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Week 14 pregnancy update

Posted by runnerstrials

It's official: I'm now in the second trimester :) I could not be happier. This means I finally feel comfortable enough to start sharing regular pregnancy updates!


I'll do these updates on a weekly basis. Though this one will be more of a first trimester recap.

Don't worry, I won't repeat the stuff you guys already know about like my pregnancy anxiety, symptoms, and new approach to running.

I'll just share some fun facts:


Number of 1st trimester doctor appointments: 6, not including the 3 visits for blood work. This is not normal, unless you work with a reproductive endocrinologist to get pregnant and then have a pregnancy complication.

Number of ultrasounds: 3

12 weeks

Amount of weight I've gained: 4-5 lbs. All in the thighs, butt, and belly.

Why I can barely fit into any clothes: Even though my BMI was healthy before pregnancy (at 21), my doctor still wanted me to gain some weight. I did, which now puts me up a good 10 lbs.

How I feel about this: Thrilled. I cannot wait to get huge! Seriously. If my butt and thighs keep expanding, so be it. I can't fight genetics.

How my appetite has changed: In weeks 6 through 9, it was barely there. I forced down bagels, saltines, flat coke, and gummy candy. Now my appetite is still less than before I was pregnant. I attribute this to the fact that I'm not working out as much. I used to eat 3,000+ calories a day while training, so this isn't surprising.

Pregnancy cravings: Mostly fatty, comfort foods. I've eaten a bagel with cream cheese for breakfast every day for the past 9 weeks. Other odd cravings include salt and vinegar potato chips, french bread pizza, Chick-fil-a grilled chicken sandwiches, cheese dip from Mexican restaurants, Starbucks passion iced tea unsweetened, and turkey hot dogs (which I can now give into because Brittany shared her awesome find of nitrate-free ones!)


How I feel about my unhealthy cravings: My doctor is cool with them as long as I give in only in moderation. I agree and will keep listening to my body as long as I stay active and continue to gain a healthy amount of weight.

Most surprising pregnancy perk: Did you see all of those dairy items on my cravings list? Luckily, my body has decided to tolerate lactose much better now that I'm pregnant. I still cannot eat dairy constantly, but 1-2 servings a day is working fine so far. Apparently a lot of other lactose intolerant women also have this side effect during pregnancy. My doctor has seen it before, too. I don't understand why this is happening, but I'm thrilled!


Most embarrassing part of pregnancy: The forgetfulness. I used to have such an awesome memory, but it's gone. I guess pregnancy brain isn't a myth?

What I'm looking forward to most in the second tri: Finally showing! And finding out the sex in about 6 more weeks.

Names we have picked out: One for a boy and six for a girl. It's going to be a girl just for this reason…

Number of pregnancy items purchased: I splurged and bought 2 things this weekend. I'll share more details soon ;)


Number of items bought for baby: Zero. And it will stay this way until after the 20 week anatomy scan. I still cannot believe there's really a baby in there.

Why I still cry about infertility: Because so many are still struggling. I break down about once a week just thinking of what an unfair fight it is.

Number of times I've day-dreamed about my 2012 race schedule: At least once a day.

Number of times a day I pause and think about how blessed I am: At least once an hour.