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An absurd running goal

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Thank you all for the anniversary wishes :) We had an amazing time at my cousin's wedding this weekend. I am paying for it now, hence my tweet.


Regardless, I am so happy we could be there to watch the bride and groom say "I do".


It was also wonderful to spend time with my family.




My brother liked the bump. It's not really that big yet; I was trying hard to stick it out!

And I got one step closer to completing an absurd running goal of mine.

maine runshoes

I don't mean lofty running goals. That's a completely different story. (Side note, I will qualify for Boston someday ;) ).

I'm talking about a weird goal I have for no rhyme or reason: to run in as many states as possible.

I know a lot of people have goals to run a marathon in every state or even run a race in each state, but I don't think that's realistic for me. I would like to run in every state, but I'm not sure if that's too crazy or not. So for now, I'll just say "as many states as possible".

Saturday, I ticked Maine off my list.

maine road2


I have 12 states down so far (13 if you include DC). I think I've run in OH and NY before, but I cannot remember specific runs so they'll stay blank for now.

Hmmm someone needs to travel West!

Does anyone else have any crazy goals? My husband has a goal of owning a house that has a secret passage. True story. And I thought I was weird…

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