This Runner's Trials


Posted by runnerstrials

Today my little blog turns one :)

I can't believe I started blogging a full year ago with this post.

What I can't believe even more is that this is my most popular post. I totally did not expect that when I wrote it!

I started blogging last year because I had some goals. I thought it would be cool to document my progress towards those goals. Unfortunately there's been some bumps in the road and I wouldn't call my goals completed, but instead a work in progress:

  • I tried to set PRs. I set an 8k PR, but you all know the real PR I strived for was one in the marathon. Not only did I not meet that goal, but I also didn't finish the race.


  • I tried to tri. And I did! I completed my first sprint triathlon and first Olympic distance tri. But my huge goal of a half Ironman didn't happen, partly because I missed the registration deadline. Oops.



While I fell short of my goals, I did get something very unexpected out of blogging: like-minded, crazy friends :)


Picture from Sara.

Sometimes it's really hard for me to blog and share my feelings, but I am so glad I do. Because you guys are awesome :) Connecting with people in-person and online because of the blog has been such an amazing, unexpected gift.

You guys are the reason I continue to blog. So thank YOU so much for your comments, support, and and ability to make me smile. And thanks for granting me my first blogiversary!


Sometimes ice cream > cupcakes ;)

Here's to another fun year!