foot is my favorite. And you looked so fabulous at your cousin’s wedding!

  2. Fun goal! I ran a marathon in Fargo, ND recently and saw lots of “50 staters” club members trying to run marathons in all 50 states. Sounds fun, but tough! I so far only have California, Nevada, Texas, and North Dakota.

  3. I’d like to one day fly in a blimp. I’m weird, I already know it :) You look so cute, by the way!

  4. when did you run in alabama? I do NOT remember this!
    glad you had fun at the wedding! you look so cute in the dress! good choice. :)

  5. Such a cute bump! I think that’s a great goal…and I have to say a house with a secret passage would be pretty awesome!

  6. You look INCREDIBLE. I love the bump!

  7. I think that if I had a little bump, I’d be sticking it out as far as I could too! :) You look fabulous!

  8. I actually have the exact same goal! I think its a fun one!

  9. So I think the bridesmaids were wearing very similar (if not the same!) dresses at my sister’s wedding a couple weeks ago. Too funny (I did love the dresses though!)

    I think running in every state is a great goal! I want to do that too – because, like you, I don’t think that doing a full marathon is all that feasible. Going for a run, I can handle. :)

    Glad you had a great time at the wedding. You look wonderful!

  10. I love running in new states! I would love one day to do any race at any a distance in all 50. Owning a house with a secret passage would be super cool too, reminds me of Webster. 80′s flashback :)

  11. You need to come to Kentucky some day :) Love the pics of you and the bump! :)

  12. If you’re ever in Montana, I’d love to run with you! Missoula has a huge community of runners.

  13. My boyfriend also wants a secret passage in any future home. Must be a guy thing…

  14. What a cool goal!! My current goal is that I want to take my kids to on a European vacation (when they are older) — and really travel as much as possible with them. I even want to do that RV around America thing :)

  15. where in Michigan did you run?

  16. this is really fun and instantly made me start thinking about how many states i’ve run in. not quite as many as you!

  17. Love that goal! Your map is too cool!

  18. I think that is a great goal and your husband’s goal is hilarious!

    Your bump is adorable. You are one of those super cute pregnant ladies that I hope to be some day!

  19. Where in Maine? I live there, and I must say the state is great for runners. ( Okay maybe not in the Winter Time…) Haha, either way great job!

  20. You look so friggin’ adorable in that dress!

    Did you get a new background or have I been completely oblivious? I love it!

  21. I just had to say I love your blog! I’m addicted! And you have a super cute bump! The smile in your pictures is priceless

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